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Personal and Global Attacks Become Lethal: Is the Disclosure War Reaching a Climax? [Part I] - Links and Commentary Included

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 27, 2017

It has been very interesting to see the escalation of the battle for disclosure progress. A number of months ago, we received predictions from whistleblower and experiencer, Corey Goode, that an effort to squelch the full-disclosure narrative was soon to be initiated. Not long after this prediction was made, we see the initiation of one of the most bazaar, over-the-top, and desperate smear campaigns most of us have ever seen.

Most smear tactics have historically been directed toward political figures and were designed to manipulate the minds of the general population. However, the political-style campaign launched against the Full Disclosure narrative was directed specifically toward the truth community. This is something most of us—both the professionals who work in alternative media and those of us in the general audience—have never encountered before.

Some describe the experience as feeling like the "twilight zone" as though they are living in some parallel reality, and personally speaking, I would have to agree.

Sphere Being Alliance - "Dark Alliance in Panic Mode, Threatens My Family, David Wilcock's Life, and Legal Entrapments" - Links and Commentary

More recently, it was reported that opposition against disclosure was stepping up their attempts to stop the whole truth of crimes against humanity from coming forward. These opposers of truth wanted to enact a partial-disclosure scenario in which various truths would be revealed, but none which required accountability for the crimes committed by the Cabal to maintain the mountains of secrets these elitists have sat on for the past century.

These interests have desired to make it appear as though they were the heroes of our day and not the perpetrators of these crimes. They desired to sweep all of their misdeeds under the rug so that they could continue living their lavished lives of comfort, wealth, exploitation and mass murder. There are, however, those of us who believe that humanity deserves better than a manicured collection of half-truths.

The escalation of the attempts at stopping the full-disclosure narrative seem to have reach levels beyond ridiculous. In my own personal experience, I have seen what appears to be a deliberate attempt by social media to stifle the spreading of the full-disclosure narrative by blocking users who post from

Both the Discerning the Mystery website and a number of other users have reported experiencing a strange and unexplained ban on our Facebook accounts immediately after posting from the Cosmic Disclosure series on This involved Facebook claiming that the material was "spam," but the notice which Facebook sent gave no other explanation as to why such a ban was enacted.

The Frequency of Full Disclosure – Exploring the Means to Successfully Infuse Monumental Truth into the Global Consciousness

Whether or not such bans are temporary or permanent, it seems very strange that a show that promotes Full Disclosure is being seemingly targeted and censored in a similar way we saw during the smear campaign against full-disclosure advocates. Could the same people be behind both efforts of censorship and slander campaigns? If the Cabal is at fault, the answer seems to be "yes."

Those within the Cabal have enough money, resources and connections with large companies such as Facebook to at least make an attempt at censorship. Plus they seem fearful and desperate enough to do almost anything to stop the truth of their crimes from coming forward. If this were the case, censoring social media and abusing company policies to accomplish such censorship would not at all surprise me.

Though it may be annoying to some of us, this apparent censorship is nothing compared to what others have endured for the sake of bringing the whole truth to the public. David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Pete Peterson and several others have suffered and endured a great deal for the sake of full disclosure.

They have experienced direct sabotage of their jobs, attempts to destroy their families, to steal their homes and property (some successfully), and have even had attempts made on their lives. These individuals were the targets of an extended smear campaign which lasted months on end, and now that this campaign failed, the next steps seem to have been attempted. However, I believe we will see these nefarious attempts fail as well.

As we read the latest update from David Wilcock, let's keep in mind that even though these criminal actions have been taken against truth-tellers of our day, this does not at all mean that those behind these crimes will succeed. In fact, these recent developments may set the stage for more revelations to come forward—revelations which we may not have otherwise seen.
- Shem


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