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The Proposed JFK Disclosure – A True Move Toward Disclosure and Transparency, Or Something Else?

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, November 5, 2017

It seems that the long-awaited partial disclosure narrative which was anticipated by several whistleblowers, is presently being attempted. According to numerous sources, this small revelation of classified information has been long planned by various covert interests. These interests hoped that the common people would be distracted by these revelations and would then avoid asking any further questions about the subjects the revelations discussed.

Most of the disclosures presently taking place are on the subjects of advanced technologies, massive crime rings and pedophilia among Hollywood elitists, and of course, the files on the JFK assassination. We may not know the complete truth behind these revelations as of yet, but we do know that to some degree, someone behind the scenes wants the general public to think about the greater truths to be uncovered.

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There are a number of possibilities as to why such disclosure as the JFK files might presently be coming forward. To get to the complete answers, we must consider the various aspects of recent disclosures we have seen in the past several months.

Impractical Plans of Disclosure

The limited disclosure promoted by former musician and singer, Tom Delonge, has been anticipated by many people from within the truth community. Though incomplete and subjective, this disclosure event was anticipated to be a significant step in the disclosure process. However, because of the extensive number of subjects we have been able to study beyond such limited information, this disclosure did not seem to have the intended effect.

For a long while now, the truth community has been longing for greater revelations of information from various establishments. Religious, governmental and corporate entities have provably hidden their various secrets behind lock and key and have prevented humanity from even asking the question of whether there was more to know.

After we awaken, we tend to realized that there is much more to the world than we have been allowed to believe by mainstream society and media. When we come to this realization, we begin our extensive search to find the truth behind the illusion of reality we were handed throughout our prior lives.

Some of us endure this search and come ever closer to reliable and supported information. Others may fall victim to counterfeit truth and artificial belief systems designed to ensnare the naive into alternative control systems just as hazardous as those they left. Eventually, those who continue their pursuit for truth without fixating on any one belief will come to that which resonates with them and that to which they feel they can best relate, yet these people still manage to remain flexible in belief. These are the individuals who wind up being the best suited to determine the true nature of the various disclosures that are presented to the people.

This is the environment to which the establishment has to disclose. However, it seems that these elitist interests have the habit of underestimating their audience. Because of this continued mistake on their part, the elitists's attempts at stifling truth no longer affect much of awakened society.

When Tom Delonge's disclosure went public, numerous people raised their concerns at the lack of thoroughness the disclosures contained. There is plenty of evidence—as well as points of common sense—that tell us there is more to the story than the Delonge disclosure presents.

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Numerous stories of U.S. military veterans, the testimony of dozens of whistleblowers from within the aerospace industry, and the clear possibilities that various corporate establishments are already developing advanced craft and technologies tell us that there are certain truths that the Delonge disclosure is intentionally ignoring. So then the question becomes, “What is the true reason for this public spectacle?”

Pedophilia and Elites

The long-awaited revelation of Hollywood and government pedophilia is now unfolding, and the revelation seems to be gaining momentum. The doubts held by those who have still remained uneducated about the festering problem of pedophilia in elitist circles are now waking up for the first time. It is difficult to ignore when so many Hollywood actors simultaneously testify to the fact that certain high-class figures have regularly engaged in these heinous acts of child abuse for years now.

There does, however, seem to be a trend within Hollywood to avoid speaking the entire truth of pedophilia. In stead of including all of those who are guilty, it appears that the same A-list actors who have starred in most of the Cabal-oriented productions are now using their celebrity to distract from the true pedophiles in government and elitist circles.

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Instead of calling out those whom many have suspected of orchestrating child pornography and trafficking rings, these A-list actors are only focused on calling out other actors and creating little more than a dramatic production to attract media attention. This brings no true change or resolution to the problem at all, but only trivializes the subject.

Similar to the Delonge disclosure, the small pseudo-revelation of sexual abuse and pedophilia in Hollywood seem to be little more than a sideshow designed to divert the public from actually solving the problems that plague our society.

Russian Collusion

For the longest time, the FBI has been participating in a pseudo-investigation into supposed ties between the Trump administration and Russia. This story of collusion has been paraded about by corporate media for nearly a year at this point. However, as the truth was revealed, the collusion with Russian interests did not come from the current administration at all, but instead came from the very people who made the accusation to begin with.

The bias displayed by the corporate media toward anti-presidential rhetoric has been obvious ever since it began prior to Trump's election. The way in which his opposition can do no wrong and in which his administration can do nothing right, according to the media, seems to reveal that the media has largely forfeited its duty to report news objectively.

One prime example is the willingness for media to promote nothing more than a rumor that the cabinet colluded with Russian interests to influence the election. This story was shown to be false early on, as revealed by many independent researchers. However, despite these revelations, corporate news skulked forward with their attempts to further deceive their audience.

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The production orchestrated by corporate media reads more like a screen play than an authentic news report. In reality, the truth was completely opposite to that which the media maintained for over a year after the current President was elected. The efforts of new corporations to ignore the truth of the investigation and the entirety of the story led to the all but complete disillusionment of the American people.

The collusion with Russia came from John Podesta and the Podesta Group and not the Trump administration, as news sources universally reported. This is just one example of the attempts of corporate news to propagandize the public for the sake of elitist gain, and its revelation serves as a new form of eye-opening disclosure which we have to look forward to.

The Main Attraction

In a press release on November 3rd, Archives.gov published the official story of the declassification of the Kennedy files to the public. The way in which this disclosure unfolded was clearly unorthodox as there seemed to be a push/pull disagreement between government officials as to what information was worthy of disclosure and what needed to remain secret. Here is an excerpt from the November 3rd press release.
Never Before Released JFK Assassination Records Opened to the Public

553 Newly Released CIA Documents Posted

In the third public release this year, the National Archives today posted 676 records subject to the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 (JFK Act).

Last week, President Donald J. Trump ordered all remaining records governed by section 5 of the JFK Act be released to the public. The President also directed agencies to complete another review of their proposed redactions and only redact information in the rarest of circumstances. The release by the National Archives today represents the first in a series of rolling releases pursuant to the President’s memorandum based on prior reviews done by agencies. The records included in this public release have not been reviewed by NARA.

The National Archives anticipates several additional public releases making all remaining records governed by section 5 available to the public as expeditiously as possible in accordance with the President’s order. Each of these approximately 29,000 records, along with each of the records released today, remain subject to further review under that process.

The majority of the public release today consists of 553 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) records that were previously denied in their entirety. Also included in the release are records from components of the Departments of Justice (18) and Defense (48), the House Select Committee on Assassinations (56), and the National Archives (1). Released records are available for download.

The National Archives released 2,891 documents on Oct. 26 and 3,810 records on July 24.

The National Archives established the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection in November 1992, and it consists of approximately five million pages of records. The vast majority of the collection has been publicly available without any restrictions since the late 1990s.

As stated, this disclosure included quite a few birthing pains, if you will, before its actual release. However, it appears that the more thorough revelation won the contest.

Now let's break down the true intent behind the JFK media hubbub. It seemed at one point, that most of the talk of the JFK files being declassified was hype. In a typical situation, disclosures of these types simply happen. There is not usually a series of rumors dangled in front of the people by media before a disclosure. There simply isn't a reason to (except maybe ratings).

When officials intend to disclose secrets, they simply do so. They do not tease audiences with rumors and delays, but simply disclose. Unless a government is visibly divided and is experiencing infighting over the consequences of disclosure, there is typically no need for the delays we saw with the JFK disclosure.

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Perhaps the delays which preceded these disclosures were a litmus test to determine where the public stood as far as curiosity was concerned. Perhaps the delay was a distraction of some sort to divert audiences from other major news. If the corporate media wanted to distract from the way in which the story of the Vegas shooting unraveled or the investigation into the Podesta group, this may have served as an adequate distraction.

There is however, a chance that there was actual intent to disclose these files by official sources. Initially, I was under the impression that these announcements for impending disclosures were being used as an experiment to gauge where the focus and desires of the public were. It seemed that certain interests behind the scenes were testing the public to see how hungry they were to know the truth behind secrecy.

Whatever the intent was and whatever the content of the files released, it seems that the public is now becoming aware of the existence of the so called Shadow Government or what most simply refer to as the Cabal. These wealthy elitists have been manipulated governments internationally for nearly a century. Most of their efforts have been concentrated on the United Sates, as the economic flexibility of the U.S. made for a fitting home base for their drug trafficking, human trafficking, and various other dirty dealings.

It appears that the JFK files were some of the first disclosures to take place because they refer to actions of the past. These criminal actions can easily be blamed on people who have already died and cannot face punishment for their crimes. According to many whistleblowers, this is the intent behind the narratives of partial disclosure.

According to sources, there are many individuals behind the scenes that are guilty of untold crimes against humanity. At the same time, these individuals claim that the public cannot handle the truth and that if truth were to be revealed in full, it would destroy society. Consequently, these people have decided that it is best for everyone (i.e., themselves) for disclosure to be spread out over the course of a century of time. However, it seems that this is not the only reason certain interests wish to hamper and postpone the disclosure process.

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