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How is it that Sound Can Heal the Mind?

(Iasos) For any healing modality, healing is not creating something new, but merely re-aligning the body to its own already-existing perfect Divine blue-print. Healing is re-establishing a dynamic state of balance out of a temporary state of imbalance. (like a surfer re-gaining balance on his surf board) There are innumerable ways to do this, and using sound is one potent way to do this.

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Source - OperationDisclosure

by Iasos, December 12th, 2017


Primarily through these 4 means:
  • Physical Resonance 
  • Emotional Resonance
  • Intent (of the person creating or using the healing sounds)
  • Belief (of the person listening to the healing sounds)
Resonance means:

If there are 2 energy systems capable of vibrating to the same frequency, if one of them starts vibrating, and if it is sufficiently near the other one, it will tend to get the other one also vibrating to this same frequency. For example, if you tune 2 strings on a guitar to the same note (same frequency), if you pluck one of these strings, the other string will also start vibrating.


results from the vibrating air "shaking up" the molecules and causing the energy system to synchronize with itself into "standing waves", which, out of random chaos produce order, symmetry, coherency, and stability. Hans Jenny with his study of Cymatics shows innumerable photographs of beautifully symmetric shapes, formed by randomly-arranged powder on a surface which is caused to vibrate by sound from a speaker attached to that surface. Sound can produce order out of randomness, by causing an energy system to synchronize with itself, producing standing waves. Standing waves are inherently self-reinforcing and accordingly tend to maintain their existence. Consequently, they are a fundamental characteristic of any self-organizing system, such as your body. And this increased coherency is the direction of increased health, longevity, and greater life force. This means that sound can cause the various "parts" of your body to synchronize with each other, such as your heart beat synchronizing with your breathing and with your brain waves. Any system that self-synchronizes into standing waves causes these waves to reinforce each other (sustained good health), whereas in a vibrating system without standing waves, the waves tend to randomly cancel each other out (disease & death).

"Shaking up the molecules" for sound-healing through physical resonance can occur, for example, by toning with your voice or using gongs or using Tibetan bowls that are rubbed in a circular fashion. A more esoteric example is dolphins that have been known to use their sonar to "tune up" the chakras (subtle energy centers) of humans swimming with them. This type of sound healing - physical resonance - usually does not involve a complex blend of many instruments, such as an orchestra, but usually only one potent sound by itself.


means that music influences your feelings, and your feelings directly affect your health. To properly understand this, one must understand how different dimensions can influence each other. Then we can apply this understanding to your physical body, your emotional body, and your mental body, each of which is vibrating in a different dimension, or a different "range of frequencies". Because of resonance, two systems tuned to the same frequency can have an energy-transfer between them. A simple example of resonance is radio: When your radio dial is tuned to the same carrier frequency that a particular radio station is transmitting on, this resonance allows your radio to pick up and "hear" the program from that radio station.

Now resonance also applies to the Law of Octaves. An octave higher means precisely twice the frequency and an octave lower means precisely half that frequency. For example, if "A" on a piano is 440 cycles per second, then 880 cycles per second is the "A" that is one octave higher and 220 cycles per second is the "A" that is one octave lower. Resonance can and does occur between octaves, simply because their frequencies are precise whole-number multiples of each other: If two strings on a guitar are tuned to 440 and 880 cycles per second, plucking either string will cause the other string to also vibrate, thanks to Resonance with the Law of Octaves.

Keeping this in mind, we can see how each of your bodies (physical, emotional, mental) can influence each other.

Now to state the obvious:

1. Sound & music influence your emotions.

This is an energy transfer from the physical plane to the emotional plane. Furthermore,

2. Your emotions influence your physical body.

This is an energy transfer from the emotional plane back to the physical plane. Therefore:

3. Harmonious music/sound ==> harmonious feelings ==> good health.


4. Your emotions influence your thinking.

This is an energy transfer from the emotional plane to the mental plane. And ...

5. Your thinking influences your physical body.

This is an energy transfer from the mental plane to the physical plane. Specifically, your cells respond to the mental pictures you hold in your mind of "how" your body is "supposed" to behave. Your beliefs about how your body is "supposed" to be will have long-lasting effects in how your body actually does behave.


6. Harmonious music/sound => harmonious feelings => optimistic thoughts => good health.

So to summarize, sound healing through emotional resonance triggers a chain reaction between dimensions that begins as physical dimension sound and, through the Law of Octaves, passes through your emotional body and mental body, and then both your emotional and mental bodies influence the state of health of your physical body:

7. Harmonious music/sound ===> harmonious feelings ===> good health.and
Harmonious feelings => harmonious feelings => optimistic thoughts => good health.

Please do not infer from this that you should repress or suppress inharmonious feelings. When you find yourself in such a state, the worst thing you can do is repress or suppress your feelings. The healthiest thing to do is to express them, release them, clear them, and then TRANSFORM them into positive feelings. (watch children - they're great at this!) ... rather than sustaining a state of inharmonious emotions. It is the long-term sustaining of inharmonious emotions that provides a supportive environment for seriously poor health. The hypothetical ideal of course would be to "create your reality" in such a way that inharmonious emotions seldom get triggered in the first place.


And for those of you that actively create and use sound in your work, remember that

INTENT can modulate (ride on) a sound wave.

It works like this:

If you are standing by a lake and a boat passing by makes slow smooth waves, and if you then throw a tiny rock in the lake, the rock will create tiny fast waves. As they interact, the tiny waves from the rock will ride on top of the big waves from the boat. This is an example of one wave riding on top of (modulating) another wave. Likewise, the person who is creating healing music can "superimpose" on top of these sound waves his/her intention that these sounds will be healing. This person would then be "modulating" these sound waves with his/her intention.

For example, the same vowel sound of "ah" can make a plant shrivel up or thrive, depending on the intent of the singer in that moment. Maximize your intention when using sound. Clearly consciously intend the beneficial effects of the sounds you are creating or using, and watch its impact blossom right before your eyes! And such intention creates an effect - not only when you are creating sounds yourself, but even when you are re-playing sound recordings created by others!


Most of us have heard of the "placebo effect": If a doctor gives a patient a pill that really has no active ingredient, and if that doctor also tells that patient that this pill will cure him, if the patient believes the doctor, then in most cases, that patient will be cured! Not because of the pill. But because of the patient's belief in the pill! It is truly the BELIEF of the person that is creating the healing.

This same "placebo effect" can also apply to sound healing:

If the sound healer can convince the listener that these sounds will definitely heal him/her, then they actually will heal that person - because of their belief that it will heal them. Belief is so powerful, that this is true even withthe most destructive irritable sounds that you can imagine! Even an extremely unpleasant sound (like a jack-hammer or machine gun fire) can heal if the healer can convince the person that it definitely will heal them. THAT is how powerful your beliefs are!

These are the 4 primary ways by which Sound can induce Healing.

About the Author: 
Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) is a Music Creator. Iasos is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music. More recently, he has also been focusing on creating celestial visuals.

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