Friday, September 8, 2017

David Wilcock Update: "we are seeing are part of an overall energetic increase in our solar system"

(David WilcockEverything I have spent my life studying and teaching is now very obviously coming to a head in what we are now seeing.

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Source - David Wilcock Facebook 

by David Wilcock, September 8th, 2017

The Cabal did appear to know this energetic acceleration would occur, and attempted to "clean it up" by assassinating several key talents before it started.

The events we are seeing are part of an overall energetic increase in our solar system, as I have been arguing ever since 2001 after finding Aleskey Dmitriev's 1997 paper on interplanetary climate change.

This is not something I wanted to be proven right about, but it is happening and we have to deal with it.

I just got done with a major round of tapings and will be putting an article together showing how these seemingly different subjects are directly interlinked.

If all goes well I will get something out this weekend. It does not appear that the Cabal is creating these superstorms and quakes, but it does appear that the hurricanes are being steered by a certain degree of tech still in their possession.

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I have had many dreams for the last two years suggesting some big event was coming in my life, a major opportunity to reach far more people than I do now, and I was only going to find out about it and prepare for it at the last minute.

This appears to be what those dreams were referring to. I have since had clear data linking these events to the earlier dreams. It's very intense.

All of what we are seeing is validation of the interplanetary climate change / solar flash / DNA upgrade / Ascension model I have been articulating all these years, and in books such as Source Field. More when the article comes out.

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