Sunday, December 10, 2017

Here's How Easy It Is to Save Net Neutrality

by Conscious Optimist,

Folks, the internet needs your help.

As you probably already know, Net Neutrality is under attack.  The Chairman of the FCC has proposed repealing it, and it’s fate will be decided by Congress on the 14th of this month.  The rationnale provided by those who wish to repeal Net Neutrality is that, by holding Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and networks to a common standard of service - ie. cannot selectively boost or limit traffic to certain websites nor create special “internet service” packages - competition is thereby prohibited.  The problem, however, is that ISP marketplace is already dominated by only a couple corporations - such as Comcast and Verizon.

Reality Check

In a truly competitive marketplace, the loss of Net Neutrality wouldn’t be a major problem - but that’s not the world we inhabit today.  The ISP monopolies currently engulfing the landscape do not face significant competition, and thus if they decided to start selectively favoring (just to use a couple examples) Buzzfeed over Stillness in the Storm, or Huffington Post over The Free Thought Project, etc., it would not significantly harm their business.  In short, tech companies would have plenty of leverage to control the flow of information… and this would have a compounding effect, given the fact that alternative news sites such as Stillness in the Storm need to be able to reach their audiences in order to continue operating.

In other words, not only would traffic to alternative sites be diminished (perhaps quite significantly) but we would also see these very sites start to shut down - ultimately, the greatest victim here would be the Truth itself, for there is little doubt that honest voices would suffer the greatest damage, while dishonest mainstream voices would likely (in the majority) be relatively unaffected.

The following video is only 6 minutes long and gives us a solid plan of action for making a significant contribution to the effort to keep Net Neutrality standing in law.

Now, some of you may disagree that “calling your congressman” is a viable option, that the entire political process is a charade.  In a sense, you are right if this is what you’re thinking; and yet, this charade must be kept up if the Powers that Be want to stay in “power”... We the People still have leverage, and it is debatable whether or not such leverage would disappear or not due to lack of use.

Let’s not make that gamble - let’s participate in the alleged democracy we supposedly inhabit.  Maybe, just maybe, it will make a difference.  In any event, to read this article, watch the video embedded herein, and make a phone call to congress only takes 20-30 minutes.  If Americans have enough time to watch 4 hours of TV per day, then surely we can take 20-30 minutes to make a phone call?

ADDENDUM: Quick Clarification

The video linked above makes reference to a John Oliver skit about Net Neutrality. Personally, I have not seen Oliver's skit, and, in general, I have major problems with his show due to his peddling of disempowering propaganda. I may elaborate on my problems with his work in upcoming articles; but either way, just because someone is a propagandist by profession doesn't mean that 100% of what they say is invalid. The truth is what it is regardless of who speaks it from time to time, and, as the saying goes, "even a clock that's stopped ticking still tells the correct time twice a day".

It's actually very ironic that he - as well as many leftists - are calling to preserve Net Neutrality, as the "pop-left" media is critically responsible for promoting hatred of patriots, calling conservatives "nazis", and fomenting a hysterical climate of division that is paving the way for internet censorship by websites themselves rather than by ISPs...

Personally, I don't buy for a second that the political left cares whatsoever about a free and open internet. Thus far, all I have seen from the left ever since the election of Trump are hysterical calls for censorship of views they find "offensive", and I hardly see the more moderate "liberals" showing concern over this trend. Indeed, the left has no problem with censorship online, provided that they - and not a corporation such as Verizon - get to be the censors.

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