Saturday, September 23, 2017

Proof Pedogate Is Worldwide

(AngieVL is busy exposing pedophilia and child trafficking on a daily basis. The churches seem to be in on it, the government agencies are in on it, the politicians are in on it, the Illuminati bloodlines are in on it, and even the agencies who claim to “Protect” children, such as “Child Protective Services” place innocent children in foster families that they KNOW have violent and abusive backgrounds. When it is brought to the CPS caseworkers’ attention that abuse is taking place, more times than not, they look the other way and allow the abuse to continue.

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Source Victurus Libertas

by Angie, September 21st, 2017

This is a worldwide issue. This problem is festering and destroying families. It is destroying the innocence of our precious children. It is destroying everything good from the tiny infants, sometimes less than a year old – UP to the adults they become. It affects every aspect of their lives. How can we allow this to continue?

We have had people come to us from all over the world to tell their horrific stories of sexual abuse on children. We have contacts in the U.K. We have people speaking out in Norway, in Sweden, in Europe, in Africa, in Australia and in Israel.

Please watch the terrible and sad stories of children below. They all tell the same story of abuse, assault, rape and the ultimate self destruction. The video below was broadcast in Israel on channel 1. One of our viewers translated for us. Thank you to Moses for his hard work to end this terrible atrocity that is slowly killing our babies worldwide, known as pedophilia.
Moses states, “It is a hard issue about rape and sodomy committed in “foster care” to the kidnapped children that the state i.e. authorities cover up with a thing created called Cancellation Committee. [T]hat [happen[s] when the social worker find[s] out that a child was sexually molested by a foster family they get a committee’s “permission” not to tell the police of the sexual allegations. [I]n the year 2013, they got 1300 to cover up 1300 sexual crimes.”

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