Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Shooter’s Neighbor Blows Whistle: ‘He Was Set Up' -- Audio Clip

(Daniel NewtonA man claiming to be a former neighbor of Stephen Paddock, the person named responsible for the recent Las Vegas shooting, said that it was a false flag "set up" and "he just isn't that kind of guy" on live radio.

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Source - Neon Nettle

by Daniel Newton, October 3rd, 2017

The man claiming to be Paddock's neighbor called KBET radio, a local radio station in Las Vegas stating he had not appeared on any other radio station in the US to disclose the information.

On the radio the caller said:
"I can tell you 100% he's (Stephen Paddock) is not that kind of guy, he did NOT DO IT!"

"I'm not saying he was brainwashed, I'm saying this was a setup".

"I was there working and seen him probably every other day on my way home. He used to sit outside on his driveway on an armchair and he would have all the time as I was going by, a really nice guy. There was a little bar around the corner where they have poke vending machines where you could sit at the bar y'know? He'd go there all the time and drink a few beers and play the vending machine".

"He never had any political affiliations or views, I've even told the state police department everything I know, I do not believe he was the guy that did this. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but none of this adds up".
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As more evidence emerges, it becomes more probable that the LAs Vegas shooting was actually a false flag event which will be predictably used to introduce more gun laws in the US.

The official mainstream narrative says that Stephen Paddock acted alone in the attack, but more and more witnesses are questioning how 64-year-old could carry out such a coordinated attack killing so many people.

One Reddit user wrote:
"I cant see how a 64-year-old guy could carry such a swift attack, I mean almost military, he was either highly trained or wasn't acting alone".
One Australian man, Brian Hodge, who was staying in the room right next door to the alleged shooter said that the entire floor he was staying on was a crime scene with "multiple shooters" firing weapons out of the windows.

“I got outside safely and was hiding in bushes,” Mr. Hodge said. “There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. "I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us."“We were hiding in the bushes outside waiting for the police.” Mr. Hodge said he was staying in room 32134 while the gunman was in room 32135.

Stillness in the Storm Editor's Note: Listen to the shots fired in the above video. I'm not an expert on weapons, but I do have a good sense of hearing and there are clearly overlapping gunshots occurring—this means multiple shooters. Unless I'm wrong, which is certainty possible, this suggests the official story is a farce, and this event was likely manufactured in someway—not that people didn't get hurt and die. 

- Justin

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