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Official? -- Covert Disclosure of Antigravity Craft near MacDill AFB

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Dr. Michael Salla has been receiving photographs from a source living near Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida. What's interesting about this latest batch of photos is that the source was allegedly alerted to the presence of these objects beforehand so they could be captured and released to the public. In other words, these flybys appear to be sanctioned by the military industrial complex in some way. The question in my mind is, which group is pushing this agenda and what is the ultimate purpose?

Recall an interview with a claimed top UFO researcher, who stated that various "official" disclosure agendas have come and gone over the years, but according to him, there is a more urgent push taking place now—see the below-linked article. 

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According to the expert, Delonge, Dr. Greer, and several others are being "managed" as assets for a disclosure agenda, and this agenda is not a full disclosure initiative. Consider that Delonge asserts that all ETs are negative whereas Greer contends they are all positive, and yet, according to the expert, the sources each of these figures draws from is the same. If the sources are the same, this suggests the powers that be are conducting "market research" to see which narrative will be accepted by the public the most, and how they can embed their agenda within this narrative. 

As outsiders trying to understand what to make of all this, it should be clear that there are no singular sources available with all the facts. Likely, Dr. Greer, Delonge, and many others not named have a piece of the puzzle along with disinformation. Thus, as a technique for attempting to understand the big picture, we would do well to consider all the testimony available, analyzing it in a comprehensive fashion so as to develop multiple possible explanations of the greater truth. Although we'd like to have a single answer, at this stage, there's too much uncertainty to deal with.  

JP, Dr. Salla's source in Tampa, will likely be tipped off to capture more secret military craft as time goes on. And no doubt this will play a part in the disclosure agenda currently being rolled out to the public. 

Those of us attempting to realize full disclosure have our work cut out for us. But with a team effort, we can make great strides that we couldn't do as individuals, especially insofar as making sense of these events

PS: Dr. Salla started a GoFundMe campaign to purchase a better camera for JP, which you can contribute to below. 

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- Justin

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Source - Exopolitics

by Dr. Michael Salla, October 20th, 2017

On October 19, I was sent a series of nine photos showing two UFOs in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base, home of Special Operations Command. The UFOs were respectively rectangle and triangle shaped, appeared to use antigravity technology, and were interacting with one another.

The photos were taken by JP, a pseudonym for a source I have known for nine years who claims to be both an extraterrestrial contactee and to have been taken in military abductions. He also claims to have interacted extensively with personnel from Special Operations Command, who have informally briefed him on some covert operations involving TR-3B and North Korea.

I have extensively communicated and questioned JP, and consider him to be sincere and reliable. He has previously supplied photos of triangle-shaped antigravity craft that he claims to have been taken on during previous military abductions.

In the most recent UFO incident, JP says he received a phone call instructing him on when the UFOs would appear. This is what he wrote in a skype message to me:
11 a.m. I got a call to look at the skies .. like around 11:02 I see this rectangle platform black ship.. it came out from the clouds 6 seconds after seeing the ship..TR-3B☆ shows up, you can see the characteristics of it the circle in the middle still glowing a little bit, in a blink of an eye it was their interacting with the black triangle platform ship similar to when it was interacting with the helicopter.. this was quite fast 2 minutes after the call lasting a minute and 20 sec.
He added in a later skype message:
The call was really fast like 10 seconds the guy said (I’m calling to inform you to look at the skies clock view (10:30) inbetween East and North have a nice day. Click..
JP next says that he has never before encountered the rectangle shaped UFOs, which appeared to come from the Gulf of Mexico:
I never seen those platform looking UFOs
It was quite interesting
I was hearing something weird this time
like I high pitch sound my ears were kind of like ringing after the event..
8 miles from MacDill this time
MacDill was in the Direction behind me
The platform ship looks like it came from the Gulf of Mexico
And I’m thinking the tr3b came from MacDill
They met up.

I have prepared a video featuring the nine photos he took, along with close ups of the three best pictures that show the UFO craft.

Here is how JP described the sequence of photos, and the interaction between them:


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