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Here Are the Most Important, but Censored, News Stories of 2017

(JD Heyes) Professional journalism took a major hit this past year as one establishment media outlet after another became afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome and spent the better part of the past 12 months manufacturing one story after another.

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Source - NaturalNews

by JD Heyes, December 31st, 2017

Normal confirmation of information through multiple, independent sources was one of the biggest casualties of the year as networks and newspapers like CNN, the Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, and the networks — ABC News in particular — were duped time and again into running with Deep State information about President Donald J. Trump and his administration that turned out to be patently and demonstrably false.

But there were additional, major journalistic infractions throughout the year as well in the form of major stories that the “mainstream” ignored altogether, leaving the American people less informed or completely ignorant of current events, some of which carry huge implications for freedom and the preservation of our republic.

In no particular order, here are what we consider to be among the most significant stories that became nothing more than censored news in 2017:

The Pakistani-Democrat Connection: Have you ever heard of a Pakistani national named Imran Awan and his brothers Abid and Jamal and Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi? If not, you’re certainly not alone. The Daily Caller broke story after story involving this former IT worker who was employed exclusively by congressional Democrats and who very likely gained access through their email to very sensitive, top-secret U.S. intelligence. But for certain, The DC’s Luke Rosiak, who’s been all over this story from the beginning, says: “Members of Congress have refused to acknowledge what is well-known among the House bureaucracy; that investigators found conclusive evidence that the Awans wantonly violated House IT regulations.” This story sums it up best.

The Charlottesville PD scandal: Earlier this summer Trump got into hot water (again) when he said “both sides” were responsible for protest violence related to the removal of Confederate memorials from a city park — referring to white supremacists and Antifa domestic terrorists. Only a few outlets at the time picked up on a primary reason why the violence was allowed to escalate (into one death): State and local police were held back, which allowed the violence to escalate, according to the conclusion of an independent investigation. But the legacy media focused on the white nationalists in attendance and Trump’s comments, which turned out to be spot-on.

The Vegas massacre: It’s been three months since the worst mass shooting in the history of the country, and we’re still no closer to finding out the motive(s) behind Stephen Paddock’s attack. And in fact, it may be a year or more before we do find out; why isn’t the legacy media more curious? And why did the swallow the FBI’s immediate dismissal that terrorism was the motive, after ISIS claimed Paddock converted six months before the attack?

The World Mercury Project: In September the group, led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., called out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for alleged criminal misconduct at the agency over its attempts to hide links between mercury in vaccines and autism. The organization put out a report that contained new evidence of “corruption and scientific misconduct” at the CDC, and that employees and consultants for the government health agency engaged in “questionable ethics and scientific fraud” that has “resulted in untrustworthy vaccine safety science,” a press release noted. Crickets from the “mainstream” media.

Ignoring Podesta Group corruption: It took President Trump to bring new attention to this just last week, but so far, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has yet to find anything at all wrong with the conduct of the Podesta Group. Trump was referencing the apparent scrutiny the Podesta Group is under by Mueller’s team, as, the lobbying work appears very similar to that done by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort, who has been indicted by a grand jury at Mueller’s recommendation. The Podesta Group, once headed by brother of former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, is likely to close by the end of this year.

Missouri Democrat: State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal called for Trump’s assassination in an August Facebook post that she ultimately deleted. But as of this writing, and despite the fact that scores of lawmakers in the Red State have called for her to resign, she remains in office, which is a disgrace. Had a Republican state lawmaker called for Obama’s assassination, it would have been the establishment media’s 24-7 story for weeks.

Rosie O’Donnell’s felony bribe: The Z-list actress very publicly committed a felony violation of statutes outlawing bribes or attempted bribes of public and elected officials when she tweeted an offer of $2 million apiece to Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake if they voted “no” on the Trump/Republican tax reform bill. The legacy media barely mentioned the illegal act, if at all, and most Americans still either don’t know the bribe was offered or that it’s highly illegal to do so.

Trump’s awesome first year: Besides being a monster year for fake news, the mainstream media could have had a much better year reporting truthfully on the Trump administration’s major successes. Some of the president’s 81 major achievements include dismantling job-and-economy-killing regulations, smashing ISIS, recognizing Jerusalem as the rightful Jewish capital, and appointing many highly qualified federal judges. (Related: #nevertrump Conservatives soften, HAIL the president’s first-year achievements on way to making America GREAT AGAIN.)

Now, here’s a prediction for 2018: The establishment media won’t get any better in reporting truthfully on the Trump administration, but will get a lot better at censoring the really important stories.

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