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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized peer to peer financial tools that are quickly transforming the way we exchange energy in the modern world.

Stillness in the Storm receives energy in the form of currency for use in projects and initiatives to better the planet. Without your support, SITS wouldn't be what it is. You are an integral part in the consciousness shift actively taking place at this time. And we're committed to continuing doing the Great Work with your help.

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Please consider making contributions to SITS via one of the cryptocurrencies listed below.

If you want to donate coins that aren't listed, send an email to, subject line "Donate Cryptocurrencies."

Donate Bitcoin via this address: 


Bitcoin QVC

Donate Ethereum via this address:


Ethereum QVC

Donate Litecoin via this address:


Litecoin QVC

Donate Bitcoin Cash via this address:


Bitcoin Cash QVC

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