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Exploring the Placebo Effect Vs. The No-Cebo Effect (Video)

(Alanna KetlerThe placebo effect is a huge testament to the power of the human mind. In virtually any scientific study that has a goal of credibility in mind, a controlled placebo study also has to take place to ensure that the outcome was not in fact determined by the minds of the study participants, or of the researcher themselves.

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Source - Collective Evolution

by Alanna Ketler, January 2nd, 2018

How exactly can our minds affect our physical world? It’s a concept that should have everyone questioning the nature of our physical reality. Placebo virtually proves that there is more to this 3D reality than meets the eye.

In his book The Placebo Effect, Dr. Joe Dispenza describes stories of insane healing that most doctors would not believe possible, or would have said surgery was absolutely required. In a few documented cases, people who had been given a mistaken diagnosis of terminal cancer ended up passing away anyways because they believed so strongly what they had been told. On the flip side, some patients who were told they had terminal cancer, but refused to believe or accept the diagnosis, ended up surviving and thriving. The power of our minds is very real, and this is important for all of us to understand.

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What Is the “No-Cebo” Effect?

So, we know this about the placebo effect, but have you ever heard of the “no-cebo” effect? Let Dr. Bruce Lipton explain in this short video.

As Lipton states, a negative thought is equally as powerful in controlling our health, and negative thinking can cause every illness and disease. This means our mindset can literally dictate our health. It is not just genes alone, or diet, or lifestyle; we have major power over our health and it’s so important that we become aware of that. So often we hear people who just come to terms with the fact that an illness “runs in their family” and have resigned themselves to their perceived fate. Perhaps it is this absolute thought rather than the threat of the illness itself that then manifests as illness within the body.

Think of longest recorded person to ever live, the 122-year-old woman who smoked a pack a day, ate a ton of sweets, and drank port wine — clearly, she has the right mindset for longevity, and maybe she just hasn’t heard the news that cigarettes cause cancer. This also serves as a powerful reminder to not be fearful of what we are putting into our bodies. It’s important to have awareness, but if you are feeling guilty about what you are eating or worrying about the chemicals within it, this may just affect you more than the unhealthy food itself!

This is truly powerful information, and fully understanding this and incorporating it into our lives can be hugely beneficial to our well-being. Never forget, our thoughts create our reality.

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