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Unity and Community - 2 Things the Cabal Fears Most - Exploring Where Our Greatest Power Lies

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 6, 2017

Over the centuries, there have been numerous uprisings by the people for the sake of freedom and liberation. We as human beings enjoy our ability to live our own lives and to choose for ourselves what we do and don't experience. However, there are those who do not consider common humanity to be worthy of this freedom.

As history has repeated, populations typically gather in various geographic areas which are ideal for successful society. Eventually, elitists take control of the populations with promises of greater order and protection. This order and protection eventually degrades into excessive control and oppression. After a time of oppression, the population realizes this control, chooses to be free, and eventually overthrows the elitists to regain their freedom.

This is the cycle of societal evolution, or so it would seem. Though the elite have an annoying way of recycling their societal control strategies, this control has been proven to be quite fragile in nature. In fact, it is now well-known that tyrannical governments—though they may appear powerful—have plenty of weaknesses which oppressed people can exploit in order to free themselves from tyranny.

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In modern-day society—particularly in America—the strategies of liberation are very similar to what they have always been. Some may believe these strategies to involve some type of violence or direct physical opposition. Though some instances in the past have involved these activities, these are not always necessary in efforts of social and societal liberation.

Parasitic Tyranny

In previous articles, I have discussed extensively the nature of parasitic relationships among people and how these relationships can affect individuals and populations. These relationships typically occur between those who have excessive internal strength (who are usually oppressed) and those who have extreme lack of such strength (the oppressors).

For instance, the group known as the Cabal needs a large human population in order to benefit from their debt-based currency known as the petro-dollar. These Cabal exploiters hand out this fraudulent currency by the million, and everyone who uses it incurs debt or liability to repaying this currency (along with tax and/or interest) to those who originally issued it. This system is based upon fraud and fictitious wealth.

There is virtually no value in sheets of paper, and yet this paper or its false representation is treated as the most coveted material in North America. Without the people's consent, the Cabal could never impose the societal bane that is money onto the population. It would be impossible to incur the necessary monetary interest to maintain the parasitic financial relationship we presently have with them.

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This fraud of paper money demonstrates one of many ways in which tyrannical controllers like the Cabal need large groups of people in order to function. In reality, the Cabal cannot function on their own. The relationship is much like a parasite to a host, and once we the collective host realize this, all it will take is one simple choice to reject the Cabal completely. In fact, this is happening as we speak.

So what is needed in order to liberate a society from parasitic tyrants?

The Power of Unity

“Divide and conquer” - Most of us know this technique of elitists to maintain control over large populations. It has been a major factor in the continuity of global strife, war and desolation on our planet. If this divide-and-conquer method were not employed, the people could easily rise up, overthrow their elitist oppressors, and gain their freedom. This is actually why this divisive method has been so consistently employed over time.

Within any grassroots movement geared toward positive change, unity is everything. In order to accomplish any task, whether large or small, the unity of the people is what makes that task possible. The more people that are agreeable and moving in any particular direction, the more successful that group will be in achieving their overall goals.

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Cooperation is the foundation of the entirety of the natural world. Every organism—from the microscopic to the gargantuan—works with the organisms and the environment around it for life, sustenance, and homeostasis. There are no loners in the natural world, and the work and efforts of one organism has a way of benefiting all the other organisms surrounding it.

Nature is basically a network of cooperative relationships and this network is extremely intricate and complex. Yet this network is surprisingly orderly and self-managing. In fact, nature gives consistent examples of unified prosperity and cooperation among many organisms. To demonstrate, here is an excerpt from the nature website, Facts and Details, with a few details on flocks of birds.
A flock that moves as a group in one direction can form as birds begin to orient themselves more strongly with other birds in the group.

Flocks of birds are effective at maintaining the wellbeing of the flock. A flocking group is able to monitor a large area; gather information of what is there; relay the information to others and respond collectively to dangers and opportunities.

To examine the flocking behavior of birds, Craig Reynolds, a computer graphics researcher, created a seemingly simple steering program in 1986 called boids that helps demonstrate how flocking works. In the program generic birdlike objects, or boids, follow three simple rules: 1) avoid crowding nearby boids; 2) fly in the general direction of nearby boids, and 3) stay close to nearby boids. The result: convincing simulations of flocking behavior, including lifelike and unpredictable movements. The concept has been used to simulate swarming behavior in Hollywood movies, Sony video games and groups of small robots.

Studies by Iain Cousin at Oxford University found that a large group’say a flock of migrating birds---can head to a desired direction with only a couple of individuals knowing the way and each member of the group having two instincts; 1) staying with the group; and 2) moving in a desired direction. Two leaders may try to pull the flock in different direction but the flock tends to stay together.

These behaviors characterize birds as some of the most unified and cooperative groups in all of nature. We as people may look at such examples and consider what it would be like for us humans to get along and work together with such efficiency. Let's look at another example on the cooperative behavior of fish.

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