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Jared Rand, Alleged Secret Space Insider, on: Off-world Technologies -- Summary of Testimony

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Jared Rand is one of the latest alleged secret space insiders to come forward. He speaks of highly advanced off-world technologies, such as tachyon healing chambers, portal technology, resurrection beds, replicators, and rejuvenation pills. He is not the first person to discuss these things. 

Those who have been studying this topic for some time will likely think of the late William Tompkins, who discussed anti-aging drugs developed by the military-industrial complex, in partnership with off-world beings. 

COBRA, another alleged insider for what is known as the Resistance Movement, also discusses tachyon chambers. 

Finally, Corey Goode, an alleged secret space program insider, and whistleblower who claims to have spent over 60 years in covert programs also speak of similar technology, in this case, replicator devices that can create food and other things of use. And these are just a few examples that I am familiar with to corroborate the testimony of Rand. 

As with any claimed insider, the information is questionable, mainly due to the fact we cannot substantiate aspects of what is said with empirical evidence—we can't go see a replicator, we don't have photographs or videos of portal technology, we have no first-hand accounts of rejuvenation drugs working as stated. Despite these challenges of substantiation, the data offered has also not been substantively refuted (debunked), which leaves it in the unconfirmed category. From here, the ideas can be used to spark the mind, but honest truthers would do well to stay open to the fact the information may turn out to be false, or at the very least, only partially true. 

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As an outsider trying to understand if this information is credible, it is advised that one review the data with an open mind, while also remaining vigilant for inconsistencies that could later provide a method to refute what is presented. We're all in this together, so working with others to compare notes can be highly beneficial. 

The notes below are a summary of points collected from November 2017 to January 2017, by a reader of Stillness in the Storm. To review the source audio yourself, see this site ( which has compiled audio recordings of calls done by Rand. 

- Justin

Off-world technologies
described by Jared Rand

Source : Interviews  with Jared Rand in November  2017 and  January 2018 :

Several technologies have been covertly shared by certain extraterrestrial  people with selected groups on earth, since decades. As part of a research team, Jared Rand claims to have tested and verified the effectiveness of all the following technologies.
As soon as the economic and political situation has been re-oriented to favor the whole world population instead of an ‘elite’, these inventions will be distributed around the planet (in a slow transition, to allow adaptation) and it is planned that each country will manage them, independently of any central authority.

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Med Beds
Structures in which people lie for a few minutes, fall into deep sleep and go through a painless atomisation process for body healing, recreation of a missing body part and/or complete rejuvenation (even reversing decades).  Managed by trained healthcare professionals, the device identifies DNA and scans body for imperfections then uses plasma and tachyon technology, with a controlable AI/computer, to treat according to the person’s desire. The body is renewed but the mind remains unchanged (memory, knowledge, wisdom, qualities, etc.).
After the session, in-depth information for health maintenance will be given, such as naturopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc.
This will not be offfered in allopathic hospitals, but in other appointed clinics. Construction of these devices for the public must be  protected from political intrusion and other greedy forces. The plan is to first access and treat people suffering from the most severe problems, but eventually to provide every household with a device.
This device will not replace all health care, as some accidents, for example, will require other healing approaches.

Rejuvenating pills
Two specific pills rejuvenate anyone within 24 hours.

Ressuscitation chambers
Chambers will be available to bring back to life and health anyone after a few hours (not days) of their death. This is claimed to be a very ancient off-world invention, as used by extraterrestrials  shown in the movie ‘SG1’ .

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Similar in size to a small oven, replicators function on plasma to transform it into any material : food, clothes, various objects  (each replicator is specialized in one type of object). A huge computerized data bank will allow the user to choose an item, then, if the item requires adjusting to the body, the device will scan the user to identify its size, then will produce the item in seconds. Any recipe can be produced and the food is said to look and taste as good as real food, but will not have required farming or killing animals. Furthermore, no waste will be generated because the container provided and the leftovers ca be recycled in the replicator itself, as it can transform any matter into any other matter.
The early versions of replicators are the present 3D printers. Some advanced versions have been built. For example, in China, a replicator already built several homes (200 square feet  each) in 24 hours.
The implications of food production are far reaching : upon world deployment of this ressource, there will be no need for extensive use of land for agriculture and husbandry, therefore no dependence on weather and climate, and last but not least, no lack of food anywhere.
However,  gardening and small scale agriculture will still be available for people who enjoy these activities, and for those who prefer traditional foods.


Teleportation vehicles
Meant for site-to-site transport, futuristic-looking 2-place ‘scooters’ are made in a new material called ‘plex’and similar to plexiglas ; these can teleport 2 persons anywhere on the planet in 15 minutes maximum, and in distant off-world places in a few more minutes. That means one can go from North America to Europe for dinner and back for the evening. Actually, the functionning is described as ‘anti-gravitic’, ‘jumping through time’ and ‘the device doesn’t move but it’s the space around it that moves’. A holographic board with map allows users to program the destination. This creates no pollution and is totally protected from crashes.
These vehicles, as well as similar buses, have been constructed since 2010 and are now waiting in a facility in the south-east to be sent on the market. But for people who still want traditional cars, those will also be available.
This will provide a drastic reduction of pollution.
Also, there are plans to colonize other planets, involving mass immigration to other planets and thereby ending overpopulation on earth.

Environmental cleaning
A ‘stunning’ approach exists that swiftly cleans any waterways, including oceans, as well as the soil, and therefore plants, etc. A 600 million-years old microbe, once properly fermented, has the ability to even clean up any oil spill ; after the clean-up, it exhausts itself and leaves only nitrogen and oxygen behind.

Power energy boxes
Energy devices based on free energy, in the size of a small humidifier, can power an entire house forever without replacement. Since a few years already, there is a 300,000 square feet warehouse full of these, waiting to be relaesed as soon as opposing economic forces are removed.

Learning centers
Mentors are trained already to teach the population the true history of the world and of humanity, including all the atrocities, so that they never happen again. To this aim, learning centers are set up all over the USA, each with a large data base. 

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