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Shocking Truth about Pentagon UFO Picture Which Convinced World Aliens May Exist

(Stillness in the Storm Editors Note) The following article supposedly "debunks" a UFO sighting.  We would like to ask our readers, do you think it's real?  Do you think it's a hoax?  Why yes?  Why no?  Give us your thoughts!

In general, articles claiming to "debunk" some idea/event/phenomenon/etc. should themselves be treated with the same skepticism they claim to promote and embody. Indeed, hoaxes happen from time to time, and there are plenty of clandestine players that would love nothing more than to stage fake disclosures in order to derail the movement.  The onus is on all of us to take each opportunity to hone our discernment (and subsequently, articulation) skills that comes our way, even it arrives in the form of hoaxers trying to trick us.

We are not saying that the UFO phenomenon reported below is real or not, nor are we saying it has been legitimately debunked, but rather invite readers to come to their own conclusion.

- Conscious Optimist

Source - Express UK

by Jon Austin, January 17th, 2018 today reveals the shocking truth about a "UFO picture" that played a key role in the staggering "Pentagon UFO" story that has convinced many people "we are not alone" and intelligent aliens may be flying advanced craft on Earth.

Chris Mellon discusses 'true story' of a Nimitz UFO encounter

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The still image of the so-called "white tic tac UFO" was screened during a major conference when former US government and military insiders were brought to together by former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge for his new alien research group To The Stars Academy.

The photograph was shown during an October 2017 presentation by academy member Chris Mellon, who served for almost 20 years in the US federal government in a series of national security positions.

Its use appeared to suggest the image showed the "Nimitz UFO" encountered by a US Navy crew off the coast of San Diego in November 2004.

The UFO, which was also captured on Navy radar video camera, was said to "defy the laws of physics" in its movements.

With a large version of the still image behind him on a screen, Mr Mellon told reporters: "Clearly this is not a US experimental aircraft, but whose is it?

"How did it accomplish these feats?

LEAD BALLOON? Chris Mellon talks physics-defying UFOs with a suspected helium balloon on screen.

UFNO! The To The Stars Academy team under a huge picture of the balloon during the launch.

"This story may sound like a sci-fi movie, but it is a true story, and far from being the only one of its kind."

Details of the case went on to make international headlines with the image of the alleged UFO even being screened by US TV news station Las Vegas Now.

However, can reveal the picture was not taken in San Diego in November 2004, but in Eccles, Manchester, in July 2005.

Worse still, it is not even a UFO, but believed by UFO investigators to be a helium party balloon in the shape of the number one.

The embarrassing revelation has cast doubt among some on the credibility of the To The Stars Academy, which was hailed as a turning point in the quest for the truth about UFOs by many investigators due to the backgrounds of many of its key members.

The academy has been crowdfunding to raise cash to enable its research and has so far pulled in more than $2.3 million (£1.7m) from 2,580 investors.

The picture and others of the same balloon can still be seen in a July 2005 report by Manchester UFO investigator Steve Mera on conspiracy theory website

Mr Mera said he investigated it at the time and later concluded it to be a floating party balloon.

Jon has been covering science, UFOs, and conspiracy theories since starting with Express Online since April 2015.

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