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3 Steps of Disclosure Consciousness -- Milestones for an Awakening Mind

by Teresa L Yanaros,

Achieving a disclosure-based mindset can be achieved in these three steps. They are not necessarily easy, but are paramount nevertheless in order to best support successful soul development.

What is Disclosure?
"Dis" - removal, or release,

"Closure" - that which is closed, shut, hidden,

"Disclosure" literally means the release or uncovering of what is hidden.
We live in a society where much information is completely botched and/or skewed by the main stream media on its way out to the general public.

Some of the most recent obvious fumbles are related to these recent news items:
  • The Las Vegas shooting and subsequent controversy regarding changing claims
  • Tom Delonge’s push for public donations and questions about motivations behind his new project
  • Evidence mounting against an atrocious amount of pedophilia among high-profile individuals
  • Suspicions about what is really going on in Antarctica
These are just a few of the recent scandals that are setting off the public, and moving people into a severely distrustful state of mind when it comes to what is being released into the main stream. The deceit is hitting a new level of ridiculousness.

That being said, we are moving into a new level/phase of disclosure being leaked, in my opinion due to the unregulated nature of the internet, more people being awakened to the truth, and what I like to call “the good guys” behind the scenes, pushing to give us the truth regardless of what any cabal or control construct might have to say about it.

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All politics aside, a certain level of consciousness must be maintained while going about the quest for the holy grail of disclosure; the capital t “Truth” behind the headlines.

Disclosure Consciousness
"Disclosure" - the uncovering of what is hidden

"Consciousness" - that state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings

"Disclosure Consciousness" is the awakened mindset that we must embody while undergoing the process of uncovering what has been hidden from the human race.
We must move into an open state of mind in order to set the best example for others as more truth is disclosed to the public. Disclosure is already happening now, so we must continually check ourselves and reassess our behavior and attitude as we expand as a collective.

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How to Shift into a Disclosure Consciousness Frame of Mind

The following steps provide an overview of how to expand your mindset into a full encapsulation of “Disclosure Consciousness.” This is a consciousness that must be maintained daily, it is not simply achieved once and put away. It is a frame of mind that must be sought after, nurtured and catalyzed. Breathing life into your own frame of mind is not only empowering and healthy, but can lift you to new heights of experience.

1. Go through your own Paradigm Shift.

Once you dive down the disclosure rabbit hole, you start to understand the deeper truths that lie underneath the main stream surface. This provides you a glimpse of the light and darkness within all, and leads you towards achieving a more acceptance-based mindset.

Through sparking your internal assessment, you evoke deeper metacognition (thinking about thinking) within yourself. You might find yourself asking these deeper questions:
  • Why do I believe what I believe?
  • How did I reach this conclusion?
  • Why does it evoke certain emotions within me?
  • What do these emotions teach me?

2. Halt Preconceived Notions. Do Your Research.

You have many epiphanies about the deeper nature of truth. Some examples are you realize that you cannot judge entire groups of people based on the actions of some within that group, or people’s entire body of research based on one mistake they’ve made. Due to your expanded view of the world, you notice that all assertions require a deeper, discerning look. Therefore, when you first hear something about a concept, person, or group of people, you stop to make sure you do your research and due diligence before drawing conclusion.

Because you are more accepting of ideas, you do your research and move into a space of fairness and discernment.

During step one, you rewired your mind to look deeper within, assess your belief systems and update what was needed. By going into the roots of your own mind it propelled you next to go with out. Now you are driven to assess the external information in your field and also see beneath that.

First you went within, now you go without. You might find yourself asking these questions:
  • How can I refine this belief system?
  • How can I authenticate new research?
  • Why has this truth been obfuscated?
  • What extra layers of truth can I find beneath the surface?

3. Leave Room to be Surprised. Pivot When Necessary.

Even once you make a decision based on thorough research, you know that information is always changing. You leave room for new insights to breathe life into old concepts, so that you can continually strengthen and better define your ideas and belief systems. You are thorough, effective and diligent, but malleable and open-minded.

Once you find balance within yourself and your external reality, you can master the art of open minded research and ability to let go of falsities and limited belief constructs.

It’s a beautiful cycle of creation, destruction, and renewal. You might find yourself asking these questions:
  • How does this new piece of information affect my other theories- does it corroborate or weaken the claim?
  • How can I redefine my belief system based on this new piece of information?

Congratulations, You Have Achieved “Disclosure Consciousness!”

You now have the capacity to develop the intrinsic motivation to research the deeper nature of what you believe to assess to really uncover what is real.

You move into an extremely calm state of mind. You trust that you have the ability to look deeper into the light and dark sides of all, and leave room to change your mind. The world is an ever-changing place, and we must evolve with it.

Your friends and family begin to look up to you as you shine with the calm clarity of someone who is not chained to ignorance or confusion. You begin to model this behavior for others, and serve as a wonderful example of a warrior seeking Stillness in the Storm.

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About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, multi-media enthusiast and writer with a passion for uncovering the truth behind the headlines, graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Arlington. Due to her exposure to and interest in the Rendlesham Forest Incident and government coverup and her military and spiritual upbringing, Yanaros has always had an intense passion for researching UFOs, government conspiracies, and spiritual topics. Yanaros provides thoughtful insights as an independent journalist and public speaker, and through multiple media projects including Stillness in the Storm and Divine Frequency, thrives to co-create a positive future for humanity. Follow on Twitter @divinefrequency, Facebook Divine Frequency, and Instagram @moonflameglow.

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