Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mega Anon Updates -- December 8th to 12th 2017

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Source - Reddit

December 8 in The top autists were right, the yearbook was a fake

December 8 in Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged Yearbook

December 8 in FAKE NES

December 11 in Why Kill Ghaddafi


December 12 in Roy Moore has been to a child slavery brothel before

December 12 in Friendly reminder that a Vote for Moore is an accomplice to pedophila

Don't forget y'all, JUST LIKE the Obama admin. (D), who mandated troops deployed in the Middle East to STOP reporting child sex abuse witnessed, citing it as "religious" and "cultural" differences between Americans and Muslims, in addition to clogging up military investigation departments/processes, the LBJ admin. (also D) also cited "cultural differences" and mandated the same "no report" rule, to troops deployed in Vietnam. Crazy right?!

All you should be looking for right now is rumblings of Trump/Epstein and who paid Epstein to directly engage and show up unannounced at Mar-a-lago with a young girl for a photo op. Remember when Trump personally refused entry and threw him out? There's more to this story than you realize and it's going to be pulled out from under the swamp, sooner than later.

December 12 in ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??????

Are you serious, y'all?! Do you not realize what a giant stick this rams up their asses?! This is THE BEST THING EVER and you better HOPE it happens and that it reignites the fire for Brits to push harder on the "exit" part of "Brexit"!

Follow me here for a second... do you realize that we have now successfully...
  • Held Israel PUBLICLY accountable and responsible for OWNING their role in the fight against terror in the ME, that THEY/MOSSAD HELPED create, fund and support as a proxy, just like we did, which is EXACTLY WHY their "swamp" and our "swamp", is publicly denouncing and OPPOSING the recognition of Jerusalem. Especially after...
  • We made it perfectly clear that WE, will no longer shoulder the military/financial burdens of the region because WE are draining our swamp, which includes the breakdown and drain of back-channeled, 3rd party, CIA/Mossad coordinated/covered weapons, drugs, oil deals and shady DOD vendor side supply/manufacturing/arms contracts. THIS then forces THEM to...
  • Foot their OWN bills, exhaust their OWN military/weapons/intel and resources, to shoulder the burdens of ME terror in their OWN region, while DIRECTLY now having to answer for their decusions, actions, budgets, economy, etc. to their OWN citizens with justifications for such. This then forces them to...
  • Drain their OWN swamp, and work directly with others within the region like Saudi, who is also publicly draining their swamp and much like Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon and Pakistan, are starting to. They're doing all of this while...
  • WE secured OUR Embassy move to Jerusalem (to be able to directly protect everyone else's piece to the holy land) ON TOP OF getting the US air base approval. All FOR NOTHING FROM US IN EXCHANGE, BTW and also unlike Obama, Bush and Clinton, who sold us under the bus to the ME and Israel/Saudi/Pakistan specifically for 30 years and STILL couldn't get this shit done.
So now, on top of ALL THAT...

... you're telling me we are actually now going to FORCE EUROPE to OWN their responsibility and accountability for the Nazi's/WWII that all of Europe's swamp EXPLOITED, FUNDED, SUPPLIED, CONTROLLED AND USED, with their Zionist Israeli swamp counterparts, to restore, return and repay their own people they mass murdered to achieve the... - religious ability to acceptance the creation and recognition of a "Jewish state" - based on the justification of "horrendous atrocities committed against Jews" they helped create (because the Torah tells them is the ONLY WAY Israel can actually accept Israel) - AND THE CREATION OF THE UN, which only further solidified the globalist beginning of our inevitable end?

I mean, that'd be like Iraq/Afghanistan telling our government they are going to make sure Americans are repaid, restored and returned every tax dollar, asset and resource our government wasted on a war they started, no?!

[Stillness in the Storm Editor: I noticed that the text provided in the compilation of Mega Anon updates, listed here, do not seem to reflect what is hyperlinked via monthly dates. If anyone can provide information to confirm that the above text is in fact Mega Anon, and how one can verify this using the original posts on 4Chan, that would be greatly appreciated.

I noticed this because the above reference to Roy Moore being a pedophile appears to contradict other updates from Mega Anon. As always, do your own research and take all of these rumor related updates with a large grain of salt. 

- Justin]

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