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Synchronicities Explained: Can You Identify Meaningful ‘Coincidences’ In Your Life?

(Helen E. Williams
How can you identify synchronicities in life? Let’s get started with the basics; why do they occur, what are its types, how to recognize synchronicities. Keep reading!

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by Helen E. Williams, October 9th, 2017

Lucky coincidences happen quite frequently. You might’ve had a particularly striking coincidence that you still remember because, well, it doesn’t happen every day!

While it is commonly attributed to luck, destiny, fortune, or some preordained balance of nature, it may not necessarily be so. Carl Jung coined the concept of Synchronicity back in the 1920s that will help you understand why coincidences happen and the role they can play in defining your life!

A Synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence that occurs as a result of the combination of internal and external events, which cannot be explained via the cause-and-effect relationship.

You were thinking about something and, before you know it, it materializes in front of you! Is it just a happy coincidence? Probably not!

Identifying Synchronicity

Synchronicity exists everywhere! It is just a matter of being able to recognize it when it happens.

Generally, it is believed that when you are open and responsive to the spirits of the universe, you get to experience out-of-this-world synchronicities, channeling your worries towards a productive, presumably predestined end.

It is like a moment of enlightenment, an event that changes your life forever! At times, the synchronicities may be smaller, less impactful.

At others, it can define the purpose of your life-long journey!

When Do They Occur?

Before we get down to a few examples to explain synchronicities, let’s figure out how and when “you are open and responsive to the spirits of the universe”.

There are two moments when we reach the apex of consciousness and openness in life. Special events like births, deaths, crises, escapes, love-related adventures, and travel can get you closer to yourself and your spiritual realities.

But these aren’t the only times when synchronicities occur. Everyday mundane activities like shopping, commuting and others may also present some value synchronicities to you.

Remember the time you had that particularly painful fight with your loved one and you were so heartbroken that all the love songs seemed to be about you? Or the time when you picked up a baby and it instantly smiled at you, as though reassuring you about the “big” decision you are about to make?

Well, it is all a part and parcel of synchronicity as long as you are able to deduce a meaningful conclusion from it.

At times, you are consciously (or subconsciously to be more appropriate) looking for signs from the universe. Sometimes you receives these when you least expect them.

Synchronicity may lead you to a sliver of hope and confidence, or get you connected with the one who is meant to be. It works wonders for you if you can give it its due share of recognition!

The Types of Synchronicities

Over the years, the information and experiences about synchronicities led to the identification of three broad categories.

While it is difficult to suggest which of these might have a profound impact on your life, it nevertheless pays to understand these so you can identify these life-changing moments when they occur!

I. Single Synchronicities

They are usually those standalone meaningful coincidences that are enlightening on their own. It is like meeting an old friend during your morning walk one day, the same one you were thinking about the day before for whatever reason.

Or the time when you picked up the phone to call up a relative, only to hear his/her voice at the other end. Or to find that your best friend just bought you a gift, the same one you’ve been trying to get your hands on for quite some time now. They are all individual events that are pleasantly meaningful or “connected”.

II. Strings of Synchronicities

It is when a string of occurrences happen back-to-back, reinforcing a certain belief. You were thinking about the good old days when the radio started playing a tasteful tune from the same era.

You remember a particular person, and the next thing you know, s/he is standing right in front of you at the grocery store!

You’re probably dumbstruck, because you heard a similar name in the morning broadcast. Too much coincidence to handle? Blame it on the string of synchronicities!

III. Clusters of Synchronicities
It gets a little more complex as it progresses. Let’s consider the same example above but now with a twist. You just got out of a bad relationship, and it somehow led to the good old days. You remember how you’ve had had a crush on that particular person you’re reminded of because of the radio.

The morning newspaper has his/her name. You bump into him/her all of a sudden while shopping for groceries, and s/he invites you to a lunch. You find out that the special person is still single, and somehow seems to remember the same things you do.

While you try to convince yourself it’s just a random coincidence, the person voices his/her interest in meeting up again. And while you’re relishing in your good luck, s/he says something that reminds you what your parents always said about finding the right person at the right time.

There you go, that is what we call clusters of synchronicities because, frankly, they’re too many to handle!

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