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Soul Purpose: From The Generation Raised By Harry Potter

(Teresa Yanaros“Yer a wizard Harry.” –Hagrid. We all remember that magical moment when Harry, who up until then lived a dull and stifled life, was told he was a wizard. Everything changed for him in that moment. He was offered the promise that he was special, and then we watched his entire life morph from an ordinary muggle life, to one filled with adventure and higher purpose.

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Source - DivineFrequency

by Teresa Yanaros, June 7th, 2017

We lived vicariously though Harry, and from the deepest parts of our souls connected to the concept of being called to something magical, and something larger than life. We dreamed of living in world infused with the extraordinary.

Now the Harry Potter generation is adulting in the real world, and our HP series either lie in dusty corners of our bookshelves, or in the hands of our children.

But the idea of being called to something greater is not just the stuff of children’s books. There are questions floating about the collective consciousness that some seriously ponder.

Are you a Star Seed? What about a MILAB recruit? Are you from the Pleiades? Arcturus? Vega? Sirius? Orion? Are you a reincarnated Atlantean?

In the Age of Information and with the big data pooled and gathered online for all to see, people are starting to gather an idea of just how crowded our Earth might be. Are we roaming the streets with people who are extraordinary after all? Is our population comprised of more than just ordinary muggles?

Thanks to the Internet (and other factors!), there’s definitely been a shift in consciousness. We can see the growing cultural acceptance and interest of hypnotic regression, and meditation to access other dimensions and lives. Also growing in popularity is the concept that some people are star seeds, especially the younger generation than us (is this a coincidence that the Harry Potter generation led the Star Seed generation? Food for Thought.)

We all want to be special. We all want to find purpose. We want to know where we are from and what we are connected to. This is a natural part of figuring out one’s soul purpose. We all go through a portion of the self-actualization process when we seek to find our place in the world, and identify where we sit among our social environment. The “esteem” section of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs places Self-Esteem directly below Self-Actualization. We search for our social badges-it’s cool. This is natural.


A woman seeks to connect back to her roots. She goes into a hypnotic regression and experiences a past life in Atlantis. She is rejuvenated by this experience, and re-enters her daily life with renewed purpose.

Now what I want to offer you is this:

Where ever you believe you are from, whatever you believe you were in a past life, whatever star system you believe used to be your home…

Earth is now your home. This is your current life. This is your current existence. Your soul contracts reside here, within this star system, within this galaxy, within this solar system, and quite specifically, on this beautiful planet.

Take the information you’ve found, and take heart- don’t feel displaced, don’t feel lonely, don’t feel a yearning to go back home or back to the past. Find a way to synthesize the information you’ve learned and carry it through to infusing your soul purpose on this planet.

Because guess what? The Earth needs you right now! Chances are, if you really are from another planet or a reincarnated Atlantean or whatever it might be, humanity NEEDS you in a big way, and you came here for a specific reason- to help move the ascension process forward!

My vision is that we stop focusing so much on the ETs from somewhere else and the lives that happened in the past, and turn that consciousness to the NOW. Stop trying to make ET contact, stop trying to leave this planet. We have not only an opportunity but a MISSION to take what is around us and turn this ship around. Let’s focus on raising the vibration of the entire planet, and helping each other- the people on this Earth to waking up to their purpose.

The “muggles” ARE the new paradigm shift. We ARE empowered. This is our time right now. We need to be waking up to our own ascension process, and taking this to the next level. Within us resides power that we are only beginning to access. Let’s dial down the search off-planet for purpose and TUNE IN to what is happening all around us, right here, right now.

About the Author: 

Teresa Yanaros, millennial advocate for spiritual enlightenment and disclosure, shares news and inspirational perspectives through her professional multi-media project "Divine Frequency." Her up-beat attitude and intense passion for driving through truth and change act as a catalyst for her philosophical and cosmic teachings.

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