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Grounding, Clearing & Raising Your Vibration: An Interview with Bridget Nielsen

(Thais GibsonBridget Nielsen is a spiritual teacher and interdimensional bridge between this world and beyond. Her extrasensory abilities allow her to connect with celestial beings and to channel wisdom into our reality. She shares amazing content weekly through her Youtube channel, and is a “lightworker” for the ascension process.

Source - Collective Evolution

by Thais Gibson, January 5th, 2018

I sat down with Bridget to discuss a myriad of tools to help keep our vibration elevated, along with the importance of clearing and grounding.

What is our vibration?

Our vibration is our personal energy signature. We are all made up of vibrating particles of energy, and it is easiest to think of vibration as the overall tone of this vibration that we exude.

Why Is It Important to Understand Our Vibration?

Everything in our universe is in a state of vibration. You might remember from school, that atoms are in a constant state of motion. Depending on what speed these atoms are moving at, things appear as a gas, solid, or liquid.

Thoughts, emotions, and sound are also vibrations and carry unique energetic signatures. If we are living in a high vibrational state, this is directly correlated to the health and happiness of our bodies in many ways. There are other factors that play a role, but generally this also impacts our abundance, fulfillment and capacity for healthy relationships.

In Western society we are generally caught up in looking at the external world as the creator of our reality. This is completely backwards. Our external reality is the reflector of our interior world. We are creating our lives from the inside-out, and understanding how to raise our vibration is a key element of generating what we want to see in our external reality.

In the words of Hermes, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

How Do We Raise Our Vibration?

You’ll have to watch the interview for all of the amazing tools and tricks Bridget shares, but here are three of my favourite tools that she shared!
We must learn to stay in our own vibration. We spend so much time getting pulled into other people’s problems, emotions, and lives. If we watch what’s happening in mainstream news, immediately our vibration is polluted with fear and negativity. If we listen to someone complaining incessantly, we are also pulled into their vibration.

It is extremely important to learn how to set boundaries with what you get sucked into. If you can learn to exercise compassion instead of sympathy, this is a great start.

Remember that when we suffer for others, we are pulled out of remaining present with them. We tell a story in our minds about their story, and then suffer over our own story created. Compassion allows us to exercise true presence, without our vibration being affected.

Take time alone to reset your personal vibrational state and clear negative patterns. We are completely affected by the vibrations of the people around us. When we don’t take space to get in touch with what our natural energy signature is, it’s easy to feel ungrounded.

When you spend time alone, notice the emotions you feel most often in your experience. Are you joyful, peaceful, calm, lonely etc.? This will give you some great insight into a major piece of your vibration. By checking in with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, you can gain major insight into your “home” vibration.

With this awareness, you can see which aspects of yourself need to be worked on the most. You can also consciously choose activities that raise the lower aspects of your vibration, based on what you know recharges you the best.

Learn how to ground yourself. Your energy signature is all over the place when you are not rooted in your body. We can get into high vibrational spaces and be disconnected from our body, but this is often a form of dissociation and comes with a negative impact later.

A few tools we can use to ground ourselves are exercise, grounding scents, meditative body-scans, and root-chakra crystals. We can also practice taking action when we feel “too high” in our vibration, because we ground our inspiration into reality this way.

Why You Should Watch This Interview:

Bridget discusses a lot about clearing negative energy in this interview. We discuss clearing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Bridget shares which high-vibration foods we can eat, as well as how different cities and environments impact our vibration.

We also discuss how to become aware of negative energy in your space, and how to get rid of it. These “negative” energies are always showing us something about ourselves – conscious or unconscious. When we can master our approach to dealing with these things, we are empowered to create a fulfilled life.

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