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Tom DeLonge and the Beginning of Partial Disclosure – Analysis, Links, and Commentary

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, November 5, 2017

This post comes a bit late in comparison to the actual events discussed. Due to my situation at the time these events took place, I was unable to get this out as quickly as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I was excited to give my thoughts on the subject and hope that these considerations will help us piece together the situation of the various, oncoming narratives of disclosure.


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For a long while now, we have been hearing about this concept of disclosure from various sources in alternative media. Upon hearing the topic, we may think of examples of these efforts such as Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project panel during the early 2000s to bring the truth of UFO technology and free energy into public view.

We have heard many different sources making various claims and bringing forward different pieces of evidence about the world of the unknown. These individuals offered a wide variety of possibilities to consider about the truth of the universe beyond the Earth's surface. The testimonies vary in content and depth, and this can be confusing for many audience members. Let's see if we can break this down into a more comprehensive collection of disclosure narratives.

The Sources

Over time, we have seen various testimonies and evidence presented about the numerous topics of disclosure. Within these topics, we can easily see a distinction between the various flavors of revelation which we might see come through corporate media and various sources. For instance, it is common that we may see a headline here or there that teases public interests with talk of UFOs, ETs and other unconventional subject matters.

Along with its mundane and conventional rhetoric, the corporate media has a way of subtly suggesting these alternative topics as true and real. However, they commonly couple these subjects with the typical laughter of blind skepticism which prevails in much of American corporate media and society.

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There are alternative sources which delve further into unconventional topics than corporate media would ever dare. Among these, we may see the subjects of free energy, ETs, political and economic corruption, alternative sciences, history, and more. These topics are more freely discussed by various truth communities online, and this freedom of discussion typically feeds curious minds much more effectively than the mainstream. There are some subjects, however, that take the discussion to another level.

The subjects of pedophilia, the Secret Space Program, and the crimes against humanity that have been committed over the century to maintain secrecy are typically subjects of greatest controversy. These are also subjects which have received some of the most opposition from the establishment through various proxies.

Any time we see corporate media twisting or blindly ridiculing topics such as Pedogate or Russiagate, we can be sure there are aspects of these subjects which corporate media does not want us to consider. The most likely reason we see nighttime television shows and large media publishers attempting to dismiss pedophilia as a natural urge, mental illness, a laughable fantasy, or something that elitists would never dream of doing, we can be certain that they are hiding something.

Likewise, if corporate-media style opposition is given against the subjects of the Secret Space Program or crimes against humanity committed by the establishment, we can be sure there is an attempt at hiding some aspect of the truth, just as in other cases.

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It was researcher and author, David Wilcock, who used his various avenues of research to help distinguish the different motives behind disclosure efforts. As evidence suggested, various operatives in the numerous Special Access Programs were attempting to communicate different subjects of secrecy while keeping others under lock and key. In this way, Wilcock helped make this distinction between the concepts known as partial disclosure and full disclosure.

Partial disclosure and its numerous versions may be thought of as a way of saving aspects of the old Cabal establishment so that a number of people could avoid prosecution. These prosecutions would take place due to the fact that innumerable crimes against humanity were committed to sustain the old system.

Full disclosure is a faster roll-out of disclosure material which would leave no stone unturned, so to speak. Any subject which governmental, military, religious, corporate and economic, scientific and medical establishments have kept throughout the past will be revealed. Any secrecy maintained to the detriment of humanity will be revealed in a quick and responsible way. Though the past corporate-media-style smear campaign suggested otherwise, this is what full disclosure is.

Along with David Wilcock's research, we have the in-depth analysis of Dr. Michael Salla who endeavors to examine each testimony of potential whistleblowers as they come forward. Through the work of Dr. Salla, we have been able to make further sense of the possible motives and avenues of the progressing disclosure attempts.

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Later came the testimony of whistleblowers and experiencers, Michael Relfe, Laura Eisenhower, Williams Tompkins and Corey Goode. Each of these individuals claimed to have past experience in what has come to be known as the Secret Space Program—a collection of separate but similar corporate and military space programs that operate completely independently from civilization on the Earth's surface.

What has been interesting about testimonies such as these is the congruence between them which was noted prior to any of these individuals meeting one another. What is even more interesting about this testimony is that Corey Goode in particular has been able to accurately predict the actions of the corporate media and the efforts to of the Military Industrial Complex in their disclosure efforts—suggesting that he is more than simply a lucky guesser. This also suggests that Goode in still in contact with those he claims to speak with from the Air Force branch of the Secret Space Program.

For specific details, read here.

In my view, this suggests that the testimonies of Goode and each of these whistleblowers deserve serious consideration. We may want to keep in mind that Goode is one of the only former SSP operatives who is advocating for a full disclosure of all former secrecy at this point. Though a number of disclosure advocates have come forward to give their testimony, not all of these individuals appear to want the entire truth to be revealed.

Due to the difference of intent in disclosure, there has been a certain divide within alternative media between these two positions. The first being that all truth should be released to the public and the second maintains that revealing the whole truth is dangerous. It also maintains that only a fraction of the truth should be revealed at any given time, and that if the whole truth is revealed, it would only be released over the course of a century.

Partial vs. Full Disclosure

This divide has been seen in the past with a very visible smear campaign launched in social media against all of those who have promoted Full Disclosure. These smear attempts were predicted by Corey Goode months before they began. As Goode stated, in order to succeed at partial disclosure, certain interests felt that they had to attack and discredit those who advocated for Full Disclosure. Though the efforts to smear these advocates were extensive, it is fairly clear that the smear efforts failed.

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The failed smear campaign was followed by attempt to censor those who continued to promote a complete revelation of the truth, but again these efforts failed as well. Many of us may know that social media platform, YouTube, has been actively censoring users outside of official YouTube polices and possibly even outside of American law.

Any channel which has promoted the need for revelations into pedophilia and investigation into Wikileaks emails seems to have been systematically censored on YouTube and prevented from speaking about the need for investigation into the crimes of elitists.

To add to the list of truths that have been omitted from mainstream narratives are the list of mysterious deaths of doctors in alternative medicine. The number of dead and murdered doctors has reached over 100 over the past several years. It seems that either this is the most alarming coincidence in history, or there is someone with deadly intentions to silence doctors who do not follow the mainstream narrative.

Many of these murdered doctors were advocates against vaccination and spoke out about the possible risks some vaccines presented in their present state of production. These doctors opposed the mainstream narrative while their conventional counterparts blindly pushed mandatory vaccinations. The deaths of these alternative doctors shows us that there are numerous unanswered questions within healthcare that certain powerful interests do not want the general public to know. It also seems that certain interests would do anything to keep their secrets hidden—even murder by the hundreds.

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The Secret Space Program, corruption in the American medical system, and the issues of Pedogate only represent a small portion of the truth that awaits us behind an apparent wall of secrecy. Each of these issues of secrecy must be addressed in order to ensure true freedom and accountability in our world. Only by revealing the entirety of secrets like these can we hold those responsible for any damages caused by these secrets. Moreover, the revelation of these crimes is the fastest and most effective way of putting these atrocities to an end. However, Mr. Delonge never even touches these subjects in his partial disclosure. Despite the immense weight of their consequence and the countless questions they raise, these subjects are omitted from consideration altogether.

The Problem with the Entertainment Industry

One distinction between the partial disclosure narratives and the efforts of Full Disclosure has become fully obvious to most of those making the effort to pay attention. That distinguishing factor is that partial disclosure is said to be designed by those who have hidden agendas in mind. This half-truth-based disclosure may be concocted of several different truths, which by themselves, would astound and amaze the uninformed public. However, little would the public know that the most impactful aspects of truth were under tight lock and key by the powers that be.

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The partial disclosure efforts have been promoted by the mainstream, elitist-controlled media in order to prevent the people from knowing what the cost of secrecy has been. We have actually been seeing this narrative on television, in video games and in movies for years now. Yet very few have actually noticed these changes.

The world of big entertainment represents somewhat of a dichotomy. Some see entertainment as the epitome of fame and fortune while others regard it as a laughing stock. Among those who still admire established entertainment, countless actors and artists from many backgrounds and genre of entertainment are given the image of glamour and prestige. In music, artists are glorified as modern prophets on stage. Yet behind the scenes, many of these artists receive different treatment from sponsors and the financial powers that fund their musical success.

Artists such a Tom Delonge have historically been treated as indentured servants to the companies that fund musicians. Corporations such as Sony have been notorious for abusing and mistreating their musicians—treating them as little better than slaves or physical property. These artists are forced to sign disadvantageous deals, bound by stringent contracts, and are commonly forced to compromise their artistic expression for the sake of corporate gain.

On an even darker side of business lies another portion of the entertainment industry—one of greed, political, and corporate advantage. As musicians and actors gain fame, they naturally gain influence over millions of people worldwide. This appears to be well-known among actors and artists. It is also well-known among the companies who fund these artists. Naturally these artists are compelled to play by the rules of those who fund them. In other words, in order to gain fame, these artists must agree to work toward the benefit of the profit margins of the corporations that fund them.

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It would makes sense that corporations would only fund artists who agreed to work toward the advantage of corporate profit, or at the very least, these artists must refuse to work against corporate advantage. This would mean that any economic or political scheme which these corporations endeavored to support would be off limits to any artist these companies sponsored. The artists and musicians would either stay completely silent about the issues altogether, or they might be commissioned to be spokespeople for these corporate or political interests.

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