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SITS NEWS Roundup: Popular and Important Articles and Updates -- January 1st to 8th 2018

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here are the popular and important articles and updates for the week of 25th of December 2017 to the 1st of January 2018. 
- Justin

Popular and Important Articles from the past week:

Millennials Unite For Disclosure: Taking 2018 By Storm

Assange Tweets Mysterious Encryption Key at 3am; Sparks Rumors About His Safety, New Leaks

Level of Affection Given to a Baby Physically Affects their DNA, Research Finds

More Strange Cases of Spontaneous Human Teleportation

Mind Over Matter — Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

Bogus Indictments & Disinfo In The Truth Community (Video)

39 UFOs Were Spotted In New York City In 2017

Google’s True Origin Closely Tied to the Cia (Central Intelligence Agency)

Jordan Sather 1.2 - Fake News ALERT!/MORE Airport Weirdness/Plane Crash Connections/Assange (Video)

Huma Abedin Forwarded Top Secret Passwords to Yahoo Account Hacked by Russian with Odd Clinton Connection

Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal’s Ex-Wife Tells All: Orgies with Underage Girls, Drugs, Bangladeshi Children Traded as Sex Slaves

Interviewing Liz Crokin on The Storm, QAnon, Pedogate, & Twitter Feuds -- Jan 2nd 2018 (Video)

Soul Purpose: From The Generation Raised By Harry Potter

Richard Dolan: The Pentagon and UFOs: Assessing the Revelations

The Unquantifiable Importance of Solitude

Mass Arrest Rumors: Is Guantanamo Receiving “High Level” American Prisoners? -- UPDATED

1.3 - Q Warnings | Plane Theory | Abedin (Monitor) | Trump to Disclose Secret Tech?

#Pizzagate Conspiracy - Main Stream Audience Being Red Pilled: John Legend, Chrissy Tiegen, Chelsea Clinton , Chruch of Satan

“Deep State” Conspirator! Ellen DeGeneres Accused by Eric Trump

The UFO Documentary You’re Not Supposed To See

Rescued ‘Sex Slave’ Reveals How She Was Sold to Up and Coming Political Elite as a Child

#QAnon: This is Either Fantasy, or a Dream Come True -- SGTReport (Video)

Global Elite taken to GITMO by US Special Forces – Full Disclosure Implications

#QAnon Updates & Breadcrumbs - Fire at Clinton's Property, Julien Assange's Freedom, Planes Diverted and Missing, 17 Federal Prosecutors Appointed - January 4, 2018

A Giant Face, Pyramid & An Aztec Head on Mars Have Experts Saying This Is Proof of Extraterrestrial Life

Examples of Children Who Remember Their Past Lives – Examined By Scientists

Justin Timberlake Promotes Transhumanist Agenda: Sexualized Artificial Intelligence

Millennials Are Too Smart for Fake Disclosure: 3 Reasons Why

Hallelujah!!! FBI Launches New Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation

1.5 - STORM SURGE - Planes/Arrests/Clinton/Sessions/Fusion GPS/Comey & More! (Video)

If Your Thoughts & Intentions Can Do This to an Apple, Imagine What They Can Do to Your Body

7 Examples That Show Why Most of our Pioneering Scientists Were Spiritual Mystics

The REAL X-Files Fox Mulder: Jan Harzan, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

WikiLeaks Releases Proof of NY Times Colluding With Clinton’s State Dept to Deceive America

X-Men: Superpowers are REAL? How To Unlock Your Special Gifts! (Video)

Deep State Takedown Updates -- Part I: QANON ID'ed, ASSANGE Free, P_nce/Bondi PEDOGATE, NK Takedown #QANON, #STORM, #FIREWORKS (Video)

Corey Goode Commentary on Main Stream Disclosure in Entertainment Industry

Deep State Takedown Update -- Part II: #STORM #QANON'S Zach Implicates "P_nce-Fence" in Pedogate, Zuma Space X Payload to NK (Video)

Do We Really Create Our Own Reality? The Myths and Dangers of New Age Belief

Damning Report Shows Pentagon is Actively Poisoning Millions of Americans and Covering It Up

NEWS: Saudi Sex Slaves, Google CIA Connection, Assange Tweets, Mass Arrests - January 7 2018

Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Vindicated After Federal Judge Declares Mistrial in Case Involving Widespread Federal Corruption

1.7 - Q Unloads | Planes & Trains | Police Pedos Arrested | Science Rethinks Physics

Info Wars Interview with QAnon Team Member Zach - Key Intel (Video)

President Trump Considering Declassification Of Secret Technology (Video)

Creepy (Pedo?) Paraphernalia at Store in South Phoenix (NSFW) (Updated)

35 Disney Employees Arrested on Child Sex Charges in Less Than 10 Years

NASA Tweets 'First Alien Comet Up Close': Another Soft Disclosure of Interstellar Spacecraft? - Links and Commentary

Elite Globalists Will Engineer Financial Collapse And Blame Bitcoin

BREAKING NEWS: Mainstream Media Blows Unimportant Non-Stories Out of Proportion Again...

Why the Occult Elite are Losing

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