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Transcript of Corey Goode Presentation: Life on Mars -- Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference, April 21st, 2017

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is part two of the Sedona Cosmic Awakening conference wherein Corey Goode discusses life on Mars.

Special thanks to Andrew for the hard work.

- Justin

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RD = Rion De’Rouen, CG = Corey Goode, AM = Audience Member, GK = Giselle Koy.
Life on Mars
RD - Without further ado, Mr. Corey Goode!
CG - Alright. Alright. Thank you. Well, welcome everyone here and everyone on the livestream. Today— [APPLAUSE] Thank you. [MAN MOVES MICROPHONE CLOSER] Alright.

What happened to Mars?

·      Mars was once a satellite of Maldek a “Super Earth” like planet
·      500,000 years ago Maldek is destroyed
·      Remains of Maldek now make up the Asteroid Belt
CG - So what is Mars? [MALDEK EXPLODES] Wow. I hadn’t seen that animated before. Very cool. Mars was once a satellite around a Super Earth planet that used to be where the asteroid belt is. This was the first cataclysm that happened that caused the group that was living on both this planet, which has several different names, and Mars to finally have to travel to Earth to start again.

Effects of Maldek Explosion on Mars

·      One side of Mars is covered in craters
·      Half of Mars is charged Positive & half is charged Negative
·      Mars is like a giant capacitor
CG – [TO STAGEHAND] Thank you. Now part of Mars is covered—one part of Mars is covered in craters more than the other, and also, the crust is much, much thinner on one side. And each side is polarized positive or negative so that the planet builds up static like a capacitor over long periods of time, both from the moons going around but also all the sandstorms and weather that they have on the planet. It creates static that the planet absorbs to a certain point, and then it has a static discharge and often will strike one of the moons with a large bolt of basically lighting—static—electricity.
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Pre-Adamites Leave Mars to Survive

·      Set up colonies on the Moon & Antarctica
·      Large cluster bomb destroys moon colony
·      Flee to Antarctica
CG - If I could get that fan, that’d be great. Originally, some of the beings that were on Mars left to go to the outer solar system and to other star systems. The other group decided to come to the Moon and set up a colony on the Moon. And they also had already had a colony in Antarctica for a couple hundred thousand years they had located this Ancient Builder technology. The Ancient Builder Race was a group about 1.8 billion years ago was at the top of its civilization and then disappeared. And not only were they responsible for a lot of these Ancient Builder Race ruins in our star system, but also in the local 52 stars—our local star cluster.


·      Tall with elongated skulls
·      Fatty pockets on chest & belly
·      Developed under different barometric pressure

CG - They’re very tall and thin. They have the very strange torsos like you see in the pharos—the depictions of the pharos. Their skulls—their necks were thinner as well, so it appears that they were obviously—they obviously evolved on a different planet in a different atmosphere where there was much higher gravity and barometric pressure. They had— [NEXT SLIDE] [PREVIOUS SLIDE] The males have like fatty patches on their chests and have like a potbelly. It’s just a natural part of their anatomy. So. The one on the right is one of the pureblood pre-Adamites that came from Mars and Tiamat. The one on the left is a human hybrid with one of these pre-Adamites that we’re calling for lack of a better word right now.

Mars Soul Knot & the Law of One

These entities were so traumatized by this occurrence that they were in what you may call a social complex knot or tangle of fear. No one could reach them and no beings could aid them.
Eventually a Confederation entity was able to relax the knot. They were then transformed into the inner or time/space dimensions and underwent a lengthy process of healing.
CG - Many here are familiar with the Law of One and the tie-ins that David Wilcock has pointed out with the recent information that I’ve provided as well as the Law of One material. And it appears that some of it that has tied in has to do with the soul knot. The people that were I think originally involved on Tiamat that died in a great cataclysm. Their souls were taken I believe here where they could begin to heal and go through the rest of the third-density process.

Nazi Colonization of Mars

CG - Okay. The Nazis began to colonize space far earlier than most people would believe. During the ‘30s, they were already trying to set up small colonies on the Moon and Mars, most of which were not successful. They were not really successful until they made a few deals with the Draco and a couple of other groups that have like embassies on the Moon.

First Nazi Colonies

·      Made the trip in Nazi saucer craft
·      Flew from Earth to the Moon and then to Mars
·      First colonies were 12-24 People 

CG - I could really use that fan. [LAUGHTER] These are three—this is the debut of—these three pieces of art were done by one of the artists that are doing our graphic novel. The Nazis had originally began to get information about these flying machines from places like Tibet where they were going and basically attacking monasteries, getting their ancient knowledge, and they even tortured priests to translate it. So they were getting this information in very dark ways, and while doing this, they ran into a Nordic race. And a lot of these priests were actually caretakers or watchers over entrances to somewhat inner earth-type bases that these Nordic groups were living in. Later on, the Nazis also ended up making a deal with the reptilian race, who really seemed to be more aligned with their agenda and dark energies.

Conditions for the Colonies

·      Nazi colonies had several false starts
·      Lost entire settlements
·      They used pressurized vehicles on tank tracks
CG - As I stated, the Nazi colonies had some really difficult times. They didn’t have really advanced technology. It was not that much further advanced, when it comes to regular electronics, than they had probably in the ‘50s or ‘60s. It wasn’t very well-shielded, and when they were—within the first—from the equator up 20°, both north and south, they were finding that this capacitor-like property of Mars was causing electronics to short-out or to have EMPs. So they started moving into more of the southern regions under the 20th parallel. That’s when they started to have more of the successful-type bases.

Operation High Jump

After Operation High Jump German Breakaways sign treaties with Eisenhower and Truman
A union is formed with the MIC Aerospace and Engineering Corporations and the Nazi breakaway civilizations
The ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) is born
CG - Operation High Jump kicked in very soon after Operation Paperclip. While the Operation Paperclip scientists were basically infiltrating the military-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex was finding out about bases in South America and Antarctica. They decided to send Byrd—Admiral Byrd down to attack these bases. [TO STAGEHAND] Thank you. The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate came about right after the Nazis visited, I believe it was Eisenhower and in 1952. At first, Eisenhower did not want to work with the Nazis, but they knew that our number-one top-secret information had to do with free energy and to keep control over the energy sector and therefore the world, basically. So the German breakaway group flew over—in 1952, flew over Washington D.C. as a way to say, “If you don’t work with us, we’re going to let everyone know about this free energy and high technology.”

The ICC colonizes Mars

CG - Once the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate was formed, which occurred soon after the Germans infiltrated the military-industrial complex, they then began to take the—I guess, the most seasoned and trusted people off of boards of all these different military-industrial complex contracting companies and put them on sort of a super board. And from this super board, they would decide where to build out infrastructure in the rest of our solar system and beyond.

First Colonies

·      First successful ICC settlements started in late 50’s
·      Mars had been well mapped out by time of US German treaties

CG - The first real successful colonies started in the 1950’s, when the Brain Drain occurred. Mars had been well mapped out by the Germans already. We already knew which cavern areas we could come and inhabit and build out pressurize and create habitats in and which ones were controlled by a couple of different nonterrestrial groups.

Other beings on Mars

·      Elusive human like beings with red skin wearing cloaks
CG - The insectoids would be seen quite a bit by the military outposts—the security outposts. And I talked on Cosmic Disclosure about how a patrol in one position would see something different than the security patrol in a different position. These insectoids had a way of making them see humans. One person would see like a blond male human, and then the other person would report seeing maybe a female, someone totally different. The technology worked different on different people’s minds. There was a reptilian group there that basically had conquered it a long time ago or took over basically when things got wiped out. There was also in the smart glass pad a group of humans that had reddish skin that were very elusive and usually did not hang around to interact with the humans from the colonies.

Operation Foothold

·      ICC Secured prime areas to develop bases
·      Destroyed whole civilizations using vacuum nukes
·      Similar to how the colonist in the US killed the Native Americans

CG - Unfortunately, they repeated history, but there were some large—there were large lava tube areas that are like hundreds of times larger than the lava tubes here on Earth, and they were perfect for building out habitats. Unfortunately, this insectoid group had built them out many, many millennia ago. The ICC then ordered that these bases be taken out and by use these fifth-gen nuclear-type weapons that they have that they explode and then come back together in a big vacuum. They wiped out many, many millions of these beings just to have this cavern to build out their ICC bases.

Cosmic Web Portals

·      Hyper dimensional mathematics model used to navigate
·      Natural portals are everywhere
·      ICC used IE (Intuitive Empaths) to help locate them

CG - They began to transport materials, in the beginning, through these portals—these natural portals that would go—that would transverse from the Earth to Mars. They would—In the begging, until they learned this hyper-dimensional mathematics model and knew how to calibrate their technology, people were suffering from temporal dementia. They were having so many problems that they were just mainly transporting materials. And at times, they would use intuitive empaths to help locate which—or detect which of these portals were going to activate. And this picture, you can sort of see the cosmic web, these electromagnetic tube-type connections that go from galaxy to galaxy, from star to star. And within a star system, each star has a connection to every planet or planetoid within its solar system. And all of these different planets have basically the grid systems on the planets like we do. The ley lines, I guess you would call them. And as the Earth turns, you have an electromagnetic connection through this cosmic web. And they’ve learned how to calculate how to time it just right and put just the right amount of energy into this portal system to where they can pop out when and where they want.

Material Transport Via Portals

·      Raw materials transported to mars through natural portal system
·      Portals look like an energy bubble with slight mirage effect
·      Traveled via portals at times caused “Temporal Dementia”
CG - A lot of raw materials, in the beginning, were transported to Mars. And they were also using some of the ships to transport materials, but mainly, they were transporting people, and for a while, they were transporting quite a few people. I guess when you see Stargate, you see this flat kind of like a pond against the wall that’s the portal that they walk through. The portals that I’ve seen have been—they have three devices. Sometimes there have been four, but usually there were three that focus into one point, and it creates sort of like a bubble in on itself, and the ground looks like it goes—it sinks further down. Floating in that area, there’s a sphere that looks like a mirage that you see above a highway. And if they had like a metal beam that they were transporting, when they activated it, the beam would like fold up like this and go inside, pop out on the other side. And when people were going through, people would be standing 360° around this portal and start walking in all directions, and then they pop out walking in all directions. So it looks different than it’s usually depicted on—in the movies.
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ICC bases built on Mars

·      Kit assembly type of bases
·      Built out more bases then they had personnel
·      Bases built in the goldilocks zone of the 20th parallel

CG - This is a video from Project Iceworm. It used to be classified. Many of you may have seen it already. In Greenland, the U.S. Army built a secret base under the ice, and this base was going to be used to house ICBMs, but the authorities in Greenland found out after we crashed our ICBMs in our plane when we were trying to load the silos. But interestingly enough, this method that they used is the same method that we used to build many dozens of bases down in Antarctica that are now being used by the military-industrial complex to research and develop weapons, which is against the 1959 treaty. We also used very similar techniques to build Mars outposts. They used a lot of modular kits. Everything would be on large palettes, and you break it apart and you put it together like a puzzle.

The Brain Drain Era

CG - Brain Drain. Everyone’s familiar with that. 1950’s when they—all these—all of the really top scientists began to disappear.

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Slave Labor Force

·      Told people Earth was going to experience cataclysmic change
·      They would live a “Jetsons” Life Style
·      They would be carrying on the human species

CG - They were told you could live like the Jetsons. They would show them these lavish videos that they said were on Mars which were actually on Earth. The elite bases. And they made them think that that’s where they were headed. They were basically going to be a part of a—keeping the species going. They were told that there was going to be a large cataclysm on the Earth and that they were going to carry on the human line.

Living conditions in ICC colonies

·      Draconian & Tyrannical
·      Arranged Marriages and Eugenics
·      Didn’t want ANY chance of a “free mars” 13 colonies situation

CG - When they arrived, it turned out to be just a prison. They were taken and put in small cells they were told that their children were going to do this type of work depending on how they tested, that they would be married in an arranged marriage at young ages. They’d very quickly learned that they had made a major mistake by bringing their families there. The groups decided, as they set up these colonies, that they did not want another thirteen colonies type situation like what happened in the United States, how it broke away from the British.

Colony Production and Galactic Trade

·      Humans are good engineers
·      Technology is manufactured on Mars for Galactic Trade
·      Mining for raw materials on Mars and many other places
CG - It turns out that humans are really good engineers, and that’s really hard for some people to believe, that we are so good at engineering things that other groups, other nonhuman groups would want to come and procure our technology. What we’ve learned to do very well is back-engineer technology and improve it. And mix technologies. A lot of these groups don’t do that on their own. They’re very much purists in their technology. But they can find a way to see around that a lot of the times if they’re buying it from—or trading for it. I won’t go into the slave trade stuff. That’s just a little too dark, and you’ll hear enough about that in the future, I’m sure. There is a galactic trade with over 900 different civilizations that, on a regular basis, will meet at Mars and trade components of craft or entire craft. They often trade biological specimens from other star systems or other technology that the ICC hasn’t seen or has wanted to get their hands on. Materials they mine—they mine quite a few materials on Mars, but for a while now, they’ve received a lot of the materials from the asteroid belt. They’ve been mining it for quite some time.

What I saw on Mars during my 20 & Back

CG - During my “20 & Back,” there were a couple of, I guess, ventures to Mars.

Imported Life

Earth pests were brought to Mars

Large Rats

Large Cockroaches
CG - I didn’t see this myself, but I read in the smart glass pad that beginning in—especially when the Germans were trying to set up their colonies, they weren’t real big on, I guess, trying to purify—keep everything pure and not cross-contaminate. So a lot of different types of bugs, some rats, different spiders—a lot of these different pests made it over there with them, and the environment there, along with the radiation, caused them to grow very quickly and to kind of morph into different types of versions of the species they used to be.

Native Animal Life

·      Giant Spiders
·      Bat/Bird like animals
·      Large grub like worms
CG - There were giant spiders reported but also these very large grub worms. They moved very slowly. And there were these bat-like birds that I did witness that they burrowed under the ground, and as each time their wings flapped, there was a peep noise. They made, you know, a peep noise. They didn’t—the air was so thin it didn’t look like or feel like that was a place where winged flight would be able to work. I didn’t understand that.

Plant Life

CG - There was also—the plant life that I observed were these strange little bushes that seemed to grow in root colonies, and they’d pop up in little clusters. They had thorns on them and these very sharp leaves that came into points that were purple and red. They were very hardy looking bushes. There have been reports of different types of plants that kind of grow and then die off real quick and then grow back during these weird ebb and flows of how the water works on the planet.


CG - Of course, there are the pyramids. We have the five-sided pyramids that everyone is aware of in Sedona.

CG - And then we have—they seem to line up the same way the pyramids do here on Earth. And it definitely appears that there’s some sort of relation between pyramids and these pre-Adamite groups. I don’t know if they co-opted the technology or if it’s just a common technology that a lot of beings know about out there in the universe.

Water on Mars

·      Ice melts and then freezes again daily
·      There are no large oceans still on Mars

CG - On the surface, ice melts and freezes on a very rapid and regular basis. Something I haven’t really talked about, this is really the first time I’ve talked about it, is that in the cavern systems below ground, there are vast amounts of water, and the large cavern systems have huge colonies of different types of beings, including humans now. It’s like an oasis—the amount of water that they have. And they’ve set up a lot of hydroponics. And they have set up small environments, close to replicating what the Anshar have done.

The Skies of Mars

·      Blue & Purple skies
·      Red skies are due to dust in the atmosphere

CG - Skies do look red a lot of the time, especially towards the equator. A lot of that has to do with the reflection of the red dust—the Sun off the red dust. But definitely—especially in the mornings and the evenings, you can see a blue—pale-blue, pale-purple sky. It’s pale-purple, pale-blue. You can’t—it doesn’t look like our sky. It’s paler and, I don’t know. Just a thinner atmosphere, if that makes sense.

Mars Aurora Borealis

CG - We’d see aurora borealises as well, but they looked a little bit different than the ones that I’ve seen pictures—I haven’t seen the actual aurora from Earth. They are more ribbon-like—more spread out and ribbon-like around Mars.

Mars Moons & Satellites


·      Artificial structure
·      Collapsing in on itself

CG - Phobos has an artificial structure on it. It is not actually an artificial structure. I’ve gone back and forth on the information I’ve received. When I put out that it was an actual—the information I had that it was an actual structure that was created that collapsed in on itself, I was corrected by Gonzales very quickly, and he stated that it was actually a piece of an exploded planet that had been mined heavily, and the area that had been mined was later turned into a large scientific development complex by one of these nonterrestrial groups, that it’s extremely ancient and had a lot of different technology that had been picked through over the millennia by different groups that had come in and checked out this moon.

Monolith on Photos

Buzz Aldrin mentions monolith on Phobos in MSM interview

CG - And of course, we have seen how Buzz Aldrin has talked about it. That’s been shown quite a bit. The monolith on Phobos is very uniform and crisp in its lines. So it’s obvious to everyone who has imaged it that it is an artificial structure.


Most likely a natural moon

CG - Deimos is also a natural moon, part of an exploded planet that was captured in the gravity of Mars.

Technological Satellites

Hundreds of satellites in Mars orbit
CG - Many hundreds of satellites that we know about and that we don’t know about are around that planet right now, including manned satellites where there are 6, 8, 12 people at any given time that are in the satellites doing different types of scientific research and military—monitoring for military purposes.

Mars Inspection

CG - This—Who’s—Everyone here watch Cosmic Disclosure? You remember the episode on the Mars inspection where I was brought to this colony where we were—we originally were brought—were invited to go to a bunch of acknowledged bases, at least in these programs. And when we got there, we decided to choose a base that they didn’t know we knew about.

Mars Attack

CG - Mars attack. That’s not at all what I was about to talk about. [LAUGHTER] During the time that the Secret Space Program Alliance was coming together, we were having a lot of defectors that were coming from different groups like the Dark Fleet, and some of them made a decision on their own that they had actionable intelligence that a bunch of security codes were going to be changed within certain many hours later. They had an opportunity to strike. So they struck a base on Mars that was basically a colony where there were close to like 250,000 people that were living there and were slave labor. These people didn’t deserve to be taken out like that. This caused quite a bit of a blowback as well. Later on, the military industrial complex groups attacked some of the groups involved in attacking Mars. So it did not turn out well for either side.

New Graphic Novel Project

·      Was told to stop “Preaching to the Choir”
·      Find a Way to Reach more People
·      Sci/Fantasy Minds are ready for this Message
CG - Looks like went through pretty quick. I’m—we’re going to do a Q&A as well to develop some of the time because I know there—people had more questions. The graphic novel. Actually, this has turned out to be much, much more than just a graphic novel. We’re working on getting a lot of this information out to the mainstream as most effective as possible. And we’re talking to people about different movie ideas, different TV show ideas for the mainstream, to put out information about disclosure but also mainly to put out the message—the Blue Avian message. Right now, you can go to to follow progress. We are taking donations to help things getting kickstarted. We should have some funding coming in very quickly. We’re talking to some people about it. Pretty excited.

Blue Avian Message

Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level. Learn to forgive yourself and others (thus releasing karma). This will change the vibration of the planet, raise the shared consciousness of humanity, and change human kind one person at a time -- even if that one person is yourself. They tell us to treat your body as a temple and change over to a higher vibrational diet to aid in the process.
CG - Of course, here’s the Blue Avian message. I do apologize. I had a different version of this presentation that I thought I was going to be—I saw a different cut—um, go ahead to the next one.
CG - Anyone that has an artistic side or is into film production who wants to be a part of Gaia television, they are hiring. They’re hiring everything from IT engineers, graphic designers, copyrighters. They’re looking for a lot of—I think they’re really trying to grow out their social media side. So a lot of—there are people that have different ideas or would like to go to Boulder and work, then contact them through the Gaia website. Thank you. [END OF SLIDESHOW] I guess that’s it. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. I guess while we’re waiting, I can make a little bit of an announcement. We don’t have a name for it yet, but Gaia has asked me to do a new show for them, one that’s going—
Audience - Ooh! [APPLAUSE]
CG - Thank you. This one’s just, it’s just going to be me by myself telling my story from the beginning, and we’re going to have a lot of the assets that we’re using for our graphic novel involved with this, so there should be a lot of really cool graphics and animations to go along with it. We haven’t officially announced it. I was wanting to use one name. They’re not wanting to, so we don’t know what the name is, but when we get the name, I’ll officially announce it on Facebook and Twitter. [APPLAUSE] Thanks.


RD - Crushin’. You guys having fun? Alright, my soundmen of awesomeness. Set up the microphone for the audience. You guys can get your head and get your—you’re so far away, Corey.
CG - Yeah, I know.
RD - I know, I think I should like scoot closer to you. [SCOOTS CLOSER] Okay.
CG - Did I really go through that slideshow in 30 minutes?
RD - You crushed it.
CG - Wow.
RD - So [SOUNDMAN SETS UP RION’S MICROPHONE] Okay. Beautiful. That one’s too short. Okay, you want to switch mics with me? You want to take this one and put it on a stand?
CG - I can scoot that way, too.
RD - Alright, so the name of the game is don’t go to Mars, right?
CG - Right.
CG - Right.
RD - Alright.
CG - Yeah.
RD - We got this amazing job for you and your family! Come to Mars!
CG - Polite pass.
RD - Yeah, yeah. You’re like, “Nah, I’m good.” [LAUGHTER] You want to tell them that one story you told about the—when you were on the shuttle and then you were like, “Yeah—,” you had a sunburn, you were like, “Yeah, I’m from Texas,” and the guards were like, “Wait, what?” You want to tell what they were telling the beings—the guys there on Mars about being on Earth?
CG - Yeah, that was on the train.
RD - Yeah.
CG - They were—they kept looking at each other, and one of them asked me where I was from, and I said I was from Texas, and they really started looking at each other after that. I didn’t look right. I didn’t smell right. I probably smelled like aloe. I had a sunburn. Not many of them had sunburns or saw people with sunburns, so, yeah.
RD - That’s awesome. Alright, so, up next. Alright. Okay. Would you like to ask your question? Up to the stage! What is your name?
AM - Britney.
RD - Britney. Alright. Britney, what question do you have for Corey?
AM - Hi, Corey. Thank you for coming.
CG - Hello.
AM - My question is about Trump and what ETs might be working with him and what the agenda is.
CG - I don’t think Trump is working directly with any ETs. He’s in the know about a lot of stuff, but none of the—he’s not getting any real briefings. The—all of the in— [APPLAUSE] all of the intelligence-type groups, they’re afraid that he’s just going to tweet stuff out. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. So he’s not getting the intel—the full intel right now. Now, he has been backed by some of the—I guess you would call them Earth Alliance-type groups that are trying to destroy the globalists and the cabal-type groups that are on both sides of the isle. There definitely has been a component of them supporting Trump, but as far as him being in direct contact with any ET group, I haven’t heard anything of that nature.
AM - Outside of the Earth Alliance, is there any ET groups that are secretly or covertly or—trying to help direct him or direct outcomes?
CG - I believe I’ve—from what I’ve seen just with the way things have been going recently, things are so orchestrated right now, it’s beyond synchronicity. There are a lot of people coming together that actually have been working—have been—had contact with Nordic groups and other groups that seem to be having—they’re trying to control things—use us as chess pieces, it seems, to try to come to the best outcome. So there are definitely ET groups manipulating things for positive and negative reasons from afar, and they’re trying to avoid any of these cosmic free will laws that they just do not want to break, especially the benevolent ones.
AM - Thank you.
CG - Thank you.
RD - Okay. Brotha. Up to the stage.
AM - Hi.
RD - Hello.
AM - Thanks, first of all, for everything that you’re doing.
CG - Thank you.
AM - The more I become conscious, the more memories are coming back. And it’s becoming more obvious that I—I’m either a 20 & Back-er or I was involved in some kind of program where I was strapped into a chair and conditioned. I’m wondering if you have some advice on how to bring these memories back a little easier and deal with the intense emotional content that seems to be attached to it.
CG - I think it’s important—and I’m trying to work with a large number of these types of professionals, people that have a decent amount of experience doing regression therapy. This is definitely not something you want to start, you know, really visiting on your own. A lot of these things are locked away from the blank-slating they’ve done but also just, you know, from trauma. If you unlock some of these things before you’re ready, there are dangers. They’ve programmed people to where they will hurt themselves or hurt others. So I would suggest, if you feel like you’re having memories coming back, to definitely get in contact with a regression therapist and start slow, Work with them, and, you know, do it in a responsible way. It will not be a pleasant experience.
AM - It already hasn’t.
CG - Right.
AM - But do you have any recommendations for how do I find someone like this? Who’s the right kind of—?
CG - If you get in contact with Vivian, my assistant, we’re starting to try to network with some people like that because I’m getting a lot of people—I’m having a lot of people contacting me right now with these exact questions, and I want to be able to give a good responsible answer for it because it’s a process that is very emotional, but it can also be dangerous. You have to do it in a responsible way for yourself and the people around you.
AM - Thanks.
CG - Thanks.
RD - Awesome. Next question. Astara! … with a notepad. Uh-oh. [LAUGHTER] it’s one question per person, people. Okay.
AM - I think we wanted to hear what happened when you went to the installation that was off-the-maps. You were going to ask to see it and then the slides didn’t, you know. You were starting that story, and my question had to be, I heard from Andrew Bartzis that Mars was waking up, quote/unquote, and that a lot of beings had been in some kind of stasis, paralysis or something, and they’re going to be, in so many words, pissed off now that they’re starting to wake up. What comments do you have about that?
CG - Yeah, there’s information about a lot of different types of stasis beings, including ones that have been on Mars that they’re in an area controlled by a reptilian group, but we have intel that there were stasis beings there that seemed to be the original inhabitants as well as some technology that has been shielded or survived somehow. Now, on the—where we were talking about the—I was on the shuttle with—on the way to Mars, right?
RD - Yeah, yeah.
CG - Yeah. Apparently, I found out much later that one of the defectors in the SSP Alliance was from that base, and he had told us about the base that pretty much it was kind of unacknowledged within the known bases. When we went there, we knew that we were going to be picking up one family to take back with us to be able to talk to, knowing that they’re not being coerced. And it turns out that that family was this guy’s family, and I still haven’t had any information about what happened to that family when we weren’t able to bring them back to the LOC.
RD - How’re you guys doing? A lot of anxiety. Alright, let’s just all take a deep breath. [INHALES] [EXHALES]-for all of planet Earth. You feel that and it’s like palpable. Alright. Annie, I would like to invite you to the stage to ask your question because it’s a very good question. Annie, come up! There’s a microphone right here. Come on up. Here she comes. [AM WALKS UP] Annie.
CG - Hello.
AM - My question is in the olden times, the third density or the third dimension was a lot smaller in bandwidth. And now, because we have so many people growing into consciousness, so many lights going on across the world, so we’ve got a lot of frequency that’s going way up. In addition, the—it seems that we have so much darkness now on the planet. It’s like the pimple that actually has come out. So we’ve got this ray of sunshine, and we’ve got all this darkness. And so what I’ve been thinking about is that the bandwidth is so wide now that— What are your thoughts on the reality or what are the thoughts maybe of the beings or if you have any information on the actual bandwidth splitting? Because in my mind it’s—I don’t really see that the frequency can hold you know like this big band that isn’t really flowing together. Because what I’m noticing a lot is that there are people that are on this frequency, and they’re not really in touch or have any communication with these frequencies here, and so my opinion is that it’s getting thinner and thinner and thinner. So the question is do you think it’ll split? How do you think that’s going to be handled?

CG - It could very well split. Tier-Eir’s talked about this optimal temporal reality that we may create for ourselves. Different people of different frequencies, I believe, are creating different realities, and as they do, you feel them pulling apart. And they very well, through these Mandela Effect-type things that are occurring, we could completely split from them. I don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out. Basically, I’m told that we’re making it play out. Our co-creative consciousnesses are. And right now, there’s a lot of darkness in the world. We see it on the news every day. But the great news is that I’ve never seen a point to where so many starseeds are activated, have excitement in their eyes, and are ready to get out there and fulfill their missions. And when we find a way to get everyone together, it’s going to be—it’s going to have a large impact on this negativity.
AM - Wonderful. Thank you very much for that.
CG - Thank you.
AM - Can I ask one more question?
RD - Ooooh! I don’t know. That’s for later. Thank you, Annie. Next question— Yes, in the red right here. Come on up.
RD - I know. Sitting next to Corey is like sitting next to a Jedi. I feel like I’m like, “I see you upstairs in the hood, homie.” How’s it—what’s going on down here? What is your question?
AM - Hi, Corey.
CG - Hello.
AM - My question is actually more of a personal nature. How are you and your family dealing with the stresses of your mission and all of this coming on you recently. And are your children aware to any degree of what’s going on, in your life or in the greater cosmos really?
CG - It’s been pretty rough on my family, especially you know with me and my wife. It’s been pretty tough. My son, he’s done—he’s been pretty much unaware. My daughter, however, she’s been awake since I can remember. I mean, I can hardly bring her to school. She’s, you know, “You know you’re taking me to a prison, dad.” [LAUGHTER] “They’re trying to socially condition me.” [APPLAUSE] “Dang it!” You know? So she’s 13 years old, and—so hopefully, I’m going to be getting her to homeschooling soon. [APPLAUSE] She does not like public school. But she’s very, very aware. She’s very awake. And I see her having some interesting experiences in the future herself. She’s got a very— She’s very much an intuitive empath herself.
AM - Well she chose you for a reason, no doubt.
CG - Yes.
AM - Of course, we all choose our experiences.
CG - Right. But my son pretty much, nothing. Nothing really right now. It’s hasn’t affected him either way. I don’t really talk about it that much at home. I don’t want to overdo it with them. If they want to watch the show, they can. I think Stacey’s only watched the show—like maybe there shows. She like hasn’t watched it. And my daughter’s, you know, watched it here and there on her own a few times. And my daughter will ask me questions, and I’ll answer whatever questions she asks. I just—I don’t want to, you know, affect you know her developing belief system, you know, too directly. I want her to go down this path herself.
AM - Right.
CG - Of discovery.
AM - Your son seems like a very happy child. I’m sure that when he comes to any point, he’ll [INAUDIBLE] it positively.
CG - Yes. Me too. Thank you.
AM - Thank you very much for answering my question.
CG - Thank you.
RD - Nice. Show ‘em the force, Luke! [LAUGHTER] He has the force! In the back corner. Step into your power, boy! Here we go. Here she comes. Awesome, what’s your name?
AM - Helen Getts.
RD - Alright, Helen. Where’re you from?
AM - Payson, Arizona.
RD - Okay!
AM - Just moved here from Oklahoma.
RD - Nice! What’s your question?
CG - Where in Oklahoma?
AM - McAlister.
CG - McAl—
AM - Yeah. So I Just want to say thank you for everybody for being here. And [I’m ask] you to raise your vibration. And very aware of Corey Goode and Gaia TV, and I just wanted to know what was the latest thing on artifacts and documents and uncovering things. I know what happens a lot of times in archeological digs and discovery is that they kind of get put into private folks and elite. And so what I wanted to know is is there a possibility that we’re moving into creating laws or movements where we’d have access to all these documents and digs and the seeds and the pottery and just all the different civilizations—ancient civilizations?
CG - Yeah, the only recent information I heard on relics had to do with, I guess, in Afghanistan, a MOAB bomb was dropped on a cave complex. There’s been a lot of rumors about what occurred there. And basically, the top layer of this cave system is an ancient cave system used for millennia. There was a command and control structure for ISIS, or the CIA, whichever you want to— [LAUGHTER] [CLEARS THROAT] However you want to call it.
CG - Yeah, CIA. And below that was an area where they had a lot of these artifacts stored that they had taken from Mosul and other places where they completely destroyed some of the ancient Sumerian ruins and had found technology and artifacts within them. They dropped this bomb to collapse the complex on top of itself so that they wouldn’t have access to—and there were also said to be a couple of different types of Vimana down there and also stasis beings that had been down there for many, many millennia.
AM - Wow. Thank you so much.
CG - M-hm.
AM - Appreciate it.
RD - That was an awesome visual.
CG - Wasn’t it?
RD - That was like, “Whooo!” … What do we got? Alright. Shake your hand if you got a really good one. What’s up? Okay! There she is in the back. Come on—Yeah. Yeah. Here. Come on down, the price is right! [LAUGHTER] Here we go. What do we got for you?
AM - So Corey, I’m having this love-hate relationship with you, because all these— [LAUGHTER]
CG - How is it [not] you?
AM - Anybody else? Well, I didn’t know that I was an ET contact until a whole series of events allowed me to be guided to watch Cosmic Disclosures, and I’m going, “You mean those beings are real? They’re physical?” They’re my brothers, my sisters, my parents, my multidimensional beings, and it’s a total mind-warp! And I’m starting to get contact with these little beings that go, “But they’re going to think we’re ugly!” And so we’re having these conversations about how to strategize for humans to be more comfortable. But I’m really interested in your experience, that exquisite experience you had in the inner earth with that mind-heart-meld, and can you tell us about the inner earth beings, please?
CG - Yes. What would you like to know specifically?
AM - [QUICKLY] How do you do that heart-meld thing?
CG - It’s, yeah. It’s interesting. I’ve had so many people come up to me and want to actually [AM FAWNS] to do it.
AM - Let’s do it man! [LAUGHS]
CG - It’s interesting. Ever since that experience, it kind of opened up some sort of energy node or something in my hands. I’m able to feel things a lot and put energy out with my hands a lot more than I ever could before. But I don’t know how she did it. My third-density mind can’t wrap around it, to be honest. The experience itself was so spiritual and overwhelming that I literally spent weeks just sitting in a room by myself staring at the wall thinking about the experience and the information exchanged and feeling the energy of her at different ages and seeing through her eyes and experiencing the feeling of those timeframes. It wasn’t just an observation thing. I was feeling it, smelling it. It was an overwhelming experience.
AM - And you said you went vegan after that? Vegetarian?
CG - Say again?
AM - You went vegetarian after that?
CG - I did. Well, I normally don’t do anything. I’m pretty stubborn. So we were shooting episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, and I was eating a steak with David at a table, and, apparently, I ate some—I ate a Caesar salad and I got sick and two—few of the other guests got sick at the hotel, but after that, I just—I quit. Quit all meat. And I— [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Thank you. I lost 63 pounds.
AM - [GASPS] 63?
CG - Yeah.
AM - Wow.
CG - 63 pounds. And I got to a point to where I could then get off of any medications I was on, any pharmaceuticals got—you know. Yeah, it was a very dramatic experience. It changed me quite a bit. Two years ago, I was a completely different person than I am today.
AM - Thank you for sharing.
CG - It put me on a strange—quick metamorphosis path.
AM - Yeah. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] I think we’re all getting that.
RD - Welcome to Sedona. We’re the bullet train of light. Here we go. Who’s the shadowy figure in the back? I can’t really see you right now. Step forth! Is the consciousness right for you? Here we go. Right here, here he comes. Awesome. What’s your name bro?
RD - Yeah, tilt that up. There you go. What’s your name?
AM - I’m Simon from the planet England.
RD - [UPROAR] Oooh! Aaay! UK’s in the house! Alright, Simon. What is your question for Corey?
AM - I’ve put on 63 pounds of Corey’s, actually. [LAUGHTER] It was great to see the transformation.
CG - I was wondering where it went.
AM - Corey, I got some intel that dark—well I call it dark technocratic intelligence or you call it artificial intelligence. Its energy was sucked out of it to a very large extent I guess around December of last year. Do you have any information on—can you give any more insight into artificial intelligence and where it’s at?
CG - No, I haven’t heard any updates like that. I do know that they are watching the sun very closely—these different groups. One of the major plusses that’s going to occur with this solar flash or these pulses that are going to come from the sun is that it’s going to completely purge AI from our solar system. [APPLAUSE] So that’s going to be a plus.
AM - Is there anything that we can do from our side to facilitate that process?
CG - I think mainly just doing the inner work and make sure—I’ve described this before. I was told all of the different things we haven’t dealt with, all of the karma, it has density. Energy has density. And when these energies try to pass through us, we have blockages. These different issues cause, I guess, behave like an anchor and don’t allow the energies to pass through you and will anchor you more to this density. So that’s why right now all of us and—man, it’s happening to me. All of the things that you think that you haven’t dealt with or that you’ve buried are starting to pop up out of the blue, and you’re having to face them again. It’s a process, and if you just embrace it, then you’re going to become a positive part of the process, and the energies are just—are going to flow much better.
AM - Wonderful. Thank you, Corey. We’re with you all of the way. Thank you.
CG - M-hm.
RD - Yeah, baby! [APPLAUSE] Give it up for Corey. … Yes. In front. Of course.
AM - Hi.
CG - Hello.
AM - Well, following up with what you started to share, I’d like you to speak to what we’re hearing, and I’m hearing from many different alternate factions and lineages of the event, which is the downpouring of the high frequencies allowing us to rise up our frequency to another level and how that informs ascension that we’re experiencing now.
CG - Right. Well—yeah, this ascension process has been going on since the ‘20s or ‘30s. The energy—we started entering these high-energy fields or clouds way back then. And it’s been a slow buildup to what we’re experiencing now. And this has occurred in many other star systems. This is something that is well known. They can set their watches by it, basically. So there are a lot of different cosmic cousins of ours that are watching us go through this process and are rooting for us, hoping that we make it through in a—or that a large number of us can make it through. The energies are going to increase more and more. From what I’ve heard, the blue spheres that are helping to attenuate it so that we’re not overwhelmed have all but disappeared. They are seen very little. They’re very translucent right now. So the energy waves are hitting us hard right now. And I see it in people’s behavior, to be honest.
AM - And it seems like it’s accelerating and accelerating like it’s showtime.
CG - Yeah. Yeah, you hear a lot of people talk about it seems like time is speeding up.
AM - M-hm.
CG - And. Yeah. I mean everyone feels it.
AM - Great. Thank you.
RD - Thank you. Yes! I’m not going to say no to that. [LAUGHTER] Attention! At attention. Yes, here she comes. And she’s flashy. Look at her. Here she comes. Alright!
CG - [PINCHES RION’S SLEEVE] She’s flashy?
RD - [LAUGHTER] Yeah, yo, hey I’m just— You know? [APPLAUSE] Hey! Just. You know?
CG - Viva Los Vegas.
RD - Viva Los Vegas, baby. Viva Las Vegas.
AM - That [thing though] won’t go down, but my [teacher] not from this planet to do that.
CG - Can she hold the microphone down?
RD - Can we get help on the mic? Here comes Brian.
CG - There we go.
RD - There we go.
AM - You’re about to shoot me?
RD - No. There we go.
AM - Anyway. Well, I’m also from the planet England.
RD - Awesome! Love talking to the mic. Here we go. Okay.
AM - I’m not used to this as you can see. Corey, thank you so much for being so brave and courageous because you really have put yourself out there. But we are on the battle line, and we are going to win this bloody battle. I want to ask you what do you know about the Lucifer thing that created the battle that brought this solar system down to the degrading situation that it’s in now, and that there is a mission to rectify that with training that we were born before—before we were born, but we’ve forgotten it.
CG - Right.
AM - And our planet is also going through its own rebalancing. What can you tell us, and why don’t we know about it? We need to prepare.
CG - Right. Well, our planet is rebalancing itself, but it is also going through an accelerated time of going from third to fourth density.
AM - Okay.
CG - We’re riding on this planet, and it’s going to go to fourth density whether we go or not. So it’s—a lot of the energies we’re feeling are coming from the Earth itself as well, emanating from the earth. And that’s one more reason why we’ve got to get in alignment and in harmony with the Earth so that our vibration will match and we’ll make the transition along with her.
AM - Yes, because we’re going to lose land, other land will rise in order to create a balance because we wobble. I know that when I get up in the morning. [LAUGHTER] Anyway, love and God bless, and we’re all there with you. And we will win.
CG - Yes.
RD - It makes it sound so official when she says it, though. She’s like, [INTENTLY] “We will win.” I love that. [POINTS] In the back. Come on up, brother.
AM - There we go.
CG - Hello.
AM - I’m from bonnie Scotland.
RD - Yeah! [LAUGHS]
AM - I live in Seattle because it rains like it does in Scotland. I also live here, by the way. Corey, I have great admiration for what you’re doing. Really. And what you’ve been through. I’m looking back at Cosmic Disclosure where you talked about the tribunals and preparing for that, in terms of prepping. Food, precious metals, cash.
CG - M-hm.
AM - Is there a timing for that that you can give us. Should we be doing it now? Should we have already done it? What’s going to be happening?
CG - Yeah, I mean you should have already have done it. It’s a good idea. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it in that situation.
AM - Right.
CG - When it comes to the timetable, it has changed drastically. They were about to collapse the economy and switch over to a new financial system. It was going to be, you know, a lot of turmoil a way the round the—they were going to do it. They decided to basically keep the current system going until they get to a certain type of event to where the economy will be more of a second issue or an afterthought. So it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a huge collapse of the economy the way things are going right now.
AM - Good. I got too much in the market to get out right now. I just want to wait ‘till it goes up a bit more [LAUGHTER] then get out.
CG - Yeah. That’s always the best way.
AM - Thank you so much, sir.
CG - Yeah. Thank you.
RD - Alright. Awesome. We have a couple more questions, then I have a surprise for you.
CG - Uh-oh.
RD - We do. We have a couple more questions. [POINTING] One and two. Three. That’s it. Three questions. Here he comes. Come on up, Reagan. Alright. Where’re you from, brotha?
AM - Malibu, California.
RD - Alright! What is your question?
AM - Alright. So you were talking on Mars about these insectoids that basically shapeshift from human to insectoid?
CG - Yeah. They have a technology that—a lot of their technology—they will clone different beings to do tasks for them. That’s where a lot of their technology is. But they have an ability to affect a human’s mind to where an insectoid would be standing there, but you would see it as an average height blond human.
AM - Okay, so it’s like a hologram they can almost—
CG - It’s not a hologram. It’s happening within the mind.
AM - Oh. Okay. So.
CG - You’ll have three different people in three different positions, you know, like tactical positions looking out over a large area and they would come back and do their report. I mean, if anyone walks through a controlled zone, they write up an instant report, and they were describing different—they were seeing different things.
AM - Is that technology from their mind they’re projecting at you, or is that—?
CG - I don’t know.
AM - Okay.
CG - Yeah, they’re just—I don’t know if they have this natural psychic ability to do it or it it’s just actual technology. I don’t know.
AM - And you describe reptilians as astral projecting at people—
CG - They do that. Yes.
AM - —and locking into their like chakra points. Because I know David Icke’s talked about them through a Swedish psychic saying like bankers have like these black globs and have almost like a crocodile like shadow over them.
CG - M-hm.
AM - So is that them kind of like locking on to your life force and feeding off you?
CG - They’ll do that, but they’ll also visit people at night in their shadow form and cause them to have nightmares or to see things and scare them and feed off the loosh.
AM - Okay. Thank you.
CG - Sure.
RD - No more loosh! We’re putting them on a diet. [LAUGHTER] Next question.
CG - No loosh for you.
RD - No loosh for you.
AM - Hello. I just have a question about―you talked a little bit about how the sphere beings are kind of managing the energy from the sun. And I am trying to kind of wrap my head around the fact that the Cabal and the Earth Alliance have this hundred-year plan, but how does that work in with the sphere beings and our global consciousness affecting the energy changes? It sounds like they have a hundred years, but I wasn’t sure if the sphere beings would stay around for a hundred years. It doesn’t sound like it, but—
CG - Yeah, the sphere beings are—they’re doing a certain task, and they’re fading out, and when they’re done, they’re done. I’m sorry, what—?
AM - Is that based off of our global consciousness? Is that what they’re—they’re managing it?
CG - The entire process.
AM - Okay.
CG - And I’m sorry, what—?
AM - And how does that affect the Cabal’s plan of a hundred years? It sounds like—
CG - Yeah. The hundred-year plan is something that the Cabal and the Earth Alliance have loosely agreed to. Obviously, we haven’t. But they really—they can make that decision, but what is occurring with the mass consciousness—the mass awakening that’s occurring, us realizing our power of our co-creative consciousness and beginning to focus that on the intent of having this information out now, there’s no way it’ll last a hundred years. But it’s up to us. We’re co-creating this future that we’re going to have. We’re—Disclosure’s going to come from us co-creating it. They’re not going to reach a certain date and they say, “Okay, this is the date,” and then they’re going to make the announcement.
AM - Okay. Is that why Venus is really bright too right now?
CG - Why Venus is real bright?
AM - Yeah, the energy?
CG - Yeah, the energies I would say. I really don’t know that much about how the planets work and when they’re going to be the brightest during what season, but the engines are definitely affecting all the different planets and their resonance fields, like the Schumann resonance is fluctuating, and those resonances are fluctuating in all the planets.
AM - Okay. Great. Thank you so much.
CG - M-hm.
RD - Yes. Round of applause. I got a question for you. What do you know about Valiant Thor from the glass pads? Anything that was kind of cool that maybe people don’t know about? You know he’s apparently from Venus. That was the story.
CG - Right. The military people weren’t sure. Yeah, he told them that he was from Venus. They did interact with a person by the name of Thor, but they weren’t sure where he was from, to be honest, because during that time period, they were starting to find out that a lot of these beings were telling them they were from an area that they weren’t really from and it was just for operational security because we were very close to developing assets that would travel to where they were from in space. But I don’t have a whole lot of information about Thor. I don’t know if he’s involved with this—or associated with the omega-type group that lives on Venus and protects a lot of the Ancient Builder Race technologies on Venus. They have a very powerful space force. I don’t know how they correlate or if they correlate with Thor. I’m not sure.
RD - I understand. I have one more little thing. About the inner earth and our stewards to this planet, Agartha, are they working out their family disputes? When they should share information or help us out? Because I know that one group, the Omegas, they kind of said, “Oh, if you’re going to disclose, we’re out of here.” Have they been working on some stuff as a family to figure that out for us?
CG - Their hands are sort of tied. A long time ago, they signed these—basically—in the programs, they call it the Mohammed Accords. It doesn’t have anything to do with Mohammed. It just happened to occur right around the time of Mohammed. And all of these groups signed this treaty that they would not—no longer openly appear to humanity. And it’s a pretty strong I guess cosmic law-type contract. And all of them have to come back to the table to renegotiate it, and the negative groups won’t even negotiate it at this point.
RD - Well if you’re listening out there on that Agartha Network, can you guys please get your bill of order together? Because we’re all waiting on you now. [LAUGHTER] Okay?
CG - They’re waiting on us.
RD - Yeah, waiting on us, right? So is anyone else with that final question? Was it— Step on up. Here we go. Awesome.
AM - Okay. So I’m curious if you can give your perspective on how to prepare our nervous systems for interaction with these other beings. And I understand that different beings have different frequencies, so—however you want to speak to that.
CG - The main thing for me has been the diet, the high-vibe diet. That has made such a difference with me and the clarity I get in my communications. And being—not just—being able to understand. It’s made me of a different mind. It’s you know very important to—unless, you know, you really need to be on pharmaceuticals, to get off of pharmaceuticals and avoid alcohol. When I went to Hawaii, Ka’ Aree had told me to stay in the frequency, not to drink alcohol, and the first day I was there, I was drinking a screwdriver on the beach, and I slipped and fell on a rock, and I got a hairline fracture in my [RUBS FINGER ON RIGHT HAND] middle finger. [LAUGHTER] So my hand’s all swollen, and of course, I think a couple days later, what’s a good way to kill the pain? So I’m on the beach again—I’m not getting the point. And I have a couple drinks, and I goof around with my son, and I have kind of a weird fall, and I break my foot. So after that, I figured, after two major lessons, I wasn’t going to see what the third one was. [LAUGHTER] So. Yeah. So avoiding alcohol is a good thing for your nervous system and especially when you’re trying to tune into these higher frequencies.
AM - Thank you for that. And in regards to rejuvenating sleep, when you’re communing with these beings at night and things of that nature, any perspective? Any insight on that?
CG - I mean, if you’re in the right frame of mind and you’re reaching out to benevolent beings, beings that will confirm for you their agenda, that they’re here in the name of the One Infinite Creator, they’re here to help, then having the right diet, having the right mediation schedule and the right home environment to where there’s not a lot of stress and for—I guess the most important thing is keeping the television turned off.
RD - Yes. Amen to that. [APPLAUSE] So I’d like to invite up my very prestigious sista who has something to present for you—
CG - Oh, yeah.
RD - —from the Conscious Media Festival. Ms. Giselle Koy.
CG - You want to sit down?
GK - Oh my gosh, thank you. So. Corey, this is for you.
CG - Cool. Thank you. Wow, it’s heavy.
GK - This is the Conscious Content Creator of the Year award which we gave to him in Austin of the Conscious Media Festival this year, and he kindly made a video for us thanking us for it, and now I get to present it to you in person. Those of us that worked on that committee do really feel like you have done more stunning work to open more eyes to what has been going on than anyone we’ve seen in a long time, so—
CG - Thank you.
GK - You totally deserve it. We’re so proud of you.
CG - Thank you. So much. Thank you. I wish I could have been there.
GK - Maybe next year.
CG - Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, thank you.
RD - Well, we’re going to is go ahead and wrap this show up. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you guys out here at Sedona Cosmic Awakening. My brother Corey Goode, one more time for Mr. Corey Goode. Yes. [APPLAUSE CONTINUES] So. You guys, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you here tonight, and— For the future! Look forward to the future events we’re going to have, and we look forward for the next time we have with you guys. Thank you so much for coming out. Thank you. Love you guys. Everyone on planet Earth on livestream, love you. Agartha, Mohammed agreements, go ahead and get those dialed in. Thanks so much. Appreciate you. Alright. Thanks so much, guys. Awesome. [APPLAUSE]

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