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An Introduction To The 7 Universal Soul Archetypes

(Joy JacksonJust as there are seven hues in a rainbow, our souls cast light as through a prism to embody seven soul archetypes. These soul archetypes — at least for purposes of this discussion — can be thought of as quintessential models of distinct and specific patterns of spiritual existence.

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by Joy Jackson, October 12th, 2017

Just as there are seven hues in a rainbow, our souls cast light as through a prism to embody seven soul archetypes. These soul archetypes — at least for purposes of this discussion — can be thought of as quintessential models of distinct and specific patterns of spiritual existence.

A soul group is a collective of spiritual entities that incarnate together for the purpose of higher learning. Each of us belongs to a soul group associated with one of the seven soul archetypes, and each of us has a unique role to play within this collective. We choose roles in our lives as a means of casting ourselves in parts played on a universal stage for our soul’s progression.

The seven soul archetypes are:

The Server
The Scholar
The King
The Priest
The Sage
The Warrior
The Artisan

1. The Server

The Server (or Saint) represents about one quarter of the global population; there are more Severs on Earth than any other soul archetype at this time. Servers have a natural drive to serve the greater good and to embody the qualities of service, support, and nurturing. They posses an innate capacity for service that many souls aspire to. Of all the soul archetypes, even in the early phases of development, the Server takes to earthly life more naturally than the other soul archetypes. In the positive polarity Servers are the most saintly, grounded, and altruistic of these archetypes. However, in the negative polarity, the Server may fall into situations of enslavement, self-neglect, and/or martyrdom. Servers innate desire to serve often makes them very valued and effective leaders of their communities, but most will find their purpose and joy closer to home.

2. The Scholar
Scholars have an intrinsic ability to assimilate and integrate information on any topic that interests them, and the source that nourishes their understanding can be virtually anything: library and scientific research, travel, participant observation, or contemplation and meditation. Scholar souls learn not only in an academic sense but also with respect to inner world perspectives. Scholars are the only neutral soul archetype; they tend to be less proactive in the outside world, more thinkers than doers. While Scholars can adopt a more extroverted lifestyle when it suits them, they usually prefer a more introverted one. A young Scholar may be arrogant, impractical, or easily lost in details; conversely, the mature Scholar evolves to develop knowledge and wisdom from meaningful life experiences and seeks to be useful to the greater good in some capacity.

3. The King

King souls are natural born leaders even when they are not in actual positions of power throughout life. King souls often possess an intrinsic talent for tactics, orchestration, and understanding derived from broad perspective. Kings may be presidents or paupers, but no matter the role they find themselves playing, a King soul will always be found leading the pack. The young King soul can be tyrannical, autocratic, and arrogant, using others for personal gain, while the mature King (a positively polarized soul) is often responsible, empathetic, and empowering. They lead by example and inspire others to work together for the greater good.

4. The Priest

Priest souls are often born with a deep calling to make the world a better place and to be a source of inspiration to others. More than any other soul archetype, the Priest has a keen sense of when things are going wrong and of how to inspire others to unite and make things right again. In the negative polarity, a Priest soul can be prone to self-righteousness, dogma, mania, and tyranny. (Adolf Hitler would be such an example of a young Priest soul such as this.) However, when they are of positive polarity, a more evolved and mature Priest will tend to embody higher qualities such as unconditional love, empathy, charity, compassion, and understanding. Due to the deep level of commitment most Priest souls have to their causes, many find themselves serving in roles of spirituality, religion, or philosophy. Any role where the Priest has an opportunity to awaken others to their
higher purpose is a good fit for this soul archetype.

5. The Sage

Sages are expression oriented souls and natural born entertainers that posses a quick wit, charisma, and in the mature phase of their development (incarnation), wisdom. Sages are usually most interested in engaging an audience and view the world as their stage. In their earlier stages of development, Sages may be egocentric, obnoxious or play the fool. The wise Sage however, is one who brings their life experiences and heartfelt philosophical insights to others through their performance art. Due to the Sage soul’s constant urge to share their wisdom with the world at large, they will often be found in roles that place them on stage, such the story teller, the actor/actress, the comedian, the musician, the philosopher or the politician. In fact, many famous politicians and philosophers aspired to be Sages.

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6. The Warrior

Warriors embody qualities of courage, awareness, discipline, and determination, and later in their development, they grow to embody compassion and love. While the innate drive of a warrior soul is oriented towards taking action and rising to challenges in order to uphold that which they value, the shadow aspects of this archetype, typically found in young warriors , typically lead them to adopt the idea that the ends justify the means; thus, acts of coercion and oppression through intimidation and violence may come to pass. As Warriors mature, they learn to adopt and amplify the more positive aspects of this archetype — courage, effectiveness, and a strong sense of stewardship — while also being respectful, supportive, loving, forgiving, and inspiring.

7. The Artisan

Artisans are visionaries with an innate aptitude for creative expression and inventiveness; they manifest their visions into physical reality. Artisans often spend a lot of time in their imaginations and their inner worlds, and they typically require more downtime than others in order to remain grounded and at their best. The shadow aspects of the young Artisan, driven by ego, tend to manifest through dissociative behavior, obsessive-compulsive behavior, delusional thinking, and addiction, or through deceitful schemes for personal gain. In contrast, the light aspects of the mature Artisan, driven by the soul, are usually expressed through ingenuity and inventiveness for the benefit and enjoyment of the others and the advancement of greater good.

Please bare in mind that not one soul archetype is better or less than another. These roles we embody are simply various ways of exploring and developing our being; they are not measures of our importance. Some are born able to intuit their own soul archetype. For most however, it is not until mid-life that our true essence becomes more apparent.

I now invite you to go deeper and to explore what is at the core of your soul’s focus, as it is the common thread that unites all of our incarnations.
Peace and love,


About the Author

Joy Jackson is a psychic/medium and intuitive in the Pacific Northwest.

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