Friday, January 19, 2018

College Professor Destroys MSM Propagandist in Debate: Dr. Jordan Peterson on Male and Female Relationships, Gender Pay Gap, Campus Protests and Postmodernism

by Justin Deschamps

The issues presented in the below video are heavily sensationalized in the mainstream media, and weaponized by the propagandists against the free thinkers of our world. Corruption, prejudice, and bigotry exist seemingly everywhere in our society. In our desire for change, we mustn't be tempted to be unthinking. But this is precisely what the powers that be want us to do.

Good intentions can and have been used to justify all manner of horrific things, most notably the rise of socialism in the 20th Century that saw millions upon millions of people die in the name of social justice. The fact of the matter is, there are insidious forces at work in our world, and the media is part of the social engineering platform that promulgates divisive agendas into the public mind.

As an example of the way in which media persons manipulate and twist the words of free thinkers, consider the following interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto, clinical psychologist, author, and public speaker.

Dr. Peterson is an outspoken proponent of honest investigation with respect to social issues currently at the forefront of public discourse, namely, the nature of male and female relationships, the gender pay gap, and the way in which we understand ourselves—to name a few.

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In the below video, the host of the show consistently attempts to put words in Dr. Peterson's mouth, oversimplify his position on complex issues and uses trigger words and phrases to frame his reasonable statements as wildly prejudicial or bigoted. This is no accident. It's an age-old manipulation tactic, a kind of psychological warfare program that has been very effective over the years.

Those who haven't taken the time to dive deeply into these complex issues often want to take a reductionist stance, making sweeping black and white statements that enable those who feel like victims to seem justified in their uninformed positions. While one's personal background is a basis for much when it comes to these questions, the complexity of social issues cannot be completely understood looking only to our experiences in life. Yes, injustice exists in the world, but if we fail to perform due diligence, we formulate "solutions" that create more problems and solve nothing.

Obviously, a female victim of job-related prejudice or harassment is justified in feeling oppressed. However, it is not valid to assume that all places of work are similarly unjust based solely on this person's experience. Furthermore, not all men are guilty of harassment simply because a portion of the male population is guilty of such crimes.

Social engineers employ elaborate and effective methods for steering public opinion. Only by taking the time to research for our selves can we avoid being duped by people willing to push falsehoods in the name of social change.

I implore you:
  • do your research, 
  • think for yourself, and 
  • avoid the temptation to rest your beliefs on feelings and personal experience alone. 

Make no mistake, we've all suffered injustice and the powers that be will attempt to capitalize on our desire for restitution. This is why we must properly inform ourselves, or else we become puppets of injustice; pawns in the game of social control.

- Justin

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