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Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit Goes Forward Thanks to 9th Circuit 3 Judge Panel

(Paul Gordon) The headline on an article by Mercury News reads “Kids’ climate change lawsuit against Trump administration lands in San Francisco court.” The headline, while technically true, doesn’t really paint the full picture. The lawsuit that has made its way to the Ninth Circuit court of appeals was actually begun in 2015, so, technically, it’s a lawsuit against the Obama administration, now extended to include the Trump administration.

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Source - The Daily Sheeple

by Paul Gordon December 12th, 2017

The lawsuit itself is extremely troubling from a liberty perspective. A bunch of high-born, self-righteous, central-gov-supporting adults gathered up a group of kids and manipulated them to bring a lawsuit against the Federal government because they’re not doing enough to stop climate change.

Despite what you may have heard from the central-goverment-loving statist left, the science is NOT settled on climate change, so the fact that children can bring a lawsuit against the Federal government that could force the government (and I’m sure the government would be extremely upset at being forced to take more control over the lives of the people it rules over) to seize the means of production in the name of saving the planet for these poor, traumatized kids.

A three-judge panel listened to the arguments for this case, including arguments made by Team Trump to dismiss this lawsuit because, well, it has no merit, it’s incredibly broad, and, if these kids actually won, you would be circumventing the rights of millions, ostensibly to protect the ‘rights’ of these kids to impose their beliefs and ideologies on everyone else.

On the face of it, one would imagine in a sane world, a world where this mythological rule of law actually existed, that these kids would be shown the door promptly, and told to stop wasting time, and wasting tax payer dollars, bringing such useless garbage into a court of law.

Well, you might now have to admit what many of us have known for some time. We don’t live in a world with even a modicum of sanity, and rule of law in this land isn’t even a viable myth. The proof of that comes from a report in the Mercury News that two of three judges on the near-Marxist Ninth circuit’s panel have actually expressed, brace for it, SKEPTICISM that the government has a case to dismiss this lawsuit.

That’s right, grown adults who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to dedicate a decade or more of study to understanding constitutional law have come to the conclusion that a lawsuit brought by a bunch of kids demanding that the federal government do something about climate change is NOT a frivolous lawsuit that should be thrown out.

If you actually lived in the land of the Rule of Law, I would imagine these judges would be arrested possibly, and tried for treason, or at least impeached and removed for fundamentally violating the Rule of Law. Any judge who even considers this lawsuit is proving they are one of three things, grossly incompetent, completely insane, or purely ideologically (and thus unconstitutionally) driven. Either one of these possibility merits immediate remove from any court.

By the way the Mercury News article characterized the lawsuit, it’s very clear that they fully support this attempt to subvert the rights of millions to satisfy the unmerited claims of a bunch of well-coached kids presumably from central-gov worshiping families.

They call it “a novel and potential precedent-setting lawsuit.” No, it’s not novel, its outright insane, it’s completely unbalanced and dangerously psychotic to grant these kids a trial in which the potential outcome includes forcing the federal government (I say forcing, but really, again, the federal government, at least most of the folks who comprise that body, will probably revel in this newfound power, granted to them by a bunch of kids) to literally seize the means of production, to go full Marxist, all in the name of protecting these snowflakes from a boogey man that, even if it was real, would not be FIXED by the incompetency that is the Federal government.

One well-coached tyrant-enabling wanna-be Marxist, a 10-year old named Levi Draheim (which Mercury News somehow felt compelled to add was “a frizzy-haired 1o-year old,” no doubt to paint a picture intended to reach the emotions of the reader, a picture of a cute kid, a victim of climate change), said “If we don’t stop climate change, I might not have a home when I’m older.”

Why is he in this lawsuit? Well, he’s claiming damages because Hurricane Irma flooded his street. Now, never mind that there’s little proof that climate change caused Hurricane Irma. Also, never mind that there really is no consensus on the cause of climate change, even if most ‘experts’ agree climate change is real. Is it manmade or part of a cycle beyond the capacity of what man could ever do?

As Mercury News itself admits, the groups behind this lawsuit have filed similar cases, trotting out the cute kids in the hopes of reaching emotions since facts, logic, reason are not at all on their side (and by that I am referring to the merits of bringing these lawsuits to courts, not the degree to which climate change is real or the degree to which it might be manmade). It is no surprise that the place where this lawsuit is going forward happens to be Commiefornia, no surprise at all.

The fact that Mercury News decided to write what amounts to a fluff piece that helps push the narrative that these statist leftist groups want to be pushed tells me all I need to know about this news outlet.

They are, by their fruits, merely another agit prop tool of the statist left. They wrote up what was ostensibly a straight news article but they used subtle techniques to intentionally push the narrative that advanced the very dangerous cause of these lawfare terrorists, who mean to circumvent everyone’s rights using the courts, courts occupied by statist leftist sympathizers and fellow activists.

The fact that this 3-judge panel has not immediately thrown out this case should convince those of you who still believe this is the land of Rule of Law that you live in a land where ideology alone drives your court system, ideology and power, power in the form of wealth and power in the form of political alliances.

There is no rule of law, there is only rule of power, and right now, because it’s in their Marxist-driven interest, the Ninth circuit is giving power to a small group of kids to potentially destroy even a vestige of a free market in America. But, it’s okay – it’s for the kids, right?

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Contributed by Paul Gordon of iState TV.

Paul Gordon is the editor of and co-host of numerous podcasts including VisPrivus, Lulzilla and Full Auto. He is also the publisher of a local digital newspaper, the Tioga Freedomist

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