Monday, February 5, 2018

True Feminine Power: Embracing Health, Happiness, and Divinity

(Teresa Yanaros) Join Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency as she interviews integrative medical practitioner Susana Puelles. In this empowering video, learn about how to connect to your feminine healing power in important and practical ways.

by Teresa Yanaros, February 5th, 2018

Tune into an hour chock full of insights, advice, and countless disclosures of truths about the western medical industry. You won't want to miss this one.
Check out this interview discussing how distorted femininity has become in our technocratic medical age, and what we can do to improve the situation. Teresa Yanaros and Susanna Puelles are a powerful force for reconciling the feminine AND masculine. And in case you're wondering... NO, this isn't an interview about feminism or attacking masculinity. It's about integration and recognizing the truth of being itself. 
-Justin Deschamps, CEO, Stillness in the Storm

Conscious Life Expo

See both Susana and Teresa LIVE at CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO in February 2018.

Susana Puelles

Lecture: 5 Steps to Unleash Your Own Feminine Healing Power

February 10th at 10am.

Does your healthcare honor your feminine healing power? How can you be creative, passionate & successful if you’re constantly in pain? You have a built in healing system within, you just haven’t learned how to use it yet. It’s now your time to shift your paradigm and transition from hormonal victimhood to the powerhouse you were born to be! In this workshop Susana will break down the crucial steps you need to reset your body, get your sexy back, flaunt great skin, & live in abundance.

You will learn how to flush your body clean of environmental toxins in food, skincare, & water. You will learn how your environment disrupts your hormonal & brain function that can lead to pre-mature aging, chronic disease, & delusion.

Teresa Yanaros

Lecture: Do You Believe in Magic?

February 11th at 1pm.

Magic is all around you! Teresa describes what magic is and how we use it in our every day lives. Learn how to thrive within this Earthly existence and catapult your soul to the next level of limitlessness. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on how to use your conscious awareness of to expand your potential to realize MAGIC everywhere! New Book: “What is Magic?” For sale NOW on Amazon.

Learn About Susana Puelles

Check out her website at:
Susana is an Integrative medical practitioner, acupuncturist and herbalist who helps women relieve pain and achieve hormonal harmony, naturally. Her passion for hormonal health was born as a young girl watching her own mother struggle after having a "preventative" hysterectomy to deal with the symptoms from fibroids. Since then, she’s been on a mission to help women understand that their "female problems" don't have to remain problems.

Now in private practice, she brings a unique fusion of Eastern and Western medicine to help women reach their health goals without resorting to invasive operations and harsh medications. If you’re struggling with painful, irregular, periods from cysts, fibroids and endometriosis, Susana is ready to bring her natural approach to your healing journey.

About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a millennial advocate for spiritual enlightenment and disclosure, shares news and inspirational perspectives through her professional multi-media project “Divine Frequency.” Her upbeat attitude and intense passion for driving through truth and change act as a catalyst for her philosophical and cosmic teachings. Follow on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Sign up for a Tarot Reading, and Shop Divine Frequency.

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