Friday, September 15, 2017

Twitter and Washington Post Caught Threatening Black Women for NOT being Anti-Trump -- Take The Red Pill | Candace Owens and Stefan Molyneux

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an interview by Stefan Molyneux of Candace Owens, a woman who helped break the Gamergate story. She claims to have been threatened by a Twitter employee, who said Owens would be attacked for using Kickstarter to talk about internet bullying of black Trump supporters. The employee told Owens that she needed to take down her Kickstarter or suffer the consequences, which Owens refused. Within hours, she was racially attacked by obviously fake Twitter accounts who presented themselves as Trump supporters. The Washington Post contacted her for a story and produced an article that falsely painted her Kickstarter campaign as racist and potentially a tool for pedophiles. Owens claims that she was clearly the victim of some kind of anti-Trump campaign that was trying to use her to further hidden agenda. Her story implies that a great deal of the alt-right's racist rhetoric could actually be agents of the left who are trying to paint Trump, and anyone not against him, as a racist. 

While Owens may not have penetrated the depth of the conspiracy, readers of this site will understand that this is just another example of divide and conquer tactics. 

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The powers that be want us to fight amongst ourselves, using race, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, and anything else they can, to get the job done. 

This story should be spread far and wide as it helps highlight the obvious triggering tactics used on social media. Trolls and fake accounts online are not some wild conspiracy theory, they are quite real and their goal is to keep you angry and upset. From this place, any discussion of unity, tolerance, and cooperation—specifically to end these deceptive frauds—will be hard. 

But with knowledge of deception comes the power to look past our initial reactions, to the greater truth that lies beneath. 

- Justin

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