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7 Tips to Effectively Teach Yourself How to Communicate With Spirits

(Georgi) We received plenty of emails from many of you, asking us to share advice on how to communicate with spirits. Connecting with spirits is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the better you get.

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Source - InnerOuterPeace

by Georgi, January 8th, 2018

As children, we could effortlessly commune with spirits on our side. But back then, we held a firm belief in ourselves and knew we’re capable of doing it. As we grew up, we were conditioned to believe that such things don’t exist.

And now it’s a struggle to realize how to invite spirits to communicate with you.

Normally, the communication with spirits flows into two ways.

One part of you will see spirits as a clear sky. For others, they will only see them in the third eye.

Everyone has their third eye open to some degree.

If you’re a deeply intuitive person, you’re questioning things, see the deeper aspect of things then you won’t need to do anything else. But if you’re interested, we wrote a post on that.

When the communication occurs through your third eye, you don’t come to see visually with it but more with your mind, your memory.

How to Communicate With Spirits Effectively?

We want to share with you these 7 tips to make your connection with spirits easier and more natural.

1. Study the Chakras

Your body is a tool that helps you communicate with spirits, with your higher self, and with your soul.

When you pronounce given words your vibration will match that of some of your chakras. And this will enable you to articulate your feeling. You’ll be able to pick up information the spirits send you.

When you say for example: “I know”, you’re essentially tapping into your crown chakra.

You can find out not just the colors of the chakras but the emotions that resonate with each of them. Thus, the way each chakra raises your vibration and how does that chakra affect you when you’re connecting with spirits.

2. Strive to Eat As Healthy As Possible

You have to take care of your body. As we said, this is your tool and it’s your job to preserve it so it can serve you well on your journey.

When your body is out of balance, when you’re not doing your best to maintain it, your connection with it will get molded.

If you want to receive & send accurate information from spirits, you need to eat healthily and be in a good shape.

Your body will pay you off for your efforts.

3. You Need to Be in Balance With Yourself

The cornerstone of every esoteric practice a person wishes to undertake.

When you’re not ready internally, it’s out of question how talented, educated or bright you might be.

Possessing a hidden spiritual gift can turn its back on you and cause disastrous consequences in your life.

Realize that preparation and keeping balance with yourself is key in making your first steps in being taught how to communicate with the spirit world.

Without balance, your ego might take advantage of you, exposing you to the risk of giving unfriendly force the control over you.

So, how do you balance the forces of creation and destruction in your life?

4. Keep Your Focus on the Present Moment to Free the Mind

Meditation is a great way to facilitate your knowledge of how to connect with spirits.

Meditation forces you to let go of the past and the future. It leaves you with the present moment and nothing else.

As you do it, you start to realize that the way this expresses through you will become more and more natural.

Meditation puts you in the present moment. It is the key to achieving balance.

It enables you to sense the different sources of emotion. The ones coming from your ego and which are detached from reality and those that are intuitive, instinctual, coming from your true self.

One of the greatest accomplishments man can achieve is when you start to grasp the difference between the chattering mind, influenced by the ego and the soft words and instinctual impressions that your true self gives you.

How does meditation facilitate the communication with the spirit world?

Meditation teaches you the ability to spot the difference between the way you process information in your mind and that which is coming from a foreign intelligence.

It would take some time to develop that ability but it’s a necessity for successfully connecting with spirits.

In essence, meditation shut downs your analytical mind. It gives place for intuition to come in and flow from your right brain and without stuttering your communication with spirits.

5. There are Many Different Types of Spirits Out There

Some spirits are going to be aligned with your objectives towards a spiritual climax, while others won’t.

Spirits can assist you or not depending on if they are in tune with nature, thus your readiness to be able to deal with them.

When you know yourself, nothing can harm you.

As a novice, you begin slowly and climb yourself up the ladder of spirits you communicate with. You can’t jump in and start talking to a high-ranking spirit immediately. You take your time and let yourself gain enough experience before you reach that point.

The relations with spirit are not much different than those with people. A rule of thumb is that you must be respectful of them because they have a wealth of experience than you and are presumably older.

And whenever you’re offered their help, you should express gratitude and on certain occasions make them an offering. You can also do something that is special for you and it will be of honor to them.

6. Leave All Expectations Behind

Expectations are a characteristic of the ego.

When communicating with spirits, you need to drop off all expectations.

Because being out of balance and being ignorant of your own self, you open a room for your lower self to create expectations.

Expectations are illusions. When you hold expectations in your mind of the way things should be, you deceive yourself of experiencing real happiness.

The ego is just quietly waiting for that possibility to unfold. And when it does, it will vigorously seize it and plant an illusion in your mind, creating as many details as possible. But is any of it real? No, because it creates a false reality to comfort yourself.

Go on a journey like a little child.

And that is not a genuine commune with spirits.

We have to begin to understand our thought processes. And how do we do that? By simply contemplating what it is that we’re doing, why we’re doing it, what motivates us?

In our last post about the higher self, we touch the topic of the lower nature creating illusions.

7. Connecting With Spirits Predominantly Happens in the Third Eye

In actual communion with spirits, it’s normal to have long periods of silence and being absorbed into your own imagination.

Earlier, we made a little explanation on how do spirits communicate with us.

On some occasions, there might be visual or auditory experiences, however, communication mostly happens in the third eye.

What are the key takeaways from today’s post?

To facilitate your ability to connect with spirits you need to:
  1. practice meditation
  2. focus on the present moment
  3. not let yourself be off balance
  4. let go off any expectations

Skipping those, you risk failing to establish a meaningful and beneficial communication with the spirit world.

Hope you learned something new today.

In the meantime, check this spirit session out:

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