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Another Article Dismisses ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) Without Mentioning that EHS is the Same Thing as “Microwave Sickness” Discovered in the 1950s

(B.N. FrankDuring “The Cold War,” microwave-emitting devices were hidden by Russians inside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and employees started getting sick. Americans eventually discovered the hidden microwave emitting devices.

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Source - Activist Post

by B.N. Frank, January 25th, 2018

Writer Christopher McFadden is likely in his early 30s. He wrote this article: “Is It Possible for You to Be Allergic to Wi-Fi?”

What’s missing from this article is that there is no mention that what is currently referred to as “EHS” or “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome” is actually a condition discovered by medical professionals in the 1950s. They named it “Microwave Sickness.”

During “The Cold War,” microwave-emitting devices were hidden by Russians inside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and employees started getting sick. Americans eventually discovered the hidden microwave emitting devices, yada yada yada… “The Moscow Signal Experiment of the US Embassy.”

Mr. McFadden also includes quite a bit of information on EHS from the World Health Organization’s website. He does not mention, though, that in 2011 WHO classified cell phone (wireless) radiation as a Possible Group 2B Carcinogen and offered suggestions for reducing exposure. “’Popular Science’ Magazine Still Blows Off Cell Phone Radiation Warnings Despite Reports From The World Health Organization, Dr. Oz, Stephen Colbert and Others”

Like many young adults, Mr. McFadden may be unaware that long before he was born, medical professionals endorsed tobacco products and claimed they were good for our health: “Your Doctor Wants You to Smoke” display of vintage cigarette ads in the New York Public Library. “Blowing smoke: Vintage ads of doctors endorsing tobacco”
New York Times: “When Doctors, and Even Santa, Endorsed Tobacco”
New York Times: “In Old Ads, Doctors and Babies Say Smoke”
Consumerist: “Old Cigarette Ads: Doctors, Nurses, And Rock Hudson Say It’s Good For You”
CBS Sunday Morning: “Outrageous Vintage Cigarette Ads”

Like the Tech Industry, The Tobacco Industry (aka “Big Tobacco”) claimed that they needed “more research” to determine whether or not their products caused health issues or if expressed symptoms were simply “psychosomatic.” This went on for decades.

2005 film, Thank You For Smoking may be one of the best satires in movie history. It is based on a 1994 novel with the same name.

From the movie:

“As he consults cellphone industry representatives concerned about claims that cellphones cause brain cancer, he narrates: “Michael Jordan plays ball. Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everyone has a talent.”

I am very glad that Mr. McFadden chose to write about this topic. I do hope, though, he will take more time to explore additional articles and research links and reconsider his final statement: “There is still some way to go to discover whether EHS is real or not but the suffering people feel is definitely real.”

He may not feel that he has “Microwave Sickness” or EHS but that doesn’t mean his loved ones may not ever be affected by it.

“Your Pets May Be Affected by WiFi and Electronic Devices Even if You Aren’t”

“Beyond Digital Addiction: Your Kids May Be Affected by Wi-Fi and Electronic Devices Even If You Aren’t”

If he is a nature lover, there’s this too:

“Microwaving Nature: Wi-Fi Stations in Campgrounds, Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries Accommodate Visitors While Nuking Everything Else”

Most don’t know that safety standards testing for these devices isn’t even done on humans or animals.

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