Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Former Oklahoma State Senator Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking

(Max GreenwoodA former Oklahoma state senator has pleaded guilty to a child sex trafficking charge, The Oklahoman reported Saturday.

Insider Q Anon Updates -- November 20th 2017

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) As with other updates provided by Q Anon, you are encouraged to do your own research and exercise discernment. 
- Justin

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations LOW to MODERATE | November 21st, 2017

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

Geomagnetic Storm, Cosmic Rays, Asteroid | S0 News Nov.21.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

Why Were Vatican And RC Church Hierarchies NOT Unnerved About Infertility “Ingredients” In WHO’s African Tetanus Vaccine Campaign?

(Catherine J. FrompovichThe Roman Catholic Church has strict rules and unyielding dogma regarding religious beliefs and congregants practices but, unfortunately, seems to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and subscribes to “going along to get along” especially regarding the pseudosciences regarding GMO ‘phood’ [1], and what the medical industry submits as ‘gospel truth’ when it comes to pharmaceutical vaccines!

New Vaccines Will Permanently alter Your DNA

(Jon RappoportA news story tend to move in waves. It appears, retreats, and then appears in an altered form—replete with lies, cover stories, and embedded confusion. That’s why I’m keeping this story alive in its stark essence—

New Theory: Consciousness Doesn’t Reside In The Brain Or Same Dimension

(Christine HornerDo you know you are a multidimensional being? Your body isn’t big enough to contain you.

David Wilock Update via Jimmy Church Fade to Black November 20th 2017 (Video)

Monday, November 20, 2017

NASA Again Accused of Covering Up UFO’s Seen at International Space Station (video)

(Terence NewtonSomething strange keeps happening at the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere. Aboard the International Space Station, NASA hosts a live-stream, purportedly showing a continuous feed of the earth juxtaposed against the void of space. The feed is watched by people around the world, and every once in a while something interesting happens: the footage will show a moving anomaly, an unidentified flying object (UFO), and the live feed will suddenly go offline.

Planned Parenthood Could Face Federal Charges for Trafficking Baby Body Parts

(Ethan HuffRepublican Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona is calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step up and take action in prosecuting the nation’s largest abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, for illegally selling murdered baby body parts as part of a massive, underground criminal operation.

The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian) (video)

(Joe MartinoWhen I first realized the true magnitude of what the Pope’s Audience Hall design reveals, I was shocked. Despite 10 years of research into the elite, occult, Illuminati, consciousness, and more, this stuck out as something I just HAD to write about.

11.20 - New Q/Antarctica/MidEast Crumbling/Rothschild&Soros (Video)

11.19 - Marines Storm CIA?/Fiji EQs/Uranium One/Netanyahu (Video)

The Purpose of Mainstream Media Is Thought Control and Suppression: How to Find the Facts Between the Propaganda

(Ethan HuffThe average person living in the modern world today is bombarded with so much information on a daily basis, much of it conflicting, that he or she is likely to oscillate within a constant state of cognitive dissonance. Making sense of what’s true and what’s “fake” has basically become a full-time job, and people who already work full-time for a living and take care of their families simply don’t have the extra time necessary to make heads or tails of the increasingly complex reality in which we all live – hence why so many people simply accept whatever they’re told or what comes naturally to them.

SITS NEWS Roundup: Popular and Important Articles and Updates -- November 13th to November 20th 2017

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here are the popular and important articles and updates for the week of November 6th through the 13th. 

- Justin

Benjamin Fulford -- November 20th 2017: Khazarian cabal purge accelerates: Marines storm CIA HQ; Over 2000 indicted in U.S.; Collapse of control grid in Europe

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In honor of Ben's wishes to withhold posting the full update here is a portion of his report.

This post will be updated after approximately 3 days since its initial release; usually on Thursday.

Added links below. 
- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

The purge of the satanic Khazarian cabal that turned the West evil is accelerating at an undeniable pace. Most importantly, Pentagon sources confirm multiple Internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters this past weekend. One of the aims was to shut down Operation Mockingbird, the CIA group that turned the mass media, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. into mass mind-control propaganda, say NSA sources.

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations VERY HIGH to MODERATE | November 20th, 2017

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

M7 Earthquake, Filament Alert, Resources | S0 News Nov.20.2017 6,024 -- Suspicious0bservers

A Crystal Trinity to BOOST Your Manifestation, Creativity & Passion!

Possible New Source on Discovery of Frozen City under Antarctic Ice

(Dr Michael SallaA possible new source has come forward with corroborating information about the discovery of a large frozen city two miles under the Antarctic ice, located roughly 16 miles from the geographic South Pole. The breakthrough to the city occurred in August 2016, according to this latest source, and it was visited a few months later by VIPs such as John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin.

Astonishing Footage of UFO Breaking up Chemtrail (video)

(Info WarsA video uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel Suspect Sky shows a strange white object moving upwards in the sky.

The video, which was uploaded on November 17 but apparently shot some time in October, then sees the bright, white UFO hover in the clouds.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Rumor: #MassArrests Update - Over 2,000 USA Marines Land At CIA Headquarters

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I wasn't able to confirm if this story is accurate. Nor was I able to find anything refutation. As always, do your own research and exercise personal discernment. 

- Justin

Source - Ascension With Earth

Not sure if this is a real event, but this story is making its rounds on Twitter and Alternative News Sites.


Insider "Q" Anon Question Responses -- Compiled by Reader Part 1

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is a list of Q questions and possible answers supplied by a reader going by VajraBolt. You are encouraged to do your own research in confirming these responses. And in general, the process of personal research is invaluable for developing effective discernment skills and the facility to properly build accurate knowledge. 

The Science of Happiness: Researchers Suggest Taking Your next Coffee Break Outside

(Rita WintersWhen you see someone smiling or laughing, the tendency is that you would smile or laugh yourself. Happiness is as simple as that. How do you cope with stress? How do you unwind? The next time you take a break away from your daily toil, go outside and smell the flowers.

Bank Admits Fiat Currencies Are Failing and Cryptocurrencies May Replace Them

(Shaun BradleyAs the transition towards a blockchain-based economy continues, the established financial powers are desperately trying to stay relevant. In an attempt to boost their credibility, analysts at Deutsche Bank are finally admitting that State-run fiat currencies are becoming obsolete. For years, blockchain entrepreneurs and other critics of central banking have been branded either conspiracy theorists or criminals. But recently, those controversial opinions about the inevitable changes coming to the world’s financial system are being echoed by mainstream pundits.

NEWS: David Wilcock Update -- Cabal Takedown, Saudi Arrests, Alliance Fights Back (Video)

SITS NEWS: Trump Investigates, Pedogate Busts, David Wilcock, Starseeds Unite - November 19, 2017

Earth’s Transition Into The Age of Aquarius – According To Carl Jung & A 33rd Degree Free Mason (video)

(Arjun WaliaAstrology is an ancient art and science dating back thousands of years. It appears in many cultures, but as with most ancient wisdom, much of it was and has been concealed and forbidden from public viewing. Secret societies, both those whose hearts are grounded in the good will for all of humanity, and those driven by greed and personal gain, have also used this type of ancient knowledge. From Atlantis to ancient Sumer, Vedic astrology to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, many great minds throughout the ages have practiced astrology, and for good reason. Despite its many skeptics, astrology has much to offer.

Clairsentient and Claircognizant on Dream Time & ET Disclosure Sabrina Starblossom (Video)

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | November 19th, 2017

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

Critical Earthquake Warning | S0 News Nov.19.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

"After the Storm Comes the Stillness" (Image)

Does Astronaut’s Visor Reflection Shows A Mysterious Figure On The Moon? (Video)

(UFO Sightings HotspotMany people believe that the Apollo moon landings were one of the biggest hoaxes in human history. They believe that NASA has created this hoax. They actually never traveled to the moon and that everything was staged and filmed here on earth.

Stillness in the Storm's False Flags 101 Webinar Review Sterling Bennett -- (Video)

What is Sovereignty? Why is it Important? How do You Earn it? | Debunking False Sovereignty

Image Source

by Conscious Optimist,

There are many definitions of “sovereign” floating around on the web. Some view it as a title of nobility for a monarch, such as a king or a queen. Others contend that we're sovereign by default: we simply must claim it and that's it. According to yet many others, sovereignty seems to mean that one can do whatever one wants at any time; that rules and the law don't apply to them; that all forms of hierarchy are somehow unjustified and evil, and that any system of justice or law, or government is also inherently evil.

So what is the correct definition?  Please allow me to guide you into a comprehension of the concept, first by way of showing you what sovereignty is not, so that you can come to better understand what it really is. This is vitally important because ultimately, you, yes you, have a role to play in restoring the rule of law by becoming a true sovereign. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Stallone Reportedly Raped a 16yo Girl & Cops Told Her Not to Press Charges as ‘He’s Very Powerful’

(Matt AgoristShocking revelations have just come out detailing a police report filed on Sylvester Stallone for the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. Unlike previous instances of he said, she said, this case was documented—as soon as it allegedly happened—to the police.

NY Times Reporter Calls for Censorship of Creepy Videos of Joe Biden Inappropriately Touching Kids (video)

(Matt AgoristNicole Perlroth, according to her bio at the New York Times, the place at which she finds employment, is a technology reporter who covers cyberattacks, hackers and the cybersecurity industry for The Times’s business news section. This week, however, she’s shown that she also has an interest in censoring open source information showing the seemingly inappropriate behavior of D.C. elite.

#MassArrests Update - Biggest Sting in History, Indictments Growing, President Trump Tweets 'The time is upon us - operation Alice in Wonderland is about to start'

Source - Ascension With Earth

As of November 15, 2017 - 1,428 sealed indictments in 50 of 94 districts

After Slamming Bitcoin As A Money Laundering Tool, JPMorgan Busted For Money Laundering

(Tyler DurdenScore one for the poetic irony pages.

11.17 SITREP - "Storm"/JFK/Q/P-gate (Video)

COBRA | Situation Update -- Soft Disclosure, Cabal Infighting, Rothschild's, Insider QAnon, Indictments, Mass Arrests, Pleiadian Pain Relief

(CobraOperation Perseus is in progress. Nothing more can be said about that at this point.

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | November 18th, 2017

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

Space Weather, Earthquake, Space-Brake | S0 News Nov.18.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

Facebook Launches ‘Trust Indicators’ To Help You Decide What’s Fake News

(Eric LiebermanFacebook is launching a feature that will try to help users decide what news articles on its platforms are legitimate, the company announced Thursday.

Sen. Al Franken Sexual Assault Accusations | True News (Video)

Former Joe Biden Secret Service Agent: We Had to Protect Women From Him, ‘Weinstein Level Stuff’ (video)

(Cassandra FairbanksA former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.

Friday, November 17, 2017

(Part V) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance & Other Updates

(Jonathan CartyI must reiterate that it is important to exercise discernment when coming across this or any information you find. Q did mention that disinformation is real and necessary. I would also ask again that you be forgiving if I leave something out, I assure you it is unintentional. I only have benevolent intentions here.

Could Putin and Trump Save the World? (Video)

Gov’t Now Condoning Pedophilia: Man Acquitted of Rape as Court Rules 11yo Victim “Consented”

(Jay SyrmopoulosA recent French court case has sharpened the debate over the age of sexual consent and rape. This is the second recent case that highlights the normalize of pedophilia currently taking place across western society.

How Trump and Mueller are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History

(Liz CrokinOn the crisp fall night of October 9, 2016, there was an electric energy in the air at Washington University in St. Louis for the second presidential debate. Hillary Clinton ended the first debate with a below the belt attack on Donald Trump accusing him of bullying a former Miss Universe beauty queen. There was a sense in the air that Trump – famous for his counter punches – would swing back with a TKO, and boy, did he deliver.

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