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Cosmic Disclosure: Zuni Disclosure with Clifford Mahooty -- Season 8, Episode 9

David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we have a special extravaganza for you: indigenous wisdom from none other than Clifford Mahooty.

And here also with me to join in this exciting discussion is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Clifford, welcome to the show.

Clifford Mahooty: Thank you.

David: So Clifford, tell us a little bit about what tribe you represent, and why you've decided to come forward on the show today.

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Source - Sphere Being Alliance

Clifford: I'm from the Zuni Pueblo Indian tribe from New Mexico.

And the reason I decided to come and talk with you folks today is because I think that we have a lot of information that has been kept within our Indian communities for a long time.

And with things that are happening in the world, I believe that there's a lot of connections with what we have known for centuries, or at least my ancestors.

So I believe that it is time to talk about these things and to let the other people know about what we have had for many, many years.

David: So Corey, could you tell us briefly why you wanted to bring Clifford onto the show? What were some of the things about what he said that excite you the most?

Corey: It's definitely time for a Zuni disclosure.

There are a lot of correlations, a lot of things that I saw in the programs, that did mention the American Indians.

David: Mm.

Corey: So recently he was at a conference and the information that he was giving was very important, and it seemed to tie in with ancient aliens, secret space programs, and how the government is working with the Native Americans to keep certain things still secret.

David: So Clifford, how does this language get passed down from one generation to the next?

Clifford: Zuni has an oral history. And since the day you're born, you're taught the language by not only your parents, but also the extended family system.

And so the language . . . That's the first thing that you learn is the Zuni language. And later on, you pick up the other language, in this case would be English.

And so all Indian families, if Zuni, that's what they teach first.

David: Does every Zuni get the kind of lineage teachings that you are carrying with us today, or is this something that you have to get sort of a special insight to learn?

Clifford: A lot of information is not passed on any more.

David: Hm.

Clifford: When I did some videos and we sent that to some of the people, the young generation in there, they always have that saying of, “Oh, that's what that's all about.”

And I explain to them what the history is all about and where this type of application is generated so they have this thing that, “Oh, yeah, well, that's what we have been taught, but we didn't know where it came from.”

Corey: And as you got older, they asked you to actually record the history, did they not?

Clifford: The oral teachings teach you how to know about the history. There's many ways of approach to this.

First of all, it's the stories, the mythology, the teachings of mythology, sort of like Aesop's Fables. What's the meaning of the story?

Your mind starts looking at things in a picturesque way. And then you learn how to relate a lot of different ideas into your head, without even looking at pictures, just by word.

And as you get older, then they start introducing other historical events and also things that are sacred.

David: What would the average Zuni who's been brought up on this feel about extraterrestrials and things like this?

Clifford: Well, there's two things actually. One of them is that if you see orbs, or if you see things that represent like a fire in the sky, they take that as bad omens.

David: Oh!

Clifford: But if you take, for example, like an orb or a flying saucer-type things in the sky, then they say, “Well, those are the Keepers or the Guardians.”

David: Really?

Clifford: They'd always been part of our history. You look back at, for example, in the petroglyphs, any petroglyphs that you find anywhere in the United States, is that you'll always find a reference to a flying saucer and also other activities that were related to the sky. So we knew about flying saucers.

We didn't call them “flying saucers”. But it's part of the system that you don't learn until, again, you go through the step process.

Some were . . . When you become older, then you're taught about different things, like for example, the Kachina people.

A Kachina is a representative of what used to be ETs when they first came to our people when we were still in the developmental phase and they were still in the teaching stage of teaching the American Indian indigenous tribes of how to take care of themselves and the Earth and other living things and also the connection.

Corey: Yeah, farming, all the different civilization . . .

Clifford: Technology.

Corey: Technology.

Clifford: Includes agriculture, farming, how to build things, and how to relate to other different god systems.

So those are our transitions that were made throughout history, simply for the reason that . . . One of the reasons was abductions by the early ETs way back in times past.

So they went into what they called a Kachina society. So we take the place of those people.

But the thing about it is that they say that you become those people in spirit and in the ways that when you become a Kachina person, you become that individual. And they're always there with you, even though you can't see them.

David: So Clifford, in videos where you've come forward before, you explain that some very important things started to happen to you when you were 22 years old.


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