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Millennials: How to Destroy the “Me Plus” Part of Your Personality

(Teresa L Yanaros
It's time to destroy that "me plus" part of your personality. That voice in your head telling you, "You need to DO MORE to be worth something!" You'll be making strides toward stepping into your personal power after seriously considering these three steps.

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by Teresa L Yanaros, December 17th, 2017

Hey millennials!

Call me crazy, but…

We’ve got a gigantic problem here, don’t we?

Let's address that annoying millennial-centric elephant in the room.

Ever feel like no matter what you do, it’s NEVER ENOUGH?

Do you tend to throw yourself at the world and try to see what comes back-

  • project after project
  • day after day

And you seem to always come up empty handed?
"Me Plus" is that constant feeling of needing to ADD something to yourself in order to be happy. That feeling that you must be you PLUS something else in order to feel at peace with yourself and the world around you.
Do you sometimes find yourself asking, “Why am I even doing all this?”

Consider this:

We’ve failed to accept ourselves as we truly are and are constantly in a state of trying to prove that we ARE enough.

We aren’t enough just being US.

We have to DO something in order to FEEL like we are worth it.

We must be accomplished in order to demonstrate our worth to the world.

So we work hard at a job or build businesses and GO, GO, GO! Non stop without breaks.

How can we break free of this limiting construct and actually BE FREE?!?

How can we live a life of happiness and flow instead of constantly feeling like we are struggling to keep up with the demands of the world- most of which are self-imposed?


It’s PARAMOUNT to take time to process everything you have going on around you.

Think of all of the constant processing your brain has to do subconsciously with all of the information that pelts you nonstop, day after day.

Do you take any time to sit still and let your brain have a break?

Could you be potentially missing important signs from the universe because you’ve filled your calendar with stuff?

It’s impossible to grow in a beneficial way if you don’t even see whats happening around you.

We block ourselves from truth by trying so hard- we have lists upon lists of things we need to research, knowledge we need to seek, things we need to do- all of which we think will lead to the path of happiness. And this is just one example- what else have you placed on your list of things to do?

Here’s the deal: It’s time to take back your TIME.

Build time into your schedule that forces you to let all of your obligations GO.

Meditation Station, baby: get in the zone.

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Let it alllll just go- think about how perfect everything is JUST the way it is.

This is why nature is so important- when we are in nature we are able to observe the Creator in its perfect state. We can meditate on the beauty of the sacred patterns in nature, which reminds us of our own divinity.

Step one to taking back your life and letting go of this “me plus” attitude is to remind yourself that you are divine.
You are exactly where you need to be at the very moment that you’re experiencing it.
Now read that again.

Now consider this:

The Infinite Creator gave you life - built that divine spark into you - and every step of your journey allows the Creator to know itself even more. You are adding divine data to the collective consciousness, through actualizing the concepts of love, compassion, and forgiveness into the matrix of divine expression. And that right there is sacred, pure, and true. So taking time to create that polarization within the experience is crucial, in order to take those steps in a clear and concise way. You can’t always be in action- you need to have ebbs and flows. It’s like the tide of the ocean. It goes in and out. You must incorporate the tides of the ocean into your conscious experience. This is healthy, and will even enrich your daily life. From within that still space of inaction- you exist within the expansiveness of the divine.


There are so many options. Remind yourself that ANY of them are viable. Let go of the concept that you must choose the very best one, because so many of them are great options! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I mean yes, don’t go barreling into the future without thinking. It IS important to weigh pros and cons, but the reality is this:
We live in a world where we are presented with an INSANE number of options for just about anything.
Think about going to the store. Heck, think about online shopping. We’ve got our hands on just about anything we could desire. We can search information. We can access so many different bodies of knowledge. It can make a person dizzy. Think about all of the times you’ve said, “Oh, yeah, I’d love to read that” or, “I would love to do exactly what they are doing” or “Oh, yeah, that’s definitely on my bucket list.” It’s exhausting! Think about how amazing you’d feel if your bucket list just went POOF into thin air.

Here’s the exercise: DESTROY THE BUCKET LIST. Write down all of the things you “want” to do or have or see or whatever- and then tear that thing to pieces and throw it away. After you’ve done that, what do you do? What will you actually do with all this new time you have? You’ve created a clear head space and you’ve let go of all of the expectations that you’ve placed on your time. Now you can go have FUN, and seek that passion that actually gets you into your flow state. THAT’s the thing you should be doing.


Step into your flow state!

Once you’ve destroyed your bucket list, you might be feeling a little uncertain. I know, it was a little bit overdramatic. But there’s a method to my madness. We’re gonna go big picture now. Were there things on that list that you actually DO want to be doing? Time to figuratively take all the shreds from the trash can, tape them together, and grab that RED PEN. It’s time to figure out WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and PIVOT when necessary.
Time to really start red lining through the crap you don’t really think is important to your soul growth.

Let’s talk about the obvious a clarifier here: you need to be able to assess what’s intrinsically important to you and what’s not. If you’ve placed something on your to do list because of an extrinsic factor, then you either need to decide why you care and build a story or case for the goal in order to allow it to take on an intrinsic factor. But I bring this up because the “me plus” attitude causes us to take on all kinds of tasks and goals that other people think are important for us in one way or another.

There are things we do with our time that might stress us out because we wonder if it’s actually helping us achieve our goals. Is this resonating with you yet?? Thought so.

Next, I will throw out here that the majority of my subscribers ARE starseeds, and POWERFULLY dedicated to changing the world. So there’s the NEED to make sure that we are taking the time to DECIDE what is best for the greater good. Sometimes even just taking the time to build the case for an action we take can help us FEEL better about doing it- and then we can engage in the abundance that we create. This helps us move toward acceptance of our lives, and therefore helps us feel confident that we are indeed changing the world. When you can TRUST your actions, and feel safe and protected and calm because you’ve built a story around your life, then you don’t feel like you’re NOT good enough, i.e. stuck in the “me plus” mind frame.

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So the steps basically look like this:
  1. Let GO.
  2. Break it DOWN.
  3. Build it UP.
This is a wonderful method that you can incorporate into your self practice to help you become your greatest version. Let go of preconceived notions. Let go of NEEDING to be something. Just BE who you are and TRUST that you are being divinely guided. When you take time off, it helps you reset and recalibrate. This helps you connect to your true purpose and allows you to see your path clearly. This is so important in this life where you constantly feel like you’re trying to BE something more in order to please yourself and the world. Breaking down the expectations you’ve put on yourself and then building a legitimate case for the things you DO want to do will HELP you so much! It allows you to connect to your divinity from a space of love for your existence.

Fall in love with your experience.
And remember that you are a unique divine spark of the Creator, and everything you do is totally unique and expressed in a way that nobody else could ever express it. Appreciate the other pieces of the puzzle that people add to the tapestry. And know that your piece is SO important, and nobody else can apply that piece to the cosmic puzzle. Only you can.

All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.

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