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Millennials Are Too Smart for Fake Disclosure: 3 Reasons Why

(Teresa Yanaros) An article published September 22, 2017 describes a study that suggests almost half of adults 22-45 watch ZERO traditional television.

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by Teresa Yanaros, January 3rd, 2018
Almost half of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a new study by Omnicom Media Group agency Hearts & Science.
What does this mean for soft disclosure?

Soft- the gentle trickling of “truth” into the mainstream by using softened stories, or half-truths (truth surrounded by lies)

“Dis” – removal, or release,
“Closure” – that which is closed, shut, hidden,
“Disclosure” literally means the release or uncovering of what is hidden.

In a general sense, disclosure includes the:
  • Uncovering of suppressed sciences and technologies
  • Admission of the underlying agendas behind false flags
  • Revealing of hidden information, including the truth about UFOs and ETs, secret governmental programs

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Have You Noticed?

Now, you might have noticed there’s been quite a bit of soft disclosure trickling into the mainstream media lately, and some of the population is getting excited. For example, a New York Times articlepublished December 16th, 2017, described the “Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program.” This is just one of many examples of soft disclosure being introduced to the masses in the last few months.

But the reality is: the millennials don’t seem to care.

Why don’t millennials care?


Millennials aren’t caught up in the mainstream media. They’ve long since lost trust in it. I believe the catalyst that initiated this shift in consciousness was the 9/11 false flag. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s been a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness; more and more people are starting to have issues with the mainstream version of what happened at 9/11. Really, let’s face it guys. The whole “mainstream media trust” thing has no less than TOTALLY fallen apart.

People are so over the lies about 9/11 that there’s actually a Wikipedia page (and we know how mainstream Wikipedia is!) about it.

It’s called the 9/11 Truth Movement.

So if millennials don’t watch traditional television, and they aren’t buying into what the mainstream tells them, how do they get their information?


Well, they have the internet at their fingertips, and because of the internet, we can communicate at incredibly fast rates and generate our own ideas of current events. The generation has the capacity to devour a ton of content, and they’ve done just that. A good portion of the generation is in the “know” about media manipulation, and truths being hidden from the general public.

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They’ve become their own researchers. They’ve compiled data and discerned it individually or in groups (using social media to compare notes and strengthen claims) instead of looking to news corporations to do that for them.


Going back to the New York Times article, the concept of the Pentagon having a shadow program that investigates UFOs is exhaustingly boring and old hat to the younger generations.

American millennials want information that is going to actually affect them directly in some kind of way. They’ve become detached from the world through immersion in their Matrix-like lives. They work their day jobs tirelessly, 9 to 5, day after day, and they want some semblance of relaxation on the weekends after stressful weeks. They are more likely to turn on Netflix and discuss the parallels in Stranger Things to the Montaque Project than get all excited over a New York Times article about UFOs.

“Conspiracy theorists” are just the new “thinking” class.

If we want to build a useful media for the future, we need to start figuring out HOW to communicate to the millennials and generation Z’ers. Because mainstream media is NOT cutting it.


How can we get the younger generations interested in what’s really happening in the world?

We need to help them connect to information in a way that allows them to integrate it into their lives. We need to help them find relevance within the information, and then help them find actionable ways to act on the information being disseminated.

There’s an empowerment issue here that must be addressed.

In my opinion, soft disclosure is a brilliant (although potentially sinister depending on the hand that feeds) way to seed the masses with information while keeping the masses in their stupor of matrix-lives. If the content isn’t super sensational, then it seems irrelevant. If it is super-sensational, then it seems fake and untrustworthy. The younger generations have “heard it all” by now, and are ready to turn the page. And some feel overwhelmingly helpless when they learn about world corruption.

This feeling of helplessness has been perpetuated within the millennial generation partially due to the economic crises they’ve traversed since around 2008. They entered adulthood with idealistic abandon, (based off of the older generations’ positive economic experience), catapulting into a world with fewer opportunities than what they expected.

I can understand why soft disclosure is perpetuated, as the point of “trickling in the truth” to the masses is to retain the homeostasis of the collective consciousness. In the eyes of the control systems, they are the parents preparing the children for the realities of the cruel world. But if there’s anything that the younger generations enjoy, it’s seeing to the deeper side of the nature of reality.

We’ve been bogged down by information overload and the sad reality that we’re being lied to by the systems the generations before thought we could trust. I know, sounds emo. But hang on a second.

So what comes next?

We’ve got to continue WAKING UP, ripping ourselves from the Matrix, organizing, banding together, and figuring out HOW we can actually stand up and CHANGE the world.

Enough with the sensationalist articles and drab information dissemination. It’s time to ACTIVATE. It’s our time.
All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency.
-Teresa Yanaros
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