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Heads Explode As Julian Assange Exposes Trump’s “Subservience” to Terrorist Saudi Arabia

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by Matt Agorist, January 30, 2018

During the 2016 election cycle, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks dropped revelation after revelation exposing the corruption within the DNC. With the release of the Podesta emails, Americans quickly found out just how vile a candidate for president Hillary Clinton was. By exposing Clinton, all of the sudden, WikiLeaks and Assange had a newfound following—Trump supporters.Deplorables and MAGA folks alike flocked to WikiLeaks as they ‘red pilled’ themselves to the establishment’s corruption using WikiLeak’s information. Consequently, those on the left began to despise WikiLeaks claiming that Assange was a Russian agent who was loyal to Trump.

Those of us who have been paying attention since the right hated WikiLeaks for Collateral Murder—knew it was only a matter of time until WikiLeaks began exposing the atrocities of the Trump administration. The warning was blatant that WikiLeaks knows no party lines and a crime is a crime whether red or blue. But they didn’t listen.

Monday afternoon heads exploded as the ostensible hero of the MAGA movement showed his uncompromising principles and called out the crimes of the Trump administration.

“The Trump administration’s subservience to Saudi Arabia’s military adventurism in Yemen has lead to 8x the drone assassination rate of Obama. Most killed are civilians. Obama, in turn, had 10x the drone kills of Bush,” Assange Tweeted.

Naturally, Trump supporters who wish to ignore his subservience to the largest exporters of terror in the world began conducting mental gymnastics to justify the president’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia. Laughably, many Assange fans actually thought the whistleblower was somehow a Trump fan.

“WTH? Has your account been taken over by the deep state? Seems like you are trying to turn us against Trump. I have lost a lot of faith in you Julian. I thought you were a Trump supporter but this seems to show otherwise. Keep this up and you can kiss that pardon goodbye, sir,” A True Patriot replied to Assange, to which Assange merely noted: “My principles are not for sale.”

My principles are not for sale.

One particularly ignorant and cowardly commenter claimed that civilians should distance them from our bombs as if they get text messages beforehand of when a US missile is going to drop on their church, school, or market.

“Then maybe the civilians should distance themselves from those we target. And I don’t like your verbiage, subservience. This country isn’t a sub-servant of any country. Just bc Obama bowed, did the apology tour, doesn’t mean real Americans do. The US does not bow to anyone,” tweetedKeith.

In an epic reply, however, Assange then posted a video of Trump literally curtsying to the Saudi King.

Showing the control the two-party paradigm has over the political discourse in America, even the left weighed in to bash on Assange.

Ironically enough, the ‘Fake News’ liberal media never mentions Trump’s collusion with Saudi Arabia unless they are praising the billions in weapons he sold them. This silence on Saudi is due to the fact that both the right and the left sides of the establishment media are beholden to the military-industrial complex which is also loyal to the Saudis.

If corporate media were actually interested in exposing the alleged crimes of Trump, then why are they spending so much time faking headlines and lying about Russia when they could easily expose his ties to terrorists in Saudi Arabia?

Since Trump has gotten into office, he’s proven to America that he has no intention of making America great again. Every step forward he takes, like halting the flow of cash from the CIA to ISIS, he takes several more steps back.

His foreign policy—as Assange pointed out by calling out Obama’s increase in drone strikes—is like that of his predecessors and does not fight terror. In fact, it does the opposite by creating blowback, thus ensuring the future and endless creation of terrorists for years to come.

The reason Trump, just like Obama, continues killing civilians in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan is because he’s beholden to the military-industrial complex. While there definitely appeared to be a coup to oust Trump, in the beginning, it appears that he has since fallen in lockstep with the deep state—at least in the realm of foreign policy and war—and he is now doing their bidding.

The military industrial complex knows no borders, no flags, and no leaders. It knows only empire and war profits. Sadly, no president has heeded the advice given to them in 1961 by Dwight Eisenhower.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.

As one of the commenters noted on Assange’s tweet—by posting a Free Thought Project meme—no matter who your vote for, the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor—and the bombs never stop.

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