Sunday, November 12, 2017

What is your Story? Using Words for Healing, Empowerment and Evolution (Video)

by Justin Deschamps,

Our story is the backbone of everything we do in life. But is your story helping you grow or is it holding you back?

From the age of zero to six, our consciousness absorbs information like a sponge, forming the personal narrative we use to guide our lives. Often this doesn't change much after we grow up, and yet it probably should. These early childhood narratives were developed when our rational mind wasn't fully formed, which means we couldn't discern if a belief was good or bad for us yet. They are laden with disempowering beliefs and baggage adopted from our parents, friends, culture, and of course, popular media.

Given this, developing the ability to analyze your story, and most importantly, acquiring the ability to change it consciously, is the key to ever-expanding personal growth. Even more, without doing this inner-work to change our story, the traumas of the past, present, and future can't be healed fully.

One who can experience hardship and grow wise as a result is the mark of a being who has reclaimed inner sovereignty over their personal narrative. The more we master this skill of skills the more enriching, fulfilling, and prosperous our lives become. This status has been described as enlightenment—the transcendence of suffering through the overcoming of inner-obstacles (changing beliefs) so as to develop life wisdom. The more wisdom we have the more trauma resistant we become.

Are you in control of your story or is it controlling you? Take back your life by mastering the art of self-authoring, moving from victim to empowerment as wisdom is gained. 

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About The Author

Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow, Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and

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