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Cosmic Disclosure: Hopi and Zuni Prophecies with Clifford Mahooty -- Season 8, Episode 10

David Wilcock:
All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we are here with our special guest Clifford Mahooty, who was brought to our attention by our insider's insider, Corey Goode. So continuing this fascinating discussion, here we are.

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Source - Sphere Being Alliance

Clifford, welcome to the show.

Clifford Mahooty: Glad to be here.

David: And Corey, thanks for being here.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So Clifford, we are now going to start talking about some of these very interesting artifacts that your people, the Zuni, have had in their possession.

You have said on public record now that you believe they have off-world artifacts. Could you be a little more specific?

Clifford: I believe one of the first off-world things that I learned about was the crystals. And these were both used as transmitter and receiver, so I guess they would fall in the category of transceivers.

David: Hm.

Clifford: And they would use these for communications with other groups, in this case, probably some of the sacred groups throughout the land here on the planet, and also other places.

And there has been some artifacts that had been saved throughout the years, but most of them are now in the hands of those people that don't know what they are.

David: So these look like regular crystals, or do they have a sculpted look? Or what would we see?

Clifford: They come in different forms. Some of them are natural. Like if you took a quartz crystal, for example, they have the same size. And some of them are round – the crystal balls that they use for looking in there, especially in the other societies and other groups throughout the world.

And I also have studied that in terms of what they use now in computers. Computer technology is also used in the crystal technology, primarily for storage.

And I believe that they use this as a bank of information which could be infinite. And, of course, they also connect with other, perhaps off-world or inner-world systems that they can transmit messages and probably viewing through those, those technologies that have been in existence since, I understand, since the beginning of the Indian culture and people.

Corey: So the crystals actually store information.

Clifford: Yes.

Corey: So that's kind of a little bit of a correlation. In previous testimony on Cosmic Disclosure, we talked about the Inner Earth group, the Anshar.

And they use crystals as giant, basically, computers. It's data banks for information.

Clifford: Uh-hm.

Corey: So that's kind of an interesting correlation that they can store information in them as well as use them as a transceiver to communicate with, I guess, people from space and people from the inner world as well.

Clifford: I think they're from all different dimensions, if you want to look at it that way, not only the dimensions that we as humans are aware of. But I think that they also go beyond other dimensional areas or zones, or perhaps in an interdimensional type of system, which I really don't have any idea about. But I think that these messages are received instantaneously in most cases.

And a lot of that among the primitive tribes have been used for the healing practices. And the healing practices is also used of [by] other groups to also interconnect with other, perhaps, inner world, off-world, and even on the surface systems for transfer of knowledge that is so required at that time. And it's usually done without any language.

It just, I guess, in a way, just transmits in a different zone . . .

Corey: Thought.

Clifford: . . . for communication. The thought processes.

Corey: Right.

David: So Clifford, were there any other artifacts that the Zuni got from the star people that you're aware of?

Clifford: I believe that there was many things that were given or survived throughout the thousands of years, but most of them were taken out by the early explorers like the Smithsonian.

And there's a lot of records. And I even saw them way back in the 1960s, of some of the stuff that they took out from Zuni throughout different expeditions starting back in the 1880s.

And they even went and dug up some ruins, the original ruins that were there in existence during the Spanish invasion. And so those artifacts were stored in the Smithsonian.

We went back years later to ask for it, but they told them that they had gotten rid of them or they couldn't trace them back.

But I saw them back in 1966, some of the masks, some of the paraphernalia that they used for religious and curing purposes, and also some of the original artifacts that they recovered from the tribes.

And so there are many things that were in other different museums, like the Hyde Museum in New York and other museums throughout the country.

After the Indian Repatriation Act and the Graveyards Protection Act, they gave a lot of it back to the Indians, but we don't know exactly what the process was.

Corey: There could have been technology, off-world technology, involved in what the Smithsonian removed, because you mentioned before that there was . . . speak of “flying shields” that were handed over to the native population, and they actually flew in them.

Clifford: Not only that they used the shields, but other vessels that they used for transportation in the old days.

David: When you say “shields”, I just want to be clear. Are these like sculptures that are meant to look like flying saucers, or are they actual craft?

Clifford: It's a craft, but it looks like a shield, the flying shields.

David: Oh!

Clifford: A reference is also made of the flying gourds, which are round vessels.

David: Ah!

Clifford: So because at that time, what would they relate it to?

David: Right.

Clifford: It's something that they were familiar with.

So the shield, in this case, would be something that you guard yourself with . . . against. Most Indian tribes had their shields back in warfare days. And so that's the only reference that you can make.

And if your flying shield is flying around, well, that's the only reference that they had.

David: You may be aware that here on Gaia we've been investigating some very unusual, humanoid-looking mummies. Have you had any encounters with possible artifacts of that nature?

Clifford: I'm only aware of them through information that was given me. For example, the one that this Hopi person told me about is that, . . . especially in the ant people that the Hopis are very familiar with.

Now, I've heard of other mummified beings like the one that they took out of the Chaco Canyon, according to this same individual, that was inside of a log that they transported from the Chaco to Hopi.

David: Hm.

Clifford: From my first glance, it's mummified. But it also has a covering on it that looks like . . . If you look at a piece of mahogany wood or a root, a mahogany root, and it's like polished. But I can sense immediately that there was something that used to live as a living being.

But it's about . . . I would say it's about that long. [Clifford spreads his hands about 30 inches apart]

David: You're saying it was actually glossy?


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