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Dr. Steven Greer Interviewed by the Health Ranger: Secret Groups Planning False Flag “Alien” Attack to Roll out World Government

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an interview with Dr. Steven Greer and Mike Adams wherein Dr. Greer discusses his theory that a cosmic false flag event is slated to occur in the near future. This is a contentious question in ufology, not only because it suggests the military industrial complex wants to use the notion of negative ETs to further a political agenda, but also because Dr. Greer asserts there are no negative ETs at all. Despite the uncertainty surrounding this information, there is much that can be gained in contemplating it. 

In November 2016, Dr. Greer gave a talk about the cosmic false flag theory, claiming that many of the more popular whistleblowers of late, like Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and others, are in fact mind controlled operatives of the military-industrial complex. The plausibility of that theory, as well as evidence to counter Dr. Greer's position, is discussed below. 

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Some might wonder why I am posting this content if ultimately I don't agree with everything that is said. The purpose of Stillness in the Storm is not to tell you what to believe—we don't rubber stamp theories so you don't have to think for yourself. Quite the contrary. The overarching intention of SITS is to provide a diverse range of information for your consideration, to give you food for thought so that in the exercising of your discernment, you develop the self-mastery tools to know the truth yourself. 

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With that being said, take the opportunity to contemplate these ideas and analyze them in your own way. And if possible, engage in open-minded discussions with others, as group truth-seeking is always beneficial, so long as an air of humility and honesty is maintained. 

- Justin

Source - Natural News

by Mike Adams, October 11th, 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to explore our universe and seek answers to really big questions, we recently interviewed Dr. Steven Greer, M.D.

Dr. Greer, a prominent UFO researcher and emergency room physician, founder of Sirius Disclosure and creator of the popular new documentary Unacknowledged, explains that he believes many so-called “UFO sightings” are actually sightings of human-made aircraft, and that super secret groups exist inside the U.S. government which plan to stage a faked, “false flag” alien invasion attack in order to roll out globalist government that tramples individual human liberties forever.

Whether or not you agree with his analysis, Dr. Greer is an intriguing and highly intelligent individual who has uncovered an astonishing wealth of evidence to support his explanations. While the mainstream media enjoys mocking anyone who asks questions “outside the box,” Dr. Greer is an individual who deserves your attention. His new book, Unacknowledged, is also available on

I spoke with Dr. Greer about “cosmic false flags” and much more in the video below. As you’ll hear toward the end of the video, I also offered to volunteer my laboratory testing services for any exotic materials or unknown substances he might encounter.

Watch and share everywhere:

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Question -- What is the goal of this website? Why do we share different sources of information that sometimes conflicts or might even be considered disinformation? 
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