Thursday, January 4, 2018

#QAnon Updates & Breadcrumbs - Fire at Clinton's Property, Julien Assange's Freedom, Planes Diverted and Missing, 17 Federal Prosecutors Appointed - January 4, 2018

(Enerchi) Here is a compilation of the latest news about QANON and some interesting breadcrumbs some within a few hours old at the time of publishing them. Each day the news cycle is getting deeper down the rabbit hole! Welcome beyond the matrix, the great awakening is in full swing!

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Source - AscensionWithEarth

by Enerchi, January 4th, 2018

Newest confirmed #QANON posts posted on January 4th 2018. Click on the image to go to source



Ambassador Matlock = Jack F. Matlock Jr. =

Executive Order 6713A from Franklin D. Roosevelt? = or full scan at


AWE Note: Highly recommend to watch this video by SGTReport.Com
"The following video is a rapid-fire summary of all the latest news concerning the take-down and intelligence reports. When you hear it all at once, all in once place, you realize the magnitude of these operations. It’s far too much to be a coincidence." Read commentary of this video by by following this link.
Loads of #Qanon predictions continue to pile up, and in this video we take a look at the latest developments, including airport closures, grounded flights and reports of high value targets being rounded up. So many of Q’s statements appear to be bearing fruit that even investigative journalist is now regularly quoting Q. Based on the growing evidence to date that something strange really IS happening and President Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp”, this is all shaping up as either the pure fantasy of wishful thinkers, or a dream come true.


Q trip code breached: An update with the CBTS crew


Clinton's Secret Service Facility on the Clinton's Property caught on fire

I wonder what was burnt, who was there at the time of the fire, coverup of evidence, flushing out of corrupt secret service agents. Why are SS agents protecting a satanic elite family who traffics children, rapes, and murders them?



#Sessions was rather busy today! Getting ready for tomorrow! #QAnon

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Today POTUS signed another human trafficking related EO. #TheStormIsHere




Julian Assange Released & Free !!! This is the rumor & date is set for the 4th of January 2018


Planes are vanishing and being diverted

Plane vanishes from radar midflight over Texas 

The US Coast Guard is reportedly searching for a plane that disappeared from radar during its flight from Oklahoma to Texas.

The plane departed from Wiley Post Airport near Oklahoma City earlier Wednesday and was anticipated to land in Georgetown, Texas, according to KFOR.

“We are getting ready to send out an aircraft to search the waters off Freeport, TX (due south of Houston right on the Gulf). Our report shows 150 nautical miles off Freeport,”
the Coast Guard reportedly said after receiving a report of a plane crash due to an unresponsive pilot in the Gulf of Mexico.

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and another news report...... 

Delta flight from Atlanta to London forced to turn around twice

A Delta flight from Atlanta to London was turned around twice overnight Wednesday, according to the airline.

Delta flight 284 took off from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday, but was turned around after pilots heard a mysterious noise coming from the plane, the airline told ABC affiliate WSB.

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Seth Rich was murdered! Wish him a happy 29th birthday

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