Thursday, September 7, 2017

Understanding John Searls SEG - Coherence Vs Chaos - What It Takes & Context

(Jason VerbelliI put these Steemit articles together to better communicate the concept of John Searl's SEG. Turned about 45 pages of text and still images on Microsoft Work into 10 pages of animated GIFs/pics. With detailed explanations about the SEG Mockup, magnetic levitation, eddy currents, waveforms, etc.

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SourceJason Verbelli Blog

by Jason Verbelli, April 27, 2017 

I figured it's probably super unreasonable for me to expect others to read through or even skim a 315 page PDF. Just to understand the basics of John Searl's claims. Attention spans are mere minutes now. So I'm trying to cram all that text and still images into moving visuals.
Describing what is is you're looking at in the YouTube videos of the magnetic spinning "thing". Verses what we are aiming to manufacture in totality.
Super easy to follow info.

Making sure each simple point is addressed. Clearing up misconceptions (again/still)

I was trying to verbally explain the motion and complex interaction of electric fields/currents and magnetic poles. Difficult to do without the proper visual tools. So now I can put together blogs to show moving GIFs that are literally worth 1000 words.

Cymatic Magnetism (Steemit Article):

What is the SEG Mockup? (Steemit Article):

Coded Magnets vs. Magnetic Waveforms (Steemit Article):

Magnetic Field of Dreams Presentation:

Magnetic Waves/ Demonstrations/ Context:

John Searl Photo Album (embed code in the comment of each photo):

My YouTube Channel:

John Searl Playlist:

SEG Magnetics, Inc.:
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