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Justin Timberlake Promotes Transhumanist Agenda: Sexualized Artificial Intelligence

(Teresa L Yanaros) Justin Timberlake released a music video yesterday that sexualizes robots enough to make your skin crawl.

by Teresa L Yanaros, January 5th, 2018

That’s right, Justin is pushing the transhumanist agenda flawlessly and with STYLE.

The music video begins with a Steve Jobs-esque Justin walking into a “Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the year 2028.

He panders to the crowd, and with a smile teases, “If you know what’s good.” The representation of him as Steven Jobs demonstrates deep underlying symbolism that the leaders of technology in our world hold the keys to authority and tell us what’s “in.” They are the ones that establish the baseline for the latest and the greatest technology that consumers must drool over in order to remain relevant, hip, and accepted.

Stating, “If you know what’s good” establishes himself as an authority and basically tells people, “You better wait to see what I’ve got to show you, because it’s good, and if you don’t agree with me, you are ignorant and wrong.”

Next, he unveils a robot, which walks down the stairs onto the platform of the stage. The crowd is pleasantly excited and the robot begins to dance with female dancers. The first part of the music video is enjoyable and catchy.

Timberlake stands behind the scenes mirroring some of the robot’s movements. Some of the media describe this as a “marionette” style performance, but I disagree. As a choreographer myself, it seemed more like Timberlake had previously taught the robot the dance, and was doing the moves behind the stage because he knew them and was excited about the robot’s performance. I believe this because he wasn’t doing all of the moves but just some of the moves with the robot, demonstrating that the robot was actually moving independently from Timberlake’s movements.

Intermittently, the robot demonstrates his skills for the crowd by remaining balanced after being pushed by one of the dancers and moving boxes across the stage from one stack to another.

This image reminded me a great deal of Atlas, the Humanoid Robot in Action, from Boston Dynamics. A video on YouTube published February 25, 2016, by the Wall Street Journal, shows the robot completing various tasks, including stacking boxes in a warehouse.

This, to me, shows the process of bridging the gap between the latest technology in a research sense, to it being presented for purchase to the masses. Instead of a demonstration of research and development, we are shifting toward artificial intelligence (AI) being available for public purchase–indicated by the Steve Jobs version of Timberlake presenting this technology in a learning conference.

Okay, great, we’ve got some technology soft disclosure going on here. Maybe we will see robots for sale soon on Amazon.

Either way, it’s time to bring up the inappropriately sexualized elephant in the room.

What the heck is Timberlake thinking with all the sexual robot innuendo?

The song lyrics mention filthy hands in places and staying up engaging in certain mysterious activities until six in the morning. The robot/Timberlake show goes from busting out cool clean dance moves in the beginning of the video to progressively more racy endeavors. At one point the robot hits a bong.

Then Justin Timberlake grabs his crotch while singing,
What you gonna do with all that beast? When I leave the cageopen, walk to me.”
The word “beast” refers to the man’s sexuality and the propensity for control. This type of master mindset drips from the Steve Jobs-like character, reminding the masses (in their cages) that they are controlled by their desire for technology.

The video shows Timberlake grabbing his crotch but does not show the robot engaging in the move. I think this was demonstrating the juxtaposition between sexuality of the human race, and the non-sexuality of artificial intelligence, a line which is excruciatingly blurred by what comes next.

The crowd is pleased, happy and dancing; seemingly satisfied and excited about the performance.

The “Filthy” music video takes a HARD left at the end when the robot lights up with all different colors and seems to take on more of a personified existence. The stage lights dim, and the robot begins to gyrate with the dancers who now wear lingerie and grind against the robot. Timberlake looks perplexed and worried as the robot appears to lower itself onto one of the dancers on the stage, while her legs are splayed open for all the crowd to witness.

Most of the crowd displays disturbed expressions, while some appear to be gaining sick enjoyment out of the spectacle. Finally, the demonstration-turned-disturbing-burlesque-show pans to Timberlake.

At the very end, Timberlake short circuits and completely disappears as the now maniacal sex-crazed robot blasts red light out of its chest and hands toward the crowd, while they scream and cheer in delight.

What’s the Deal, Here?

Okay, so I’ll just come out and say it, there’s some really freaky programming going on inside this music video.

The whole video is trying to present AI as sexy, and blur the lines between human sexuality and something completely different.

Sex robots are like, a THING, now people. Seriously. Google it. Okay, maybe don’t.

Article Published December 17, 2017:

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The whole talk about sex robots has ramped up in the last few months. No wonder the message has leaked its way into the entertainment industry. We see openly that the call has been issued to attempt to blur some lines and drop these images into the collective subconscious.

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We Can’t Stand Idly By And Let This Happen

We’re smarter than this.

Let’s bring these concepts into the conscious frame of mind so we can assess these ideas that are being socially promulgated to the masses and decide what is actually beneficial here. What kind of future are we trying to co-create?

I don’t want a world where SEX is out-sourced to machines. We have enough issues with running away from our interpersonal issues without now throwing in this extra element. Oh, you have issues with relationships? No problem! Buy yourself a robot and waste no more time trying to improve your spiritual connection with the human race.

Not to mention, we need to touch on the transhumanist agenda. Take the end of the video for instance.

What’s Up With Timberlake’s Strange Disappearance?

Is it a coincidence that the robot looks exactly like Justin Timberlake? I think not. The robot becomes more and more human-like and takes on Timberlake’s sexualism and other attributes as the video progresses. This progresses all the way up until the robot basically steals Timberlake’s complete essence–henceforth bursting open with light. This represents the robot taking on life force energy, that which supports and nurtures our human experience. Timberlake’s life has been transferred into the robot.

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Transhumanism considers the path toward infusing ourselves with AI technology as an improvement to our species. This is painfully disturbing at best, and utterly destructive to humanity at worst. (Hint: The latter of these is very likely a reality.)
Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values. – Max More (1990)
I myself do not believe that the human race needs to be FIXED. We are divine finite manifestations of the Infinite Creator and should honor that connection. The system; the design is perfect, we only need to nurture that design and allow it to flow in its original structure. People who believe humans are somehow flawed feel the need to push for an agenda that could potentially move our souls over into AI itself, or incorporate AI into our bodies. Some people are tempted by the idea of living forever, but what is the cost?

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Timberlake disappears as the robot gains all of his vitality.

Where does Timberlake’s soul go? Is it transferred to the cloud or is it lost forever? Is the human species being psychologically manipulated into pushing for a transhumanist agenda? Is the actualization of this future a trap?

Stay vigilant.

You decide.
"All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency."
-Teresa Yanaros

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