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Abductee Defies SIXTEEN Lie Detector Tests, Proving His Story TRUE (video)

(Humans Are FreeTravis Walton the man involved in one of the most infamous alien abduction cases EVER has hit out at sceptics and non-believers – saying 16 separate lie detector tests, which were taken by himself and witnesses to the unexplained strange 1975 incident – prove a 100% that his story is TRUE!

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Source - Humans Are Free

by Staff Writer, December 12th, 2017

The now world known Travis Walton, had disappeared without a trace after he and the crew of loggers that he worked with claimed to have seen a huge UFO in the forest they were working in – something which has yet to be debunked!

Originally crew members were suspected of murder and questioned by the local Police force, but creepily Travis reappeared five days later saying he had been taken into a space craft by alien creatures.

The dad-of-four says he has spent the past 40 year defending himself against those trying to discredit him – and has even written a book debunking every alternate theory to what happened to him.

The 64-year-old, who says the incident is still “fresh in his mind’, told the media that it was important to share his story because the public have a right to “know what’s out there” and that people need to know the TRUTH!

The Event

Travis, a logger in the mountains of Arizona, was leaving work on November 5, 1975, with five crew members in a truck when the alleged incident took place.

They saw some glimmers of light through the trees – and pulled up, thinking it was a fire.

An image from the film Fire In the Sky which was supposed to be based on the Travis Walton event

“When we pulled up into the light where we had straight view – it was unmistakable I yelled stop and one of the guys in the back said it’s a spaceship or a flying saucer it was less than 100 feet away,” Travis said.

“It was a clearly defined metallic disc outlined against the sky and fantastic in the grandeur of it. All the guys in the crew – as frightening as it was – also describe it as being beautiful it was so perfect.

“I got out as soon as Mike who was driving stopped and I left the door open and went towards it. It was just an impulse I thought it would be gone by the time I got close. It was immediately alarming to the other guys and the closer I got they were yelling at me to get back in the truck.

“Later they said it looked like I was in a trance but looking at them it seemed like they were in a trance too.”

The spaceship/UFO then began to make a loud noise and move so Travis dived for cover behind a log. Travis then tried to stand up and run away but was hit by a strong “force” and was then thrown up high into the air!

“When it hit me it was a stunning force. I did not see this blast of energy but the men in the crew gave a statement to the sheriff’s department and said it looked like a long blue flame – others compared it to stepping on a landmine or grenade because it threw me through the air.

“They were immediately certain it killed me.”

Fearing for their lives and also thinking Travis was dead, the rest of his crew went off to get help. A massive search party involving the sheriff department, helicopters, and men on horseback – could not find any trace of Travis.

Whilst all this was going on Travis’s account of what he remembers next is even more stranger!?

Travis Waltons image of what he saw – The ‘aliens’ were described as having big eyes and huge heads (Photo by Travis Walton)
Travis says that he awoke from consciousness on a spaceship surrounded by small creatures he believes were aliens.

“It was very blurry and I had some double vision but I could see the outline of these forms around me I thought they were doctors but when my vision got clearer and I could see these were not doctors – I just flipped out,” he said.

“The one that was closest to me – I tried to hit it away – but I felt like I could hardly move my arm.

“It was more of a push than a hit because I was so weakened but the creature felt soft and lighter than I expected. It fell back into one that was standing near it.

“I backed away and bumped up against a shelf and looked around and saw an array of tools or instruments and I very quickly just grabbed one and started flailing at them.

“They stopped and stood there staring at me and that stare was in my nightmares for many years after that. I couldn’t tolerate that stare.”

Travis says he managed to escape through a door and into a narrow passageway then into another room with control panel in it. Then a human being dressed in what looked like a space helmet then appeared and took him to a separate room where he was put on a table and given a mask which rendered him unconscious.

The incident took place in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona

The next thing Travis knew was that he was waking up on the road about 15 miles from where he disappeared just outside the nearest town of Snowflake, Arizona.

Travis, who had absolutely no idea that he had been gone for five days, managed to walk into town where everyone who saw him described him as looking “devastated” and “shell shocked” – some people said that he looked like a lost soul!

But this is when the ongoing battle to get people to believe his story first began! – Mr Walton was immediately thrust into the world’s spotlight, with many from the start not believing his story!

Travis went on to write a book about his incredible/strange experiences called ‘Fire In The Sky’ which was later turned into a movie of the same name (please see above trailer clip).

Travis went on to say:

“From the beginning it was a battle against people trying to explain it away – the locals didn’t want to believe it, the sheriff didn’t want to believe it – you know he thought it was a murder then a drug hallucination.

“I had a whole battery of psychiatric tests and there was nothing wrong in that department, drug tests proved there was nothing in my system.”

And now over 40 years later Travis Walton STILL stands by his incredible story a 100%! He has taken five separate lie detector tests to prove that it was all true – and what makes it even more fascinating is that ALL of the witnesses and crew members have taken a total of 11 polygraph tests and passed them all!

Incredibly ALL of Travis Waltons team also passed all lie detector tests! (Photo – Travis Walton)
Leading Experts have confirmed that there is a million to one chance of their being any mistakes in this number of passed tests. It very much appears that this is a very true story indeed!

Speaking at the Devil’s Tower UFO rendezvous in Hulett, Wyoming, Travis went on to say:

“I decided to break my silence. I started refuted these things that people have been saying about me and my story. I took each and every theory the sceptics came up with and just blew them out of the water with facts.

“I am certain I’m not the only one who has been taken – this is absolutely real and it’s important that the general public come to a gradual understanding of that. I’m not trying to shock or amaze or frighten anyone – on the contrary – in relating how frightened I was I don’t want anyone to share that fear.

“I think it’s important for them to realize what happened with me 45 years ago – it was not even an abduction. I entertained that term for a while because that’s what other people called it but now I’d say it was more of an ambulance call – that I was injured in a way that would have been fatal and the aliens had the technology available to help me.”

One thing is for sure somebody somewhere does not want the truth to come out no matter what.


No matter what is said about Travis Walton to this date he has been proven NOT to be a liar on numerous occasions, but still the authorities don’t take him or anybody else involved with this case seriously!

People have been sentenced for prison time after failing a lie test just a couple of times, so what difference is there with Travis? The difference is that the Elite don’t want the TRUTH to come out!

What is very interesting also is the fact that the film depicted the Alien beings as ‘evil’ and tortured Travis, something which he dismisses to this day.

We are going to try to do an interview with Mr Walton in the near future, watch this SPACE!

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