Monday, February 5, 2018

The Revolution of Ideas has Begun | Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro -- The Rubin Report

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro speak openly about the revolution currently sweeping the planet—although you might not notice at first. The words and terms used by these mainstream figures, who have amassed millions of followers, may not be recognizable to the awakening population. Nevertheless, the same core concepts are at the root of their rhetoric. And for those looking for clues of a consciousness shift taking place, these two figures are an excellent example. 

The awakening has now become mainstream, and our task, as long-standing awakening people, is to recognize it. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, along with a great many others, speak in such a way that awakens the minds of the masses, without using terminology most commonly associated with the truth movement such as "frequency" and "vibration," to name a few. Using broader, more encompassing terminology is more useful in reaching a wider audience because many of the ideas openly discussed in awakening circles are usually rejected as conspiracy theory or "woo woo" by the masses. Consequently, having mainstream figures available to translate these ideas into a form the masses can accept is valuable beyond measure. 

People need to stop focusing on the buzz words and focus more on the concepts themselves, in order to see clearly that they are discussing the same matters at hand, and in fact, agree on many of these philosophies. Once we focus on the larger picture and start using words that a more general public can understand, we'll be empowered to provide this type of content to our sleeping brothers and sisters, our friends and family, propelling the awakening forward. 

Some people find Peterson and Shapiro's message to be triggering or untrue, while unable to see past their own prejudices. While it would be nice to have shining examples of what we personally believe in the media, we often have to take what we can get. The fact of the matter is, awakening is a slow process and while we personally may not speak to this or that concept in the way we want, it can be helpful for others on their path. 

I suggest you take the time to review the neo-awakening language pouring out into the collective consciousness at this time. For the revolution has begun, and it's happening all around us. 

- Justin

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