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Millennials Unite For Disclosure: Taking 2018 By Storm

(Teresa YanarosThe year 2017 brought a huge community of millennial truthers together. Here is my story of how I met someone incredibly important on my journey, and how we are going to change the world in 2018!

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by Teresa Yanaros, January 1st, 2018

I’m getting ahead of myself. First, meet Sterling.

Sterling Nicole Bennett, YouTuber and truth warrior, recently released a video with reflections on the past year. From attending the Contact in the Desert conference as a vlogger, to joining the news media site Stillness in the Storm, Bennett provides a valuable testimony to truthers across generations.

Sterling gives her emotional recap of 2017 and foreshadows the magic of what’s to come.

I came in contact with Sterling at a conference called Contact in the Desert, when she stood up in the middle of a panel discussion to ask the speakers questions about starting a YouTube channel. After the conference, I wrote an article about the experience.

“Contact in the Desert brought in crowds of conscious evolvers and evoked cosmic conversations that synthesized new waves of awakening within those who gathered there.” -Teresa Yanaros
Interestingly enough, I happened to mention Sterling’s engagement with the speakers within the article, in an attempt to describe the exciting energy of millennials tapping into their desire to get involved in the awakening community.

“The woman in the crowd at the workshop wanted to know how she and her friends could start gathering and spreading truth as well.”

Little did I know that this article would be the catalyst for our serendipitous meeting.

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After I wrote the article, she reached out to me to revel for a moment in synchronicity. She went on to tell me the story of how she was in the middle of reading an article and then realized she was mentioned in it! It was a really cool exchange, and the two of us became friends.

We finally got to meet in person at Eclipse of Disclosure summit in August.

Group at Eclipse of Disclosure Summit in August of 2017. Left to Right: Sterling Nicole Bennett, Teresa Yanaros, Alexis Buck, Sabrina Starblossom, Justin Deschamps.

Once I had the chance to hear her story and understand her intense passion for bringing truth to the masses, I knew that I had recognized a soul sister.

At Eclipse of Disclosure, I was giving my speech on soul purpose (Sign up for Divine Frequency’s Email List for a FREE COPY of my workshop, “Soul Journey through the Archetypes.”). Sterling and her counterpart Sabrina were taking videos for their vlog. I was so humbled when I noticed they were taking photos and posting relevant content to social media based on my talk. What a breath of fresh air! I was definitely used to sharing relevant content in real time to social media, and it felt amazing to have other people jumping in to share content with the masses. It was around this time that the group of us began to recognize we shared the same vision. We were the millennial generation realizing we were all coalescing to bring about change in the world. We were driven on a soul level to help co-create the future we want for humanity. We were connecting to our soul family in a huge way.

After the conference, I started working closely with Stillness in the Storm, and was brought onto the team to help with operations. Sterling had just gone through a huge shift in her life (see the video above) and was making huge strides toward actualizing her career in the conscious media industry. Check out her YouTube channel, Beyond Disclosure. Simultaneously, I was in the middle of building Stillness in the Storm’s brand new internship program, and Justin Deschamps, CEO, and I were getting ready to start recruiting “Conscious Agents.” The cosmos were in divine alignment. I was thrilled to extend Sterling the offer to come aboard as our first ever intern.
(By the way, we are hiring “Conscious Agent” Interns. Check out Details HERE.)
I love Sterling’s uplifting perspectives and bubbly personality. I truly feel like she is a refreshing voice to add to the tapestry of disclosure. She single-handedly produced the promotional video for Stillness in the Storm’s False Flags Webinar, and did a spectacular job.

(By the way, you can obtain a FREE COPY of Stillness in the Storm’s “Dealing With False Flags Webinar” by signing up for Stillness in the Storm’s email list.)
Another really cool thing Sterling did was produce our latest news broadcast. Check it out here:

DECEMBER 31, 2017: Sterling Nicole Bennett discusses the top news articles from the last week, including Trump’s executive order to freeze financial accounts of human traffickers, bank threats regarding cryptocurrency usage, pedophilia and poisonous vaccines exposed, and pyramids spotted on the ocean floor.


The synchronicity surrounding Sterling and I meeting each other was fun and magical. I love that I wove her story into the fabric of a Stillness in the Storm article before I even knew her, and that connection would actually lead us to join the same company for which I wrote the initial article.

Like Sterling’s video says, we have SO much amazingness on the horizon that I can hardly contain my excitement. As a farewell to 2017, I hold an incredibly special place in my heart for all that I’ve experienced and lean into 2018 with clarity and purpose.

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It’s time to bring about change and positively co-create an EPIC world of expanded collective consciousness. Let’s do this, y’all!

Happy New Year!
All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency. 
-Teresa Yanaros 

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