Thursday, January 4, 2018

#QAnon: This is Either Fantasy, or a Dream Come True -- SGTReport (Video)

Commentary by David Nova:

Is this news true? Or is this just fantasy? Is it too good to be true? Or the result of years of careful planning and clandestine strategy? No one can yet say, though the circumstancial evidence is mounting up, with two presidental executive orders and the deployment of AZ National Guard military police to Guantanamo Bay.

In our hearts we choose to believe that good triumps over evil, and yet we’ve been programmed to believe the system is incapable of such change, that the Matrix always wins. Therefore I believe it is wise to be optimistically cautious, to believe that positive change is indeed possible, yet prudent enough to let the positive manifest and become grounded in our reality, rather than being cynically impetuous, incapable of imagining any positive change, thus becoming imprisoned to the negative.

There’s been a lot of spiritual proclaimations in the past few years that we have to save ourselves, that we can’t sit around and wait for someone to save us. This spiritual instruction was always meant for our internal self-developement. No external savior can save us from ourselves, we have to do the internal work ourselves, to create change in our own lives.

This instruction has been cynically applied to the external world as well. It is true – no external divine or extraterrestrial intervention will save us from ourselves, we have to do the external work for ourselves as well. Isn’t the possibility of White Hats applicable to this scenario? Mankind has to liberate itself, collectively. Though we have different lives, we have our different skills, our different calling, our very different jobs and roles to play. Is it not possible that we have been working together to liberate ourselves, though we have not seen the collective evidence of our work? We have no choice, other than to accept the world that darkness wished to bestow upon us.

We may soon see if we have been living in a dream of our own making, or if we have collectively been making this dream a reality. I suppose the answer depends upon how much we believe in ourselves.
found on Operation Disclosure

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