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Space Oddity -- Walter Russell Science

(Walter Russell) While MSS insists on describing space as a void or a vacuum, WR teaches a more reasonable model describing space as a sea of electrical potential. This makes sense as there is no part of this perceivable universe that is without curvature, heat, or electrical polarity. These are just some of the properties which are necessary to make an appearance albeit a fleeting one.

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Source - Walter-Russell

by Walter Russell, January 4th, 2018

If a plane (almost flat/still) is opened out to express minimum curvature and thus exhibit a minimal heat signature it can be assigned a cosmically very long wavelength. This will of course manifest as cold, dark nebulous space which appears empty to our sensing. This will express the cosmic cathode condition.

If we now take that SAME plane and compress it so that the exhibited wavelength shortens to below 100nm which will also disappear beyond our sensing forming the cosmic anode condition. This too will look like dark space to our sensing, but we can now appreciate it packs a punch.

The universe of two way rhythmic balanced interchange is now set in motion. The cold/cathode of space will centripetally compress in the direction of the anode while the hot/anode aspect of space will centrifugally expand in the direction of the cathode. At some point these expanding/contracting will step-up and step-down into our perceivable reality.

A temperature or any other property/characteristic will manifest as a result of these two opposed forces. For example, a measurable temperature of 100K is not simply the result of a single force, it is a resultant property of opposed forces which cancel each other at 100K .

Space is far from empty, nothing is what it seems, and everything expression is both anode and cathode. No wonder our sensing is confused !

(Kelvin is an absolute temperature scale and is not reported as degrees K. 100K = -173°C)

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