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Shamanic Perspectives On Disclosure With Lujan Matus

The following article offers an interview with expert shaman Lujan Matus over a series of emails, with a focus on his perspectives on disclosure. Described on his website as having been "initiated at the age of seven and instructed in parallel realms," his offerings lend a glimpse into the capacity we all have to become what he calls "awakened seers." He has devoted himself wholeheartedly to the task of healing humanity by waking students up to their abilities as seers and in his estimation, if one percent of the population is able to achieve this awakened state of being this will become a catalyst that creates the exponential change we are all seeking. 

His books delve into a realm of material that seeks to leave one empowered through greater knowledge while also encouraging a humble state of being via a focus on what we don't know, and cannot sense or perceive. Additionally, he offers workshops in which he teaches an ancient movement system called Lo Ban Pai that uses dynamic meditative movements to increase one's vibratory state, personal power, and inner silence. He also offers online shamanic tuition. Access to all these resources is available on his site

Lujan brings a wealth of direct experience with extraterrestrials, non-linear time, multidimensionality and the oppressive forces on this planet that he often refers to as “shadow awareness.” Having read all of Lujan's works, I felt he offered a way of perceiving current events and dilemmas that could serve to uplift the community and offer clarity. 

I am excited and greatly honored to have had the chance to chat with him on the subject of disclosure. 

Question and Answer Interview with Lujan Matus

I have given a small introduction from my perspective of your work. Is there anything you would like to offer as a means of bringing people into an understanding of what you offer?

The only guidelines for an individual’s life is to follow the purity of their heart unbiasedly and to walk steadfast upon that path, realizing that it is all futile. This is the most magnificent gift that we have obtained by being human. There is never enough time, yet within that incremental chance, pressure applies its wisdom.

There is an immense focus in this community on manifesting official, public disclosure of the ET presence, suppressed high technology and the truth about human history. What do you see as the difference in impact between working on changing one's own state of being versus more direct worldly actions like sharing intel, researching conspiracies and protesting the coverups?

There can be no real moving forward unless there is full disclosure. There are many reasons why this isn’t occurring. I believe that the suppression of this information has got to do with the utilization of advanced technologies, which are now being deployed. 

We are very young as a species in terms of our collective and individual maturity. We are allowing things to happen via the fact that we do not really know or understand the suppression behind the technologies that will advance us in one generation towards a unified utopia upon this planet. The fear-mongering that has been representative of our earthly bondage over thousands of years, is the main reason behind non-disclosure. 

The dictatorial process does not want to lose the grip of power that is sustaining it. This wholly and solely has to do with the utilization of our species in a very unusual slavery. It has all got to do with money quite frankly. This paradigm will shift if we realize the bondage that we are subject to is our own desire’s manifesting as our perceived rights to integrate with what we see as our progress. 

The frequencies emanating from our phones, computers, and cell towers soon will be all-encompassing. To avert the advent of the whole of humanity being subject to the application of frequencies to change, not only the algorithm of the mind, the insertion of false memories through these frequential influences, and the stabilization of emotions that don’t really belong to us, is the next thing we will be faced with as the next technological revolution occurs.

We must be careful to be aware of what is happening right now because it is more important than full disclosure because it is hiding in plain sight. When this technology has established its foothold it will be too late. We must fully educate ourselves by noticing what is occurring in the world as very subtle warnings that we can be manipulated, not only through false media, which has become the norm, and is now being noticed, and because of this the labyrinth now is shifting and changing its weight in a way that we can’t see it clearly enough to identify it. Everybody must study and become aware of what is being presented as our rights through the vehicle of so-called growth. 

It is right in front of you all. It sits in your pocket. It is in your hand as you gaze upon it. It emits a frequency that makes you bond to it, instead of to your brothers and sisters that sit across the table from you. Do you realize you are hypnotized? In the same breath, everybody wants full disclosure, yet they can’t see their own hypnotic trance. 

As a contactee, you have the benefit of direct experience with our non-terrestrial brethren. Does being a contactee give you an advantage in terms of progress or perspective? Many struggle with chronic skepticism and inner contradictions due to having no personal experience with this phenomenon while feeling it to be true. How can they proceed in supporting the collective experience of disclosure without yet having such experiences in their life path?

I realize upon my journey it is very difficult for anyone to feel what my experiences were, in terms of my contact. They are beautiful, gentle, exquisite beings. They left with me such longing, in terms of what we could be experiencing as a humanity. These were the experiences that I spoke about in “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” but I have had three other encounters since. 

I have composed “Whisperings of the Dragon”, which is my fourth book. I endeavored within those pages to describe the perception that a human being must attempt to embrace so as to progress upon their own path to realize their higher self-realizations. Within this the skeptics will discover themselves anew because it really is of no importance whether one has had contact or not. It is imperative that we discover the deeper reservoirs of our own enlightenment, within the struggles of our own illusions and I am attempting to write about this in greater detail in my new book called “Who Am I?”. 

The illusion that besets us is quite immense in terms of disclosure. What would you say if I told you that extraterrestrials are quite frankly frightened of us, because of what we are capable of?

Within that barbarism this leads our extraterrestrial brothers to know that this behavior is a barrier that blocks humanity in fear of them because, since the late forties there has been a program besetting human consciousness, installing within people memories of being abductees. 

What if I told you that it was us that was doing this to our own species, as a long-range goal to present to humanity that we are in danger and we must fear them, as we fear our own brethren on our own planet?

I will say once again; everything is hidden in plain sight. What we believe is the truth is as such, but is that all there is to us?

The war-mongering on our planet has been immense. Man pitted against man. Look closely at our own history—even to your own behavioral patterns—as you experience conflict and division in the smallest circumstances. Here you will find your answers about what is coming; illusions upon illusions. What is most difficult for human beings at our present stage of evolution is to witness what we are observing, rather than interfering with that perception. 

Ponder upon this very carefully because it brings us into a state of service that knows that there is a constant that is a continual flux that demands change upon every moment that is continually escaping us. This is true progress and within these magical thresholds one will find compassion and love within their heart and this will bring a deep understanding that will lead us to know that we are not in harmony at the moment and what we must pursue is the opposite to what we have all been doing as a collective. We are all responsible.

Do you have any advice to offer this community on finding greater unity in the face of attacks and social conditioning that constantly encourage division and fear?

The best thing to do is not to listen to social media and the news when it gets too upsetting. And alternatively be of service to the people that you care for. To be as what we once were; only occupied with what is right in front of us. 

Closing a door softly. Walking gently upon the ground. Feeling the wind upon one’s face and recognizing there is a sky above us.

I have personally come into the experience of attracting and manifesting full disclosure as a process of becoming more personally transparent and less about trying to force an official, public revelation of disclosure. Can you speak to the relationship between people becoming personally transparent and our species' true history and potential becoming common knowledge?

The only thing that is of importance is the very thing in front of you that you must learn to see and recognize that this is the truest reality that can be entrusted to a human soul the wisdom of the very moment that is escaping us.

Do you have any personal experience or knowledge of the Mandela Effect? Why is this happening?

If I were to say to you go buy a Volkswagen, wouldn’t you notice other people driving Volkswagens?

You have memories of being a time traveler in a future incarnation. Many insiders and whistleblowers are coming forward about time travel as something that has been occurring with our current civilization for some time. Do you have any knowledge of the ramifications of humans altering events in time?

Apart from my own experience, there is really nothing to say until the doors of our perception are capable of realizing what is really happening. We must mature beyond many thresholds to come to terms with what we are capable of. This can only be done through genuinely becoming acquainted with the subjectivity of our illusions and understand that they are, in essence, our confirmation bias, and this, when we become aware of it may transform to something else that will be unfamiliar to us unless we are aware of the arising rapture within. I am now speaking much more deeply about this in my up and coming book "Who Am I?" and I hope that there is enough time for me to publish this book so that we can all be aware that it is not what has been done, nor what we did, that is of importance. It is who we become as we are right now that will release us from those burdens and as a consequence of this be delivered to our most sacred godhead or the rapturous release of our true internal wisdom to see that kindness and compassion of the welling love that arises from within will see the illusion for what it really is but truly be affected via the reality of that seeing. 

I know in my heart of hearts that many will ponder upon these last sentences that I am delivering but that is what we are all meant to do because in essence everybody's destiny will discover itself within the heart of the one who realizes it and this cascade is beginning to occur. I am witnessing it in my own life right now.

So be aware not to judge yourself, nor anybody else. Allow your true heart feelings to deliver the truth to you so that you may connect to the most pertinent circumstance that relies upon you to realize it. This is our last cascade. I have put cryptic truths here but they are only cryptic because of the veil that every individual on this planet carries as their illusions and when this veil drops, life's seeing will be abundant.

Life is a riddle.

According to your knowledge and experience, to what extent are future humans coming back into our current time to affect change? 

All the time. There is an alien species that looks exactly the same as we do. We had one in the pentagon for a long time. Not only was he from another time, his species lives within our solar system. 

One of the biggest topics for disclosure right now is elite rituals and their violent treatment of children. Have you encountered anything in this realm? Is there anything fruitful in these revelations in terms of our individual, personal progress?

We must be kind and understanding to those who are dear to us. When we all reach the pinnacle of our expression as earthlings, all abusive elements will melt away so that we can progress from our current paradigm. 

Part of your teaching suggests moving to an organic, plant-based diet. Since disclosure seems to also involve revelations of ways in which food has been used to suppress our species can you speak to why you feel this is the most integral dietary choice? How do you approach this topic with students who are upset or unwilling to consider veganism and more organic foods?

The cooked food revolution has to do with controlling the species through a very deep program—the deepest program that there really is. It locks the biofield in lower vibrations. 

Veganism and raw veganism is nothing but eating naturally. The only reason it is difficult to convince anybody to change is that they derive comfort in an uncomfortable world from animal-based cooked food. Plant-based eating changes the frequencies of the heart and the power of each cell within the body. 

While one goes through the process of transformation in this area, upheavals will occur before happiness is truly experienced. 

I have spoken to you briefly before about non-terrestrials revealing themselves publicly and this being an event that undermines those at the top of earth's current power structure. Can you clarify why these beings are holding out for such an event and what the stakes are for them?

Generally, the people who are in power reject growth in terms of humanity progressing. This means they would lose control. This is why we do not have full contact because of this very simple mechanism of possessiveness among the elite, which filters down into all facets of society.

We are all being programmed to be possessive of the things which possess us. It is rudimentary. This is the very root of Luciferianism. It is the labyrinth. The details are the diversion and in the midst of this the truth is right in front of us.

David Wilcock, a prominent author, and researcher spoke recently about the fact that his efforts to expose the reality of humanity's dilemma have lead to death threats and attempted assassinations towards him and a number of other people in the field, with a few even dying, potentially from successful assassinations. He mentioned in one of his latest articles that he was taking this as an opportunity to apply the shamanic technique of using death as an advisor. While I recognize that, as non-linear beings, our death is with us in every moment of our lives, nonetheless there do seem to be moments where its wisdom is more prevalent via the pressure of our circumstances. Do you have any advice or perspectives for all the whistleblowers and researchers currently faced with these prevalent examples of death's wisdom?

I have no advice other than to be in one’s own personal truth. Everybody does what they must do and to dispense advice is only relevant if that individual is right in front of you.


I have to express that I have been left deeply moved and open-hearted by the responses that Lujan offered. 

It is unlikely that I can express the impact upon my being, but I will say that I can sense an immensity beneath what he has shared and that I am drawn to enter its depths. I truly hope they can be of service to SITS readers as well! 

Thanks again to Lujan for agreeing to converse with me. If you feel drawn to his offerings please consider following the book links in the article or visiting

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