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ElsaGate: Why I Will Never Trust YouTube Ever Again (Parents Must Watch)

by Conscious Optimist,

Have you ever experienced betrayal so severe you could never trust the person/group who betrayed you ever again?  I have reached that point with YouTube.  Why?  Let me be unmistakably clear: because YouTube promotes pedo-sadistic content to children.  This controversy has been labeled "Elsagate" by the YouTube community, as said content frequently features the Disney character Elsa engaging in sexual innuendo, sadomasochism, and so on.

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Please don't take my word for it—let's review the evidence supporting my accusation.  After we're done doing that, I'll return to the concept of trust and why YouTube deserves complete and total distrust on the part of all of us— especially children and families throughout the world.

Viewer discretion is advised, some of the content posted below is graphic and disturbing. 

Unfortunately (though predictably), a lot of the research I had originally intended to share appears to have been removed by YouTube—in particular, End Times News Report had some very good reporting on this subject, which I will discuss in a moment.  But first, onto the video evidence we still have...

Now, if you choose to watch any of the channels mentioned, you'll see that many of them have tons of views—multiple millions and even billions of hits.  Therefore, no one can possibly say that such content is being left alone—on the contrary, it is being promoted!  

I know too many incredible researchers and YouTubers who struggle to make ends meet because they have been demonetized and YouTube's algorithms hide their videos.  Meanwhile, there are perhaps hundreds of channels making inappropriate content specifically for kids, and apparently they are having no problem thriving on YouTube.

Yes, these videos are not designed for adult viewing—they are clearly tailored for young audiences, as this video succinctly explains:

These exposés are brought to us by a channel called Investigating YouTube.  I highly recommend you take a look at their material.  Most of their videos are about 5 mins long, with a few exceptions.

Before moving on, I would like to post an interview they did with Dr. Judith Reisman, who can lend a scholarly opinion to the Elsagate phenomenon:

I hope by now you no longer need convincing that we have a serious problem on our hands.  

Not only are there hundreds of channels promoting inappropriate content to children, but they are quite popular—sometimes billions of views!  And, to top it all off, YouTube's "autoplay" function practically guarantees that said content will make it before they eyes of many young children who use computers, tablets, and smartphones.

After all, the tablet has become, for many parents, a sort of electronic babysitter—understandably so, given the time demands of our social-media driven world.   This is in many cases due to negligence and incompetence on the part of the parents, however it is also due—I suspect—to the increasing financial hardship faced by many parents, effectively making 24/7 parenting impossible.  In any event, the large viewcount on many of these videos suggests that an entire generation of young people are having their brains tampered with by pedophiles.  Again, we have YouTube to thank for this!

Censored Evidence—End Times News Report

Before it was taken down, End Times News Report (ETNR) asked their audience to flag these videos (along with several other channels that have asked their audiences to do the same) with only minimal effect on putting a stop to this, if any.  It is clear that YouTube does not consider it a priority to scrub their site of "porn for kids featuring Elsa" (that Disney has not made a fuss about this problem is even more damning, considering the misuse of their copyrighted characters).

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Even more, ETNR had discovered that certain channels (such as SevenSuperGirls) have been hosting "meet and greats" for people to come and meet the child stars of these horrendous videos.  Apparently, the "child pimping" business is doing just fine these days...

If anyone can find ETNR's video "How Pedophile Rings Target Children on YouTube" please let me know (

On Trust and Why Youtube Deserves None

YouTube is not a neutral platform.  They engage in outright censorship of plenty of decent, morally sound content.  Just to use an example, YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks has had several videos put in "limited state"—in other words, effectively hidden from view unless one has the link to access it.  One of these videos features him reading mainstream media headlines about the increasing number of sexual assaults against minors by migrants in Canada and Europe—clearly nothing offensive.  You can learn more about this here.

In other words, YouTube apparently has no problem with broadcasting sexually explicit material to children, but is willing to censor YouTubers who expose harm being done to children.  

If YouTube/Google ever had a moral compass at any point in history, surely that moral compass is broken, as Black Pigeon Speaks himself pointed out.  At this point, there is no denying the mass-psychological influence held by YouTube, and thus it can be reasonably and rationally posited that they are sabotaging the minds of an entire generation.

For all of these reasons, I will never trust YouTube ever again.  There comes a point when someone has committed too many acts of destruction, endangered too many children, for any sane person to say "oh just say you're sorry and we're good."  Nope, "sorry" that won't cut it—not for me, at the very least.  The damage is done, trust has been destroyed, and, as for myself, I can't imagine what would need to happen for such trust to be restored.  At this point, we are past giving YouTube any benefit of the doubt.

Now, let's be clear about something: my problem is not with your average Google/Youtube employee.  I can trust individuals, but that doesn't negate the fact that Youtube hosts totally inappropriate content that kids are likely to watch... all while, at the same time, censoring truthful content, and even content that is helpful for us as a public to curtail the increasing scourge of child abuse in the modern world.

If I were in charge of fixing this problem—and could hypothetically call any amount of resources to my aid—then I'd first compel major media to declare a state of emergency, telling parents everywhere what their children are seeing.  Subsequently, I'd open up a thorough investigation into Google/Youtube, determine who is responsible for burying complaints against these awful videos targeting children, and also find out who is responsible for setting the algorithms that bring such material to children.  When such individuals have been exposed, we place them on a federal sex offender list and put them in jail; in addition to that, we confiscate their assets to pay for the damages they've caused.

After that we have a nation-wide referendum on the question of dissolving YouTube or allowing it to stay.  If we dissolve it, then it will be necessary to insulate innocent YouTube employees from the resultant economic harm, to the best extent possible.  Again, I say it is the proven pedophiles who should be held economically liable for all of this—especially those profiting from the abuse of children.

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Final Thought... for now

Everyone who cares about truth, about justice, about love, about children, and about freedom, needs to contemplate seriously how we will make YouTube obsolete.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We need to prop up new and better platforms that won't censor critical information while letting the worst possible content find it's way before the eyes of children. 

We—as in: everyone who gives a damn about truth and about children—need to transition away from YouTube and Google.  Obviously, this can't be done in one day... however, if enough of us are willing to engage in constructive conversations about the criminality of YouTube and the viability of alternative platforms, then we might pull it off (never say never!).

Start FB groups (if FB will let you...) about this topic specifically.  Alert friends, parents, and other content creators as to what is happening, and keep up the conversation.  Imagine what would happen if this story broke!  Imagine what would happen if YouTubers start posting on other sites as well as YouTube... Considering the vacuum created by YouTube's demonetization and censorship, the time is ripe for alternative platforms to leave YouTube trailing in the dust, exactly where it deserves to be.

Rest assured, I will be posting further on all of these topics - this is only the beginning!

As the famous line goes: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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