Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mega Anon Updates -- December 5th and 6th 2017

Source - Reddit

December 5 1 post in Should he do it, /pol/?

Trump is forcing Benji to get the “get”. Remember, between the Middle East and Asia, they ALL KNOW the US is no longer in the business of funding and assisting swamp-created, regional proxy wars that were fueled, funded and profiting corrupt back channels and their NGO puppeteers/black-labeled contractors and vendors, for a financial cut. So Benji, like Saudi, Pakistan, China, S. Korea, etc. can ramp up his efforts publicly, or we’ll continue to bait/poke him...


December 5 25 posts in Is someone on Muellers team leaking fake news to hurt the media?

No y’all. Read carefully cause I can’t stick around posting too much on this... someone who is chunky dunking in the swamp, is and has increasingly been, leaking blatant bullshit, just like they did with the Flynn shit, in an effort to ultimately sabotage Mueller and FORCE him out, if Trump won’t fire him.

The dossier and FISA warrants are where Flynn is important. Flynn will lead into this. Flynn is also Strzok level in terms of low hanging, but his TESTIMONY is what will be important which is WHY he wanted to be indicted. It forces his ability to testify now. You will find that Susan Rice will be brought out again as she in many ways “forged” FISA requests as Powers then approved them herself. This is what makes this important. No one should care anymore about the fake dossier and who paid for it. The actual money is so intertwined it’s going to be hard to directly uncover after this long. Mueller’s involvement and roles back then should be all you need to answer whether or not FBI was involved. Who wasn’t involved or implicated to some extent.

Obama. Rice. Powers. Lynch. Comey. Then Flynn came in with a lit match, ready to burn their house of cards to the ground. That’s when they stuck him. But... heeee’s baaaaaaaack.

December 6 posts in 4D FUCKING CHESS

He said he wants to put our Israeli-based “Embassy in the city where Israel’s MODERN GOVERNMENT will operate from”, right?! That’s exactly the type of shit y’all should be listening and looking for. That’s purposefully telling you that the admin of yesterday’s of Israel’s SWAMP-fueled government will NOT be what relocates with a fresh start, to Jerusalem. Benji knows what he has to do. His swamp knows what’s coming, just like ours does. We should be happy we won’t recognize the world anymore the way we’ve grown to know it. Everyone’s swamps know what’s coming.

And on a side note, if the Brits, France and Germany specifically, don’t very quickly and realistically get their shit together and get their governments/leaders on board, I actually fear that they will be exploited and FORCED into being the battleground of another WW they will never recover from. They cannot allow this to happen to them because this newfound, hugely supported, regionally based, globally hands-off foreign policies/relations that are being successfully formed and proven to thrive, will NOT waiver to rally behind a Western-European WW. It would not be viewed as the “WORLD’s” war. It would be “Europe’s big problem” to a bunch of nations and regions who’ve just rediscovered the beauty and benefits of their independence and sovereignty again.

Really need our friends across the pond to step it up. They’re being bulldozed.

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