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The Final Part of Britain’s Real-Life X-Files Has Been Released – But Does the Government Have Something to Hide?

(George HarrisonThe MoD (Britain’s Ministry of Defence) has spent ten years releasing a trickle of declassified files relating to UFO sightings… and now the final three documents have been made public. This final release completes the Government’s long process of publishing Britain’s real-life X Files, formerly top-secret papers containing eyewitness accounts, sketches and police reports of UFO sightings from the 1970s to the early noughties (ie: the early 2000’s for Americans).

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by George Harrison, January 5th, 2018

• Britain’s Ministry of Defence has spent ten years releasing a trickle of declassified files relating to UFO sightings. The final three documents were made public on January 1, 2018. These MoD “X-Files” are formerly top-secret papers containing eyewitness accounts, sketches and police reports of UFO sightings from the 1970’s to the early 2000’s. But the final three documents just released are all dated from 1986.
• Defence officials decided to release the documents to save the hassle of responding to thousands of freedom of information requests about the government’s knowledge of UFOs. But these last three won’t be available online (as are all of the previous documents). Anyone who wants to read them will have to either visit the National Archives or order a copy of the documents for a copying fee.
• UFO enthusiasts are glad that the British military has released their UFO files, but why did it take ten years to do so?
• Former MoD official Nick Pope says, “There’s no smoking gun in these files that says UFOs are extraterrestrial.”

Over the past decade, the files, which have been drip-fed into the public domain to hush any claims of a conspiracy, were ushered out without any fanfare from the Government, with batches steadily and unceremoniously cropping up online.

The final three documents appeared on the National Archives website on January 1, and are all dated from 1986.

One is described as UFO incidents, while the others are filed under UFO reports and UFO correspondence.
But, even after spending the past three decades behind the closed doors of the MoD, they’re unlikely to satisfy conspiracy theorists.

Unlike many of the releases before it, this final wave of files won’t be available online, and the timing of their publication is sure to cause more a stir among the UFO community.

Officials originally decided to circulate the documents to save the hassle of responding to thousands of freedom of information requests about the Government’s knowledge of UFOs.

But Nick Pope, who used to run the Ministry of Defence’s UFO project, says conspiracy theorists are likely to be “incensed” by the questions thrown up by the final file dump.

Now, believers will want to know why the Government waited ten years to release these files, and why they’ve been made so hard to get hold of.

Why January 1?

One reason why UFO hunters are unlikely to be happy is the precise timing of the release, on New Years Day.

Nick says: “This looks suspiciously as if The National Archives tried to sneak out this release when nobody was looking.”

Some will be asking whether this was an attempt to bury the release by shuffling it out on a bank holiday when everyone was in bed.

It’s true that January 1 is a common release date for public files, but hardcore UFO hunters will want to know why the MoD has held on to these for so long in the first place.

Is there a link to the Pentagon’s UFO research?

This final wave of files, which caps off a ten-year release programme, was published after the big news broke that the American government was hiding its own X Files.

Nick said: “Coming so soon after the revelations about the Pentagon’s UFO program, this will raise suspicion in the UFO community that there’s been co-ordination between the US and UK government on this.”


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