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George H. W. Bush Sr. CIA Illegal Drug Dealer

(Robert Bruce Reckmeyer) Look at George H. W. Bush Sr. from his days at Yale and you will follow the Criminalization of our Government; Nazi involvement (Project Paperclip), Assassination of JFK, Heroin Smuggling Vietnam, Laos, Watergate, Iran/Contra, CIA Cocaine, Election subversion, (9/11), Heroin smuggling Afghanistan.

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Source - ConspiracyTruth

by Robert Bruce Reckmeyer, November 29th, 2009

George H. W. Bush is the one key figure who has direct involvement and is in operational control of his illegal criminal organization.

Nobody likes to deal with Dark Conspiracy theories and yet in the 911 conspiracy theory aftermath, we can either be honest with ourselves and uncover the truth, in our government, or we can choose to stay asleep and carry on as if our leaders are being honest. It becomes self evident, when one does their own research that something very sinister is being executed in our name and without our informed consent. It is time to unmask the Dark Side conspiracy theories and sort through what is theory and what is fact.

The criminalization of our Government is a fact, as evidenced by the CIA 911 conspiracy, and yet in the information age we are confronted with a choice, either we stare the Dark Side (evil) in the face and say its not okay or we turn our heads and allow our government to further corrupt itself. We collectively, as a human species, are responsible for our system of government, and until or unless we choose to change it, it will self perpetuate. We can choose to hold these people accountable for their illegal misdeeds or we can allow them to grow drunk on their success.

As we look over the last fifty (50) years we are confronted with one illegal act after the other culminating with the crime of the century, the 9/11 Conspiracy, Psy-Op. We can look back to the warning from President Eisenhower, as he left office, cautioning us to be eternally vigilant and not to let the Military Industrial Complex get the better of us. Now some fifty (50) years later we can see his words were quite prophetic.

When John F. Kennedy was gunned down on the streets of Dallas we were not ready to confront the evil and we allowed our constitutional government to be taken over by an organized criminal element. We, in a sense, were naïve and unable to grasp the enormity of our national experience. Since that fateful day we have come to realize, falsely, that it is better to make a deal with evil than confront it and risk having the system fall in on itself.

After elements within our government helped bring an end to Camelot and the promise of a new expression, in our national character, we fell into complacency and an energy that can only be termed destructive. We instituted a war doctrine that killed millions around the world in illegal wars of aggression. Our government, in our name, became directly involved in the illegal drug trade, to finance their illegal black operations. We turned a blind eye when stories started circulating about South East Asian heroin being flown on CIA Air America transport planes, during the war in Vietnam. We failed the test again when George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barry Seal, Ollie North, Richard Secord, Felix Rodriguez and others were directly and indirectly involved in smuggling cocaine into Mena Airport, in Arkansas, during the 1982-1987 time frame. Now with the war in Afghanistan we finance our illegal Shadow Government hell bent on ushering in a New World Order.

The Iran Contra arm’s for hostages operation was only one side of the coin, the other side was the illegal operation to smuggle cocaine into the United States to fund the Contra operation. The congress became a coconspirator when they failed to inform the American people during the Iran Contra hearings. The fact that they went into executive session and failed to right this wrong is in itself criminal. If the government breaks the rule of law and fails to hold the highest officials accountable for their misdeeds then we are no better than organized crime.

The failure of our elected officials to investigate and uncover the truth about the 9/11 conspiracy is another criminal act that must be brought to justice. Not only do we have a policy of empire building utilizing wars of aggression, but we also have a criminal element running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise and a Congress that is complicit in their crimes, in essence the criminalization of our constitutional form of government.

The criminal fraud, during the lead up to the war in Iraq is well documented and was done with the help of the corporate media. These illegal acts constitute a just cause for Impeachment and or criminal prosecution at the highest levels of our government. When we as citizens, fail to act, we also become complicit in the crime. The level of criminality is mind boggling and yet when good citizens call for accountability they are attacked as unpatriotic.

Our system has been infected with a fascist virus after it jumped from Nazi Germany after World War II and entered a new host country. We launched Project Paperclip, after the war, and brought Nazi scientists to the United States where they metamorphosed into our CIA, University research communities, and NASA. In short order they infected our whole system and we now find ourselves posed for a complete fascist takeover.

The New World Order is in its final stages and we must understand the forces at work in order to guard against the subversion of our constitutional system. The Dark Side, Old Paradigm is something one must see clearly and reject as old and outdated. It is part of the limited, old and tired way of seeing the world where the few control the many through false mind constructions and mind manipulations.

One must uncover the secrete societies that run the world and reassert our individual and collective sovereignty declaring in unison that we are ready to take back our collective responsibility and establish a new paradigm absent the limiting beliefs of the old.

Here at we have assembled a research site to enable others to do their own research, come to their own truth and hopefully make a free will choice, either the Old Paradigm, the Dark Side or the New Paradigm, aligning with the Forces of Light. I have struggled with how to best frame the choice and not give the Dark Side energy. I am confident that when one sees the evil and the level of manipulation it will make the contrast compelling.

It is my sincere desire that we not allow the Dark Side to take our peace but rather embrace the New Paradigm and in the words of the Master; “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Mathew 5:16

We as the good, law abiding citizens of theis world, must Stop this man and retake control of our Nation from his criminal organization.

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